20th January 2007 – Sacrifice

Summary: Sara's life changes drastically when her younger sister shows up - can her relationship with a certain detective withstand the pressure of an overprotective sibling?

Part 1 - Sara's P.O.V – (Thanking you)

"I'm not a kid – god damn it sis - I'm twenty two." She was stood in my kitchen, a pair of overly worn jeans dragging beneath her bare feet and a white vest top, that had seen better days, had a beer bottle held against it. I looked at her, and she was right, she wasn't a kid anymore. She wasn't kid but she was still my baby sister.

"A twenty two year old pain in my god damn ass – that's what you are" I growled. I was stood opposite her now with my arms crossed over my chest. "What the hell is it with you? You find a way to get yourself into trouble no matter where you are."

"Hey… last night wasn't my fault…" She shot, holding her hands up in the air. The bottle still clutched in her right one. I didn't like her drinking, mostly because it seemed like all she did – drink – and smoke. I know that it's hypocritical of me but I was allowed that much huh? After all she is my sister.

"Kid… you broke his jaw" I offered with a deliberate step forward. "You knocked him out cold" another step and I was now stood directly in front of her, not even a meter between us. She just smirked – and I knew it was that smart ass – 'I'm going to piss you off' smirk she was so good at.

"Self defence" She explained, "He grabbed me first…"

"Lucky there were witness around to support that claim" I shot at her knowing that my sister probably did do it in self defence but also knowing that she broke a mans jaw and nearly broke his arm.

"Lucky big sis is shacking up with a cop don't you mean" She smiled with a wink. I just looked at her and shook my head in disbelief, I turned away from her and headed over to the fridge to grab myself a beer - but she was right, it was so god damn luck that it was Sofia that had showed up at the bar – she'd managed to bring her back here and get her out of any trouble, of which I was more than thankful.

"Look, I'm not a kid and I know a bit about people like her" She continued as if I wasn't visibly wanting to smack her one. I turned with a growl and looked at her, "I know a lot about people like her" she repeated.

"Like who? Huh? People that bring you back here after a bar fight and not throw you in a cell" I shout, I hate when she does this. I'm the big sister I'm the one supposed to be critical of her partners, critical of her life choices not the other way around.

"People that are up for a good time, people that will walk all over you and leave you crushed. Come on…you can't be serious about her" Jo was four years younger me and more than annoyingly over protective.

"Look, what's going on between me and Sofia is between us… and right now the only thing that I'm serious about is slapping you stupid if you don't quit with this and back the fuck off my girlfriend. Stop running her down Jo – especially after what she did for you last night"

"Huh?" Jo took a swig from the bottle – "It's the guy she saved not me… I wanted to kill the bastard" She explained.

"You know what ... if you put as much time in finding a job as you did in taking a pop at me every time you got the chance maybe you'd be able to pay for the beer you're drinking and the god damn food you spend all day eating."

"God damn it sis… give me a chance would you. I only got here a week ago… I'm just settling in." Jo responded. She was beyond serious and that's what made me laugh.

"Your more than settled in Kid, the way you walk around this place, watching my TV, and using all my hot water. Get a job! TODAY"

"Or a guy to pay my way" She smirked, "maybe you could set me up with one of your cop friends." She took another swig from the bottle before continuing, "… I like a guy who knows how to use a gun" she winked.

"Job" I tell her again.

"Spoil all my fun why don't you"

"You sit watching sport and playing video games all day before you head off down to some casino or bar in the nights. You have loads of god damn fun"

"Yeah till Big bad blond-y spoils it for me"

"What by saving you from spending a night in the cells…god damn it Jo…" I growled. I had to play big sis right now because all she was doing was getting pulled further and further into the darkness that she'd spent so long getting out of.

Before I could continue Jo stopped me, "Hey look who it is…lovers got a key huh?" I looked to where she was looking to the doorway of the kitchen. "Curtis saves the day again …this is getting to be a habit" Jo smirked as she looked from her to me, "What you say sis, I go back to bed and leave you and my hero alone" she winked.

"God damn it… I'm not finished with this" I shouted as she started to leave. I hared her greet Sofia for and I was just thankful that she didn't start any shit with my girlfriend. I just sighed; looking over to where Sofia was still stood after Jo had left – desperation on my face – I had no clue what I should do.

