-Wake Up Call-

Ring! Ring! Ring!


"Am I speaking with Brooke Davis?"

"Yes, who is this?"

"I'm Dr. Sheridan with Tree Hill Memorial. Do you know a Peyton Sawyer?"

"Yes, I do, has something happened, why are you calling me?"

"Well Ms. Davis, you were the name listen on Ms. Sawyer's emergency contact card. Should we have called someone else instead?"

"No, um…why is Peyton in the hospital?"

"I really can't discuss this on the phone. If you are able I would ask that you come down to Tree Hill Memorial and speak with me or one of Ms. Sawyer's doctors for further information. I can tell you that she was in a car accident, but that is as far as I am permitted to discuss her condition at this time. I have to go, so I would appreciate it if you would either come down or call someone for Ms. Sawyer. Sorry to bother you, have a good evening."

"What's going on? Okay, I know Peyton and I haven't really been getting along lately, what with the whole sneaking behind my back thing, but I do still care about her. I hope she's okay; I have to get to the hospital. I should've been a better friend; I know she was sorry, she said she screwed up, that she didn't mean any of it. I know she was sincere, but I just had to be such a bitch. Damn it Peyton, please be okay."

Brooke kept hoping things would be okay but she couldn't help the gut feeling she had that told her something was very wrong. She rushed to the hospital, dialing Larry's number on the way. There was no answer, the number was not available. Pushing aside those thoughts, Brooke entered the main doors of Tree Hill Memorial and went right up to the reception desk eager to find out what was happening.

"Hi, I'm Brooke Davis; I got a call from a Dr. Sheridan, about Peyton Sawyer."

"I'm sorry if you're not family…"

"Look lady, I'm the one who is listed on her emergency contact, her mother is dead, and her father is probably out in the middle of the ocean somewhere. I am the closest thing she has to family, she is my family. Now point me in the right direction before I really get angry."

"I'm sorry Miss, take those elevators to the fourth floor, take a right and ask for the doctor at the front desk, I apologize once again."

"Thank you."

Brooke reached the elevators and waited impatiently to reach the fourth floor. Growing more concerned by the second, she was finally able to speak with the doctor who had called her.

"What happened?"

"Ms. Davis, it appears that your friend was speeding and ran a red light. She was sideswiped on the passenger side by another car. She doesn't seem to have any internal bleeding but she is in rough shape. She has a few broken bones, some head trauma, and several cuts and bruises. Right now she is unconscious; you can go in and see her if you like."

"Yes, please. Um…can I ask…did she wake up at all, does she know I'm here, that you called me?"

"I'm sorry, she hasn't been conscious since the paramedics arrived. You were the name listed to call in case of an emergency and that is why you are here. Should you not be?"

"No, no, it's not that. I just, we had a fight and I haven't really talked to her in a while. I was just surprised that I was the one listed is all. Can I see her now?"

"Yes of course, this way."

As she walked into the room Brooke took in Peyton's broken form. Two broken ribs, a fractured wrist, bruises covering most of her left side form being thrown against the car on impact. There were several cuts on both sides of her body, a black eye, swollen cheek and jaw, and a bandage on her head completed her appearance. Processing all she was seeing before her, Brooke carefully sat herself down in the chair next to the hospital bed and tentatively reached her hand out to grasp one of the blonde's.

"Damn it P. Sawyer, what happened?"

She was still unconscious and Brooke just sat next to her, praying she would be okay. She didn't care about anything that had happened anymore; she just wanted her friend to be okay. The truth was, she had forgiven Peyton a long time ago, she just couldn't suck up her pride and let it go. Now, she thought, it might have been too late. She just hoped that Peyton would wake up soon, and she could find out what happened.

