A/N: Well this is me trying to rid myself of writer's block. I may continue this, but as of now it's a one shot. Enjoy this little fluff bunny :)

Lost and Found

Elphaba warily made her way up the gigantic stone steps in front of the Shiz library. She was frazzled. Two exams and an essay were due within the next forty-eight hours, and she was a perfectionist, the combination, a recipe for one tired student. She opened the quoxwood door and glanced around finding the front seating area empty. In fact, the entire library seemed to be vacant, an added bonus in her stressed state. Finding a seat near the fireplace she placed her satchel on the floor, grabbing her Early Child Psychology book she settled into the overstuffed chair and began to study.

It had only been a few short moments when she heard a small sniffle. Peering over the top of her books she found the library study floor to be completely empty. Shaking her head, she went back to her reading when only a short moment later the sniffle came again accompanied by a small whimper.

Clapping her book shut a bit spooked she called out, "Hello?" Silence, then another small sniffle. "This isn't funny. I know someone's there." She got to her feet whirling around. She was beginning to get angry. There was no time for practical jokes. The sniffling continued and she followed the sound to a study desk located across the room suspecting Glinda had either fought with Shen-Shen and followed her here.

Rolling her eyes at her roommate's immaturity she called out, "Glinda, you can come out now."

She bent down looking under the desk and startled. A little sandy-haired boy was huddled beneath the desk. He couldn't have been more than four. "Oh!" She gasped landing promptly on her hind-end ungracefully. The little boy, terrified cowered further into the cubby. His white shirt, blue vest, and pants were covered in dust from his hiding spot.

Gathering her wits she gently asked the boy, "Are you hurt?" His tears an indication that he was either petrified or hurt.

The boy just curled himself into a ball. Elphaba pursed her lips in thought. Well, she might as well practice what she'd been studying.

"Hey, I'm not going to hurt you. My name's Elphaba Thropp. I'm a student here at Shiz. I want to help you, but you've got to talk to me." The boy raised his tear stained face and slightly uncurled himself. He was clutching a small tattered teddy bear. "Are you hurt?" She pressed again, and tried to assess him from afar. He looked to be alright.

"No." His tiny voice was raspy.

"That's good." She smiled softly at him. "You're lost then?" She saw the boy nod slightly. Shifting her position she was now kneeling in front of the cubby hole her silhouette backlit to the little boy. "What's your name?"

"I'mma not supposed to talk to stwangers." His lisp was adorable and she melted on the spot.

"Well you know my name. I'm hardly a stranger." She smiled again as the boy inched his way closer to her obviously scared and wanting a companion.


"Well Ian its nice to meet you. And what about your traveling companion?" She motioned towards his bear.

"Mistaw Buttons." He hugged the bear to him.

"Well would you and Mr. Buttons like to come out from there?"

The boy nodded and climbed out from beneath the desk. Elphaba stayed crouching to be at his level.

"You're alright? You're sure?" She asked again. Ian started when he saw her face but nodded he was fine.

"Yow Gween." He said it as a fact, not judgmental or condescending, just like the sky was blue Elphaba was green.

She laughed at his innocence. "You're right. I'm green."

"Gween's my faborite." He said slipping his tiny hand into hers.

"Yea? I'm partial to purple myself." The odd pair was making their way across the sitting room to Elphaba's things.

"That's fow giwls."

"Well I am a girl."

She began collecting the books scattered about and putting them in her bag. Ian watched quietly still hugging the bear to him. He wiped his nose on his sleeve and Elphaba grimaced. "So where are your mommy and daddy?"

His lower lip started to quiver.

"Oh dear, don't cry. Do you remember the last time you saw them?"


"Well, they'll probably be looking all over for you. Why don't we go sit on the steps and wait for them, okay?"

The boy nodded and sniffled again. He seemed to be calming down. Leading him outside they both sat on a bench near the front steps of the library. Elphaba craned her neck to see if she could see any commotion associated with a lost child, and Ian gently kicking his legs back and forth on the bench.

She turned back to the boy and figured she might as well keep his mind of his parents.

"Ian can I ask you some more questions? It'll maybe help find your parents if you could answer the best you can."

The boy nodded.

"You're here with you mommy and daddy?"

"And Fiyewo."

"Fiyewo?" She cocked her head to the side, "Who's he?"

"My brothew."

"Does he go here?"

"Yep. He's gonna go hewe." As he was answering his stomach grumbled and he grimaced.

Elphaba nodded putting two and two together. She handed him a small cookie she saved from her breakfast. He took it hesitantly, but he devoured in seconds.

"So you were on the campus tour," She paused trying to remember the various stops on the tour but failing.

"Ian!" A worried shout broke her concentration. A handsome looking man was running up to the bench. His father most likely, she thought. She rose from her spot and Ian jumped down and ran towards the man.


Or his incredibly good looking older brother.

"Thank Oz, Mother is worried sick. Are you alright?" Kneeling down, Fiyero inspected him from head to toe not noticing his older and slightly more verdant companion.

Elphaba cleared her throat. "He's fine. I found him in the library. He's been with me for awhile now."

Fiyero glanced sharply up at her and jumped, "Oh wow, thanks for doing that." He paused again looking at her and she shifted uncomfortably. He broke his daze finally realizing his manners, "I'm Fiyero, Fiyero Tiggular." She stuck out his hand, and after a moment she extended hers warily.

"Elphaba Thropp." He let go of her hand and turned to his brother who was staring at them inquiringly.

"Well Ian?"

"Epaba's nice Fiyewo. She helped me."

"I know that. She's very nice." He turned back to her smiling and they stood awkwardly again for a few moments.

"He was a very good little boy, you should be proud of him." She smiled at Ian then at Fiyero shyly. "But I really should be going," She motioned to her books back on the bench, "I have some work-"

"Oh, yes of course. Sorry again for all the trouble." Fiyero took Ian's hand in his as they both walked back to the bench to collect Mr. Buttons.

"It wasn't a problem."

Another awkward silence.


She giggled slightly at his mispronunciation. "Yes?"

"Thanks fow the cookie."

"Your welcome little one."

"Thanks so much Ms. Elphaba." Fiyero took her hand in his. "Really, just thank you."

Elphaba taken aback at the unexpected touch blushed but nodded. "It's alright. It wasn't a problem."

There was a slightly awkward pause interrupted finally by Fiyero, "Well, we should go now."

"Right. I guess—I guess I'll see you around then. I mean when you start here?"

"Yep," Fiyero smiled and hoisted Ian up onto his shoulders. "Say bye to Ms. Elphaba Ian."

Ian smiled and waved to her as the started down the path, "Bye Epaba!"

"Goodbye!" Elphaba returned his wave smiling and watched as the two disappeared around a bend. Perhaps this next semester isn't going to be as bad as she thought.