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"Hitsugaya-kun, do you want some more juice?" asked Hinamori with a charming smile.

"Yeah, please..."

Hitsugaya Toshiro, captain of the 10th division of the Gotei 13, took his glass and sipped on it while Hinamori sat back and leant against her fiancé's shoulder. Kira, Abarai and Shuuei had been drinking alcohol, but Hinamori became drunk after one glass, and as for Toshiro himself, well, he was both young and a captain, so he had to set an example. Especially for my Vice-captain, he thought, unconsciously lifting an eyebrow at the memory of having to hunt around all of Seireitei to find the sleeping drunken Matsumoto.

"You all right, Hitsugaya-taicho?" asked Shuuei. "You seem dreamy"

"Ah, it's nothing. I was just thinking that it's getting late..."

"Oh, my God, you're right!" Exclaimed Hinamori. "I'm sorry to have held you three for so long... It was just so nice to have you here..."

"No, not at all!" Replied Toshiro with a smile. "It was very nice of both of you to invite us. it's just that I have work tomorrow, and I have no idea if Matsumoto's done hers..."

"I guess we'll be going too, then", said Abarai as he got up. "My Captain is sure to have me work early tomorrow just to teach me that I shouldn't go out in the evenings..."

"You're giving me a good idea, here..." said Toshiro. He turned to Hinamori and Kira. "Well, hope to see both of you soon."

"Seeya, Hinamori-kun! Seeya, Kira!" shouted Abarai as the three of them got out.

It was cold outside, but Toshiro didn't bother closing his coat. Instead, after having saluted Abarai and Shuuei, he started to walk towards his division barracks, deep in thought.

Even though Hinamori was older than him, he'd always considered her as a little sister. She had been his only friend for a long time, until he had joined the Gotei 13. Even in the Shinigami Academy, he had been lonely. His age, genius and drive to succeed had cut him from the other students. Only Hinamori, who had already graduated, had supported him, even if the way she always treated him like a child annoyed him.

When the scandal with Aizen had occurred, he had tried to protect her with all his heart, but without questioning his feelings. In his conscious mind, the fact that they had always helped each other had been reason enough. Then, when he had been defeated, he had been too sick with himself for having failed to protect her to stand seeing her lie in be, wounded. Feeling useless and frustrated, unable to gather up his courage and go talk to her, he had watched from the sidelines as Kira, who had stayed with her out of guilt, had been at her side as she fought with death, then throughout her recovery. Toshiro had been happy for her as he saw them get close until they finally got together, but now he felt a dull sense of loss. Hinamori's tender eyes as she talked to Kira flashed before his eyes and he thought sadly of the old times when he was the only one to get that look. Not as if she meant it the same way, he thought. She always saw me as a kid anyway.

"Idiot", he scolded himself under his breath.

He pushed the doors to the 10th division barracks and headed to his quarters. He went through the deserted office, then got to his room. As he started undressing, he caught sight of his white captain's coat. That got a sad smile out of him. Not enough strength to protect someone I care about, and not enough guts to tell her I do care… What a poor excuse for a captain I am, he thought as he lay back on his bed.

He woke up at dawn the next morning, and groaned as he felt the stiffness of his weary body.

"I guess that's what happens to people who sleep little and forget to cover themselves… Urgh, stupid frozen muscles!"

He spent 20 minutes doing exercises to warm up, then went to get a quick breakfast in the division dining hall. Then, feeling he could no longer avoid it, he headed to the office and steeled himself to see how much of her work his vice-captain had left undone.

To his great surprise, the pile of documents he had left on the desk the evening before had vanished. But as for Matsumoto, she had disappeared with it. Sighing, and wondering why he couldn't have got a serious vice-captain like Kurotsuchi Nemu or Ise Nanao, he went off to search for her.

"Ah, my dear Rangiku, would you like some more sake?"

"Thank you very much, Shunsui-taicho! It's really sad you can't have any!"

She held her glass to Kyoraku, who filled it, sighing.

"Ah, my little Nanao-chan is worried about my health… I'm so touched by the fact that she worries about me that I wouldn't want to betray the unshakable trust she has in me!"

"If her trust in you is so strong, I wonder why she felt she had to follow you here", said Ukitake Juushiro, pointing to Ise Nanao who was doing her work on a table in the corner of the room, and seemed thoroughly delighted to be there.

Rangiku laughed and passed the plate of sweets to Ukitake, who was sitting in his bed, lying against several cushions.

"Oh, while we're on the subject of worrying… My captain seems worried, these days."

"My Shiro-bro?" asked Ukitake. "What's up with him?"

"I don't know… he's off his food and spends twice as much time training as before… … And, he's moody and is much too hard on me!" she added, resuming her usual carefree and complaining tone.

"He gives me much too much work!"

"He probably hasn't got over getting beaten by Aizen…" said Kyoraku. "But there was no way he could have done anything… Even knowing the powers of his Zapankuto, he is almost impossible to avoid, so if he was taken completely by surprise…"

"I wonder if that's the only problem…" said Ukitake, thoughtful.

"I think it probably is. I mean, it's the same way with all those smart guys… they get everything right, and when they fail for the first time, they can't stand it… He'll get over it, he's still young."

"I should go and see him…" said Ukitake. "It's really bad luck that I have been forced to stay in bed nearly all the time since the incident… And the time I had has been spent on division work… Thank you to you two for coming to see me, by the way! But Rangiku, aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"Oh, I did all my work yesterday… It's such an achievement I think I deserve a day off! Besides, Taicho went off to a party at Hinamori and Kira's yesterday, so he'll probably be either still sleeping or in bed with a headache…"

"Don't make your case a generality, Matsumoto" said a young voice from behind her.

