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A/N: Hello there. I've decided to try a different kind of Royai story, cause I have written several before, but this is something unlike anything I've ever written. Perhaps I will post the others at a later time and you can compare, but I'd like to start with this one. This is based on, actually almost word for word (with the names changed) a story that I started writing about a year ago, just for the heck of it. I recently was having writer's block and realized what an interesting Full Metal Alchemist story it would make, and decided to give it a try. This chapter's a little strange, and maybe a little OOC (but it's hard, I'm trying to morph my characters into Roy and Riza, without ruining the plotline...'tis difficult. Bear with me for now.), but I promise it'll be an interesting read.
BRIEF UPDATE: I have fixed all problems that have been reported. David and Aggie, for future reference, were my original two characters back when I started this story ages ago. Some of the scenes were taken directly from that and then the names changed...but I guess I missed a couple. I apologize. Thank you for pointing it out, loyalsoul. I appreciate it.

Chapter 1: Just the Beginning

He could see the top of her head. She moved from aisle to aisle, a stack of files in her hands. In order for him to do what he desired to do, he would have to catch her by surprise. She would have to be completely unaware of his intentions. Once her back was turned, he would come in for the kill…

But timing was key…

He had to pinpoint the exact moment to attack. His target moved along the aisles swiftly, searching for something. He could see her through the boxes.

No…not yet, he told himself, Not until I can see her better…

His desire was burning red hot. He had waited too long for this. He could not mess this up. Maybe he could catch her at the end of the aisle instead…

He was running out of time. He knew she would find the file she was looking for, and then she'd be on her way, and his plan would be completely ruined. It was now or never.

He readied himself as she came to the end of the aisle. His breath grew shallow as she slowly approached where he was standing. He could see every freckle on her nose. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a tight bun. She was the one. There was no one better for this. He had to do it. It was time. He steadied himself on his tiptoes and slowly, she came around the corner-


A large gray and green face appeared in front of the woman. Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye dropped the files in her hands as a great tall creature stood before her, her hand flying to the gun on her hip. She looked down at the files that were in a pile on the floor, and then up at the thing in front of her.

"Sir…what are you doing with that hideous thing?" she asked as she bent over to pick up the files, releasing her hold on the pistol.

Roy pulled the mask off and stared anxiously at her. "Did I scare you?"

Riza looked up at Roy, wearing a serious look. "No. That's not even funny. You should be doing your work instead of fooling around. You're acting like a child, sir."

Roy's face fell. He was a rather attractive young man, with a mind like a genius, but he did tend to straggle from his work. Riza used to wonder how he came up with half the stuff he'd come out with, for he never really flaunted his abilities. His black hair splayed across his forehead in a graceful sweep. His onyx eyes shone mischievously from between his bangs.

He held out the mask in front of him; "You try it on."

Riza shook her head and headed for the doorway; "I don't think so, sir…"

Roy followed her, "Come on, Lieutenant. You know you want to."

Riza turned to face him. She pulled the mask out of his hands. It was made out of some cheap rubber. "No…I don't wear masks."

Roy reached for the mask, which was held out of his reach; "Come on, Hawkeye. Why not?"

Riza tossed the mask back at him; "You are so immature. And to think you're 29…"

Roy looked offended, "I'm 28, thank you very much…" he shook his head, "Anyway, you didn't answer my question…"

"You're 29, sir and that's none of your business. I have my reasons."

Roy fiddled with the mask and looked down at it curiously. He placed it on his hand and turned it toward Riza. "What? Are you scared of them or something?"

Riza turned quickly and grabbed the handle to the door. Roy was right behind her. He caught her hand in mid-air.

"Come on, Lieutenant, a mask isn't going to hurt you…" His voice was small and childlike, "And besides," his voice returned to normal, "You can tell me. I won't laugh."

Riza turned to face him with her back against the door. His hand was pressed up against the wood over her shoulder. Her eyes were piercing as she stared at him.

"If you must know, I am afraid of masks. I always have been. Now, if you don't mind, I have a report to get back to."

Riza turned and opened the door. Roy moved his hand quickly before he fell through. Riza's boots clicked on the tile floor as the pair walked down a long empty hallway. She tried to ignore the Colonel behind her and the distinct image of the mask in her mind. She didn't understand why those things bothered her so much, but they did.