"Hey baby…" She offered. Moving forward to me I couldn't help but let my eyes roam across her body. The work cloths she was wearing looking like they were made for her. Black jeans falling onto the boots, a white shirt that fitted in all the right places and her blond hair held back from her face by the sunglass pushed atop her head, her leather jacket finishing off the bad-ass-cop look she had going on.

"Hey you…to what do I owe this?" I ask as she moved her arms around my waist and pushed me against the counter top behind.

She just smiled, and then her voice turned to a low and husky growl –"Well I've just been thinking about doing this…" She moved forward and pressed her lips over mine softly before sucking softly on my lower lip and running her tongue across requesting that entrance that I was more than willing to give. This kiss turned slightly more passionate – before we regretfully had to part for much needed air. No matter how many times she kisses me like that she never fails to leave me breathless, "…all night" she finished with a smile "So I thought before I go home to my empty bed I'd stop by here to…"

"Take advantage of me?" I ask with a smile. Moving my hand to the buttons of her shift playing with them before moving my hand up slowly – moving my hand behind her head and pulling her in for another of the kisses that render me breathless – "Well… I'm glad you did" I tell her.

"Mm…" She smiled, "Me to" she moved her one hand and ran it down my face and then I saw her turn a little serious. "How is she after last night?"

"Don't talk about my sister when your holding me, and kissing my like you are Curtis…it's a real mood killer" I tell her as I wrap my arms around her neck. A smirk on my lips, "…and I really don't want to kill this mood" I bite my lower lip and look down to hers.

"Is that right?" She asked.

I nodded, "Mm, it is…" I tell her. Moving myself so I'm sitting up on the counter I put my beer on the side and take hold of her jacket pulling her to me, moving my legs around her waist I move in to kiss her again. Her hands both holding my waist, as mine move again around her neck – I knew when I hared her moan into my mouth she really had missed me. It had been over a week since we'd been able to spend any real time together because of work and my sister showing up. Once we pulled back I moved my lips to her neck and spoke softly – "You know… I know where there's a bed that isn't empty – maybe you should stay there instead of going back to yours" I kissed her skin and sucked on her pulse point knowing she wouldn't refuse my offer to spend her off time here and not at home. Though I'm not sure how much rest she'd get before the next shift it was a price I'm sure she'd be willing to pay.

"Mm… maybe I like the sound of that" Sofia smirked.

She moved up and kissed me again, pushing my hair back from my face – She just took my hand and pulled me solely off the counter towards her. With her other hand she took the bottle off the side and then took off down the well travelled rout towards my bed room. I think she knew that she wasn't getting sleep anytime soon.

"Mm...you really did miss me last night huh?" she asked causing me to laugh a little.

"you know i did baby" I tell her. Her hand was tracing lazy pattern over my lower back as I was lay against her. I had my head rested on the nape of her neck and my arm lay over her waist – our legs tangled up together - a light sheet covering the two of us– she was lay with her eyes open looking up at the roof above us. "Thank you…" I managed softly.

"What for baby?" She asked. As if she didn't know. I looked up at her and our eyes met.

"For last night…" I tell her. I have to admit when she showed up her with an arm around the waist of my beaten, blood covered sister I was terrified – and I didn't have time to thank her last night so I was doing it now. Now that I'd had time to process it all and now that I know the blood that was over my sister wasn't her own I was calmer. "…for what you did. You could have dragged her ass to the cells … but… you didn't…" I ran my thumb over her side softly. "I really appreciate it …thank you"

"No need to thank me" she tells me.

I shake my head and kiss her jaw line softly before moving to her lips – "yes…there is baby" I tell her before laying back against her and closing my eyes. Sofia covered for my sister, and put her self in the line of disciplinary action without a second thought. She'd got my sister back home safe and without a record and convinced the guy to drop the charges. Jo was safe – this time.

"Baby…what is it?" Sofia asked, running her hand down my shoulder and arm softly.

"Am I that easy?" I ask. I'm always amazed how she can tell when something is on my mind.

"No…I'm just that good" she smiled.

After a few quiet moments I just shrugged my shoulders, "I don't know…" I closed my eyes, and held her a little tighter – "just been over protective big sister I suppose. I'm just a little worried about her"

"Hey babe…she had CSI Sidle watching her back…she'll be more than fine" She explains.

I smile, "Thank you" I offer. Just too bad I didn't have as much faith in myself. "Now…" I look up at her, "Get some god damn sleep before you have to go into catch the bad guys" I order. We are both on to night and know that we both need at least a little sleep. I was just praying that I didn't get called in seen as I was on call.