If you get caught by Armada Megatron, you need glasses. HE'S A TANK! Well, like the other two remain calm and run for an autobot (not a minicon, a full sized, 20 story high autobot). If you can't find an autobot, or they are all tied up in a battle, find a small cave that no decepticon can reach into, barricade it so the decepticon minicons can't reach you and pray your sorry ass is rescued soon.

Armada Galvatron is just Megatron with a revamped paint job, so same rules apply to him. Should he deem you worth the trouble of capturing and taking to their base on the moon, don't panic. You will piss him off. Fortunately ( I guess) for you, he's not that stupid. He will have oxygen for you, or the base will have already been sealed up and have a pump filling it with oxygen. Just keep your head down, do as your asked, no matter how bad it seems and develop a strong belief in a higher diety (named Optimus Prime) and pray to said deity for your safe return to Earth.