"Come on, you can walk down this long, dark, spooky hallway, but you can't put on a ridiculous mask?"

Riza glared at him; "Can you drop the subject?" Roy shook his head. "Masks are...scary, okay?" she sighed.

"You're a soldier! You've been through war! You work with murderers! You work with Homuculi! They are scary! Plastic…" he tossed the mask at Riza's head, "is not scary!"

Riza moved swiftly ahead of him as the mask fell with a 'plop' on the floor. Roy quickly retrieved it, and hurried to catch up with her.

"So, I hear you're leaving us? Being transferred to the Führer's office? Leaving us little people behind?"

Riza looked innocent, "It sounds horrible when you say it. I think of it as a great career move."

Roy stared at her. "You want to leave?"

"No," she answered quickly. "Of course not. But perhaps this is good for you as well. We'll be closer to the Führer this way. Isn't that what you wanted?"

Roy frowned, "But what about me?"

"What about you? I just said that-"

"You're leaving me." Roy looked at the floor, "So much for having my back. It'll be pretty hard to do from the Führer's office."

"Yeah, probably." Riza caught the look on Roy's face and turned to face him. "Sir, you know that would never happen. I promised you. I don't go back on my promises."

Roy scoffed, "You say that now…"

Riza opened the door to Roy's office. She sat down at her cluttered desk as Roy took the seat behind his own. He tossed the mask onto the small bookshelf. Riza cast a wary eye on the mask, a look of absolute disgust on her face. Slowly, she opened the file she had just received.

"You still working on the Johnson case?" Roy asked curiously.

Riza nodded, looking slightly annoyed.

"Still?" Roy's eyes were wide.

Riza shook her head, "I dunno, I just can't seem to find the time to fill it out." she glanced up at him. "Not all of us have so much spare time on their hands like you do, sir."

Roy moved over to her desk, "Can I see the file for a minute?"

Riza sighed and handed him the manila folder. She looked at her watch and stood up quickly.

"Damn! I have to get to the lab. I'm getting some test results back. I'll be right back."

Roy nodded offhandedly and continued reading the information inside the files. A few minutes later, the door opened and Riza re-entered with another file in her hands. She froze as she saw Roy relaxing in her chair, his feet on top of her desk. There was a smile on his face that told her he knew something she didn't. She hated that look.

"What is it now?" She asked tossing the file on top of her desk.

Roy shrugged, "Nothing…"

Riza raised an eyebrow; "Tell me."

Roy took his feet off the desk and picked up the Johnson file so that Riza could see the contents inside. Every single form was filled out entirely.

"How did you-" Riza started, looking stunned.

"Is this all you've got?" he asked, flipping back to the top sheet.

Riza nodded, "Yes. Well, besides the blood samples." She held up a small envelope. "But they're really no help, seeing as you did all that without them. How did-"

Roy smirked. "I've perfected the art of speed writing. All these reports are the same. Filling them out is just a matter of memorization."

"I...can't believe you," she said slowly.

"I know, I know..." his grin widened. "See, I'm not completely useless."

Riza looked away from. "I never said you were."

Getting to his feet, Roy moved around the desk toward her. "Oh, I seem to recall you saying so quite a few times."

Riza avoided his gaze. "I don't know what you're talking about, sir. I have no recollection of this."

Roy laughed and moved even closer. "Oh, really? Well, then, maybe I'll have to-"

"Sir!" the door swung open wide.

Roy turned abruptly. Havoc was standing in the doorway looking quite out of breath. Riza looked worried as the young officer paused for a minute to regain himself.

"You're needed immediately. The Elrics have gotten into some trouble again." he breathed.

Roy sighed deeply and glanced back at Riza who nodded shortly. Moving swiftly past Havoc, the two of them hurried off in the direction of the garage, where the military cars were stored. All thoughts of the moments before quickly fleeing from their minds.

A/N: The action will really start in the next chapter and the plot will have a major kickstart. This chapter is there just to sort of introduce the characters and their position in the story. This is more of a psychological thriller than anything, so it's not like many Royai fics I've seen before, which is why I think it's kind of interesting. I will only continue if you review and tell me what you think. If this sparks any sort of interest for you, (remember, this chapter is only an introduction. My other chapters will be MUCH longer.) please let me know and I will continue. Thank you all very much.

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