Lucas had told her once about Peyton purposely running red lights. That week was the anniversary of her mother's death, Brooke felt so stupid for not realizing it, that Peyton had been hurting and she didn't see why. But this was months later, no anniversary of a mother's death, no significance that she could think of. She didn't want to think that maybe she had been speeding and running lights on purpose, but she couldn't help it. The thoughts that maybe this was no accident and maybe she had intended for something like this to happen caused tears to form in her eyes. She hated Peyton again, not for being a bad friend, not for making a mistake, but because she herself had been a bad friend, because if this was intentional then she would have left Brooke. Because she didn't, couldn't come to her for help. How could she have been so blind? Her best friend was hurting, and she was being too much of a bitch to notice or care. She just wished that the blonde would be okay, so she could yell at her for doing such a stupid thing if that's what happened, so she could yell at her for being careless if it was an accident, so she could cry and tell her she missed her and just hold Peyton again.

Pulled out of her thoughts by a low groan, Brooke immediately looked up to see Peyton's eyes flutter open and shut again before finally opening and attempting to focus on the brunette.


"Yeah Peyton, I'm right here. You had me so worried."


She passed out again, from the pain. Brooke figured that was the reason as she saw the blonde's face contort and she winced before she was back asleep. She stayed right by her side, never moving for the rest of the night.

By mid morning, Brooke was on her fourth cup of coffee and exhausted. Peyton had yet to wake back up but at least she would be able to be released when she did. She had talked to the doctor once more and from what he said Peyton would be fine, it would just take her some time to heal. He had also mentioned that she would probably need some help getting around for a few days, which despite everything; Brooke was more than willing to help out. As far as she was concerned, the whole Lucas thing was over and done with, she didn't care about it anymore, she just wanted her friend back.

Restlessly sitting beside the bed once again, Brooke's thoughts again took a turn for the worst. She just couldn't get it out of her mind that maybe this wasn't just a simple accident. She had seen the police talking with the doctor before she did and asked him about it. According to them there weren't very many witnesses to the crash and although they were a little suspicious, they were letting it go with a ticket for speeding and running a red light. They had no other reasons to think otherwise so that was all there was to it. But still, the thought was nagging in the back of the brunette's mind.

"Maybe if I had actually been around these past couple of months I would have noticed something wrong. If only I didn't have to be such a stubborn bitch, then she would have come to me. I've seen her at school, had the occasional small talk, and I noticed something was off, the normal fire gone, but still, I didn't think anything of it. Why am I so stupid? Peyton is my best friend, no matter what, I should have been there."

Mumbling from the blonde broke her from her thoughts as she tired to make out what was coming from her damaged body.

"Mom…miss you…wanted…to see you…need you…can't do this…"

Peyton slipped back into whatever dream she was having and stopped talking in her sleep. Brooke was heartbroken; she didn't know what to do, if she could be there for Peyton. The girl had obviously been suffering lately, with all of her silent berating of herself and realizing what may very well be the reality of the situation, Brooke decided at that moment that she would definitely be there for Peyton. Nothing was going to stand in her way, she loved her best friend, she couldn't not be there anymore. It was not an option.

After another hour of restless waiting, Peyton finally woke up again, this time for good.

"Ugh, what the…?"

"Peyton, it's Brooke, you're in the hospital, you were in a car accident. Don't try and move too much, you're pretty banged up. You scared the shit out of me."


"Yeah, it's me. And yes I am here, the hospital called me; I didn't know I was your emergency contact. But it doesn't really matter right now, nothing in the past does, I'm not leaving you again Peyton. I missed you so much, and I almost lost you last night, I won't let that happen again."

"Perfect. Can I go home now?"

"Just let me go talk to the doctor, make sure your discharge papers went through, then I'll take you home okay?"

"Thank you…Brooke? I missed you too."

"I know P. Sawyer, we'll talk more once you get better, I promise. I'll be right back, sit tight."

Peyton leaned her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes, still confused about everything that had happened. Above all else, she was thankful that Brooke was back. She was the most important person in her life and having her shut her out and being apart from the brunette hurt her so much, so much so…

"We're all set to go Blondie."

"Good, I hate this place."

"I know you do sweetie, but hey, you were unconscious for the bulk of your stay, and now we get to leave. So that's not so bad."

"I guess…Brooke, what exactly happened?"

"I was kind of hoping you would tell me that P. Sawyer."

"Oh…can we talk about it later maybe. I mean, you know, are you going to be around, to talk, or…?"

"I'm not going anywhere Peyt. Let's get you home and we'll talk after you've rested some more okay?"


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