"I need more help." Troy said into the phone. After the happenings of last night, he decided he couldn't do this by himself. So, this morning he had called headquarters and was trying to convince Jack that he needed more help.

"I just need a few more guys to stay undercover around us. If something happened that I couldn't handle, I'll need professional help." Troy said.

"If it's that bad, then I'll send Tyler, Sam, and Alex down immediately." said Jack with a twinge of irritation.

"Thanks, it will be greatly appreciated. Tell them I'll meet them at the airport to talk with them." Troy said quickly.

"Ok, keep in touch."

"Bye." Troy hung up the phone in his hotel room and collapsed on the bed. He hoped he was doing the right thing.

He stared up at the ceiling, imagining Gabriella's pretty face. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Troy sat up, and walked to the door. To his surprise, Gabriella was standing there in pajamas and looked flustered and was heavily breathing.

"Gabriella what's…," but he was interrupted when she ran in the room and locked the door behind her.

"They're after me again Troy."

"What, already? Oh, I'm sorry; I should have been there by now." Troy said immediately feeling terrible.

"It's not…" Suddenly there was a banging noise on the door. Gabriella jumped and ran into the room, hiding in the bathroom.

Troy, still standing there, put his brain to work. What was better, answer the door and tell them to go away, or somehow get out of the room besides the front door.

There was another banging on the door. Troy had to think fast. He ran over to the window and looked down. The ground was right there. Good. They could get out that way.

"Gabriella, Gabriella come here." He whispered. She came out the bathroom.

He pointed to the window. She nodded and climbed out of it. He followed her, and then closed the window.

As they were running around the corner, he heard a crashing noise in the room. They must have broken the door down.

They ran to the back of the hotel building, where a truck was getting ready to leave, and stopped.

"How did they find know you were in my room?" Troy asked catching his breath.

Gabriella heaved. "I don't know."

Then, as if from out of nowhere, two men where running down to where they stood.

"Troy, they're the men!" Gabriella cried. Troy looked around. They were closed in, except…..

"Gabriella, get into the truck!" Troy lifted her into the moving truck, and then hoisted himself in. The truck starting accelerating, and soon left the men in the dust.

Troy and Gabriella heaved great sighs, as they lay low in the truck bed, so the driver didn't see them.

"Well that was pure genius, Troy." Gabriella said.

Troy laughed. "No, just luck. Had this truck not been here, we would have been in some trouble."

"Luck or not, it was genius. Now we just have to worry about getting out of this truck."

"We'll just have to wait till it stops and the driver gets out. So get comfortable, we might be here for awhile." Troy said thoughtfully.

Gabriella laughed softly. "Seeming how we're both in our pajamas, that shouldn't be a problem."

Troy looked down. He had forgotten that he hadn't changed either. He chuckled, and put his hands behind his head as a pillow.

Gabriella lay on her stomach, also resting her head on her hands, and tried to get in a comfortable position. Troy, noticing how uncomfortable she was, patted his stomach.

"Do you want to lay your head here? It would be more comfortable." He said holding out his arm to her.

Gabriella looked at him, then scooted over by him and laid her head on his chest. Troy pulled her close to him by wrapping one arm around her.

They soon both fell asleep, despite the noisy street.

Troy was jerked awake, when the truck came to a sudden halt. He heard the car to off, and heard a door slam.

Gabriella, how had also been shook awake, looked up at him hopefully. Troy put a finger to his lips, signaling to be quite.

He gently let go of her, and inched to the side of the truck. He peeked over the side and looked around.

Nobody was in the car, or around anywhere.

"Ok, Gabriella. Let's get out, and quick." Troy jumped out, and helped Gabriella climb out, then they ran to the side of the building where no one could see them.

As Troy sat thinking about what to do next, he noticed Gabriella was fiddling with something on her finger. It was the ruby ring.

"You don't take that thing off do you?" Troy said. Gabriella looked at him.

"Nope, except for when I shower. It was a precious gift, and I don't plan on losing it." She said with pride.

"I don't blame you. I just hope it doesn't cost your life." Troy said with concern in his eyes.

Gabriella walked over to him and put her arms around him. She looked up at him, with courage in her eyes.

"Don't worry, no one can take it from me without a good fight. Especially when I have the Wildcat star on my side." She said with a smile. A smile that could melt your insides.

Troy looked at her with admiration. He was so proud of her. She was taking it with such confidence.

"You know what, I knew I made a right decision to take this case." He said smiling back at her. He kissed gave a peck on the lips and then an arm around her shoulder.

"So, how about we hit this place and get back home? I think it would be easiest if we just called a taxi. Don't you think?" he said cheerfully.

"Bombs away." Gabriella said jokingly.

Troy got a taxi and they drove off.

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