Rangiku turned to see her captain leaning against the side of the door, looking as (blasé) as ever. She instinctively had a little guilty smile, but instantly got back her usual manner.

"Oh, Taicho! Up already? What brings you here?"

"I've been looking around half of Seireitei, that's what brings me here. I've been through 8th division barracks, through half of the bars and canteens, and all of the beauty shops. You had better tell me that captain Ukitake actually invited you, cause else you're going to have a lot more chores on your hands."

"I did not invite them, but I think Kyoraku here did invite her to join him… They were just keeping me company… How about you join us, Hitsugaya-kun? Have some sweets!"

"No, thank you… We still have work to do." He turned towards the door, then stopped. "Matsumoto… did you really think I'd get drunk? I never drink…"

"I asked Shuuei to have you drink. You have to learn to have fun, Taicho!"

"What I would really enjoy is for you to stop trying to have me have "fun" and help me do the damn work so I actually have free time."

"Free time? What do you want free time for?" She did a mock thoughtful face. " I know! It's a girl! My Taicho is growing up! Come on, Taicho, tell me who it is!"

Ukitake and Kyoraku laughed silently as Hitsugaya's veins started to appear and pulse.

"Matsumoto, if you don't get back to work straight away, you're gonna regret it! And stop messing with my private life! "He grabbed her sleeve and dragged her out, calling out "Have a nice day, captains" in a loud and determined voice. Rangiku, slightly surprised at such a brutal action form her usually ice-cool captain, shouted back her goodbyes and followed him.

Ukitake looked at the two of them as they went on their way, Rangiku chatting, Toshiro complaining in a weary voice. He grinned.

"I don't think you could have a better pair of head officers… never seen such opposites… what do you think, Kyoraku?"

"Me? Oh, I think her maternal side", he said with a side look to Nanao's chest "is taking over… "

Ukitake laughed.

"Oh, for sure… I'm sure you're jealous of Hitsugaya-kun for having her as a vice captain, don't you, Kyoraku?"

"Oh, no, I'm perfectly happy with mine… she's so hardworking… Hey, Nanao-chan, come over here!"

"Taicho?" she said as she arrived near them.

"See? Besides, Rangiku is a beautiful woman, but Nanao has a certain sense of style… " ha said, wrapping his arm around Nanao's waist.


"Yes, my sweet Nanao-chan?"

"If you don't take your arm off immediately, I will stop pretending I don't know what flavour are the sweets Ukitake-taicho has given you."

"Nanao-chaaaaaaaaan! That is so hard!"

" So, tell me, Taicho, how was your evening ?" asked Rangiku as they headed to the division headquarters.

"It was fine…"

"Aw, come on! Be more precise! You sound like you've not been there at all!"

"Heck, what do you want me to tell you? I went there, we ate, we drank, we talked! That's all there is to it!"

Rangiku looked down at her captain, surprised. He was looking down, his face hidden by his hair. Thrusting his hands deeper into his pockets, he quickened his pace.

"Taicho…" she said in a softer voice than usual. "What's wrong, Taicho?"

He turned round and looked at her in the eye, something he rarely did. Then, he sighed and his expression softened.

"Aah, I'm sorry, Matsumoto. I'm feeling a little down, these days. Don't mind me."

They walked in silence for a few moments. Rangiku started to grow uncomfortable. The way her captain walked with his shoulders contracted and his hands hidden inside his coat pockets told a lot about how he was feeling, but told her nothing of the reasons.

"Tell me, Taicho… Why are you always so serious?"

He looked up at her, surprised.

"Why do you ask? I just don't especially enjoy drinking and such. I like being with my friends."

"Yes, but even then… you're always serious! You're nice, and all, but you never joke around with the rest of us."

"If I say I'm not a joking person, will you drop it?"

Damnit, he's being the captain again, she thought with a slight annoyance.

"No, I won't! I mean, it's no fun having you as a captain!" she added, returning to her usual manner. "I never get free time, and when I work, I can't even joke around with you! Look at Ukitake-Taicho! He's nice with his subordinates!"

"Yeah, right, and I'm a monster who kills you with work! I think we should swap days once…"

"Well, you should at least be nice and stay when you're invited! Ukitake-taicho really wanted to see you, but since he's been ill for some time, he wasn't able to come and visit you…"

He stopped.


"Honestly, Taicho, do try and relax for once! You know what, you should leave the office to me one of these days and go and see him! I think he wanted to talk to you about something, too…"

"Yeah, like I can trust you with the office."

"No, honestly! I thereby swear that if my captain should go and visit his comrade Ukitake Juushiro, captain of the 13th division of the Gotei 13, I will stay at the office and do my work, without drinking nor sleeping nor flirting, and this until he returns! May I be sent to Hueco Mundo if I break this vow!" she proclaimed in a theatral voice. "Better, now?"

He gave a low chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess I can trust you …" he said with a small smile.

"Haha! I'll tell him next time I meet him, then!"

She started to walk more quickly, half walking and half dancing, as he shook his head, smiling. She gave him a wink and hurried on ahead.

"Oi, Matsumoto!"

"Yeees, Taicho?"

"I will send you to Hueco Mundo if I find out you've been doing anything else than work while I've been away!"

"I'm counting on it, Taicho!"

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