Chapter 1.

What Happened?

Crack,crack,BOOM!!! "Argh,DAMMIT SASUKE QUIT BREAKING ALL THE POSTS!!!" said Naruto. "Well loser,if you weren't so weak you could break them yourself," said Sasuke in a cool tone. Naruto had heard enough and he darted full force at his rival. "Alright that's ENOUGH!" said Kakashi stoping both attacks. "Remember,Naruto,if you tick Sasuke off too badly and he tries to go back to that snake freak...,"said the sensei kindly,but he then turned grim,"Instead of bring him back I will personaly KILL Sasuke." "Hmph,this is pointless,I'm leaving." WAIT. DON'T LEAVE SASUKE-KUN," pleaded Sakura.

He seemed not to care and generaly left the training grounds.

"Neji,p-please tell father I'm going to get new food"said Hinata as left the Hyuuga Household.She walked to the busy streets of Konoha,she stopped at a local market store,and bought carrots,potatoes,bread,and tea leaves. "Thank you."she said as she exited through the door,she guessed Neji would take up for her if she was late so she decided to stop at the training grounds.

Sasuke walking slow as ever,had his eyes closed,thinking about being brought back little under a year ago from Orochimaru's control.

Hinata walked having trouble seeing over the large bag,she though she heard foot steps,but before she could look she was sent backwards by a person

emitating a bad feeling. "Ow...," she said quietly while trying to stand up. "You little..."Sasuke was already at his limit with Naruto,but this pushed him over the edge. With that he threw a kunai at her which flew into her arm,blood gushed out of the open wound. He smirked at causing pain to another,clearly Orochimaru wasn't completely gone,but then he relised that it was Neji's cousin. He quickly walked over and bent down. She moved back in fear of this,clearly, out of his mind leaf-nin.

"Sakura-chaaannn,please come with me to eat ramen."said the visibly upset Naruto. "No Naruto,I told you I've got plans!"

"Damn,I can't do this here,"said Sasuke as he got closer to Hinata.But she heard Naruto and the others and tried to cry out,but her voice was muffled by Sasuke's hand. " quiet." She tried to yell again,but Sasuke found it best to knock her out.

He carried her back to his apartment,and sat her on his couch. He locked the door to make sure she couldn't get out. He walked up closer to her. He rubbed two fingers across her face.Then he,rudely, slapped her to wake her up. And,by reflex,she kicked him between his legs as hard as she could.

Painfully he fell to the ground curled in a ball.She sat up and look at the surroundings.Then she remembered what happended.She saw Sasuke on the ground in pain and jumped to his side"S..Sasuke-k..kun,I...I would try..t-to heal y-you...b-bu-but..." He rolled over almost screaming in pain. "Y...ngh...your not...leaving."he said between his pain.

Hinabi walked into Neji's room and asked him where Hinata was. ''What, mean she's not back?"Neji worried. He ran through the compound

until he found Hinata's father. "I have to go,Hinata is very late,"exclaimed Neji as he ran out the door.


Sasuke easily held Hinata dangling in the air,wiggling in a desperate attempt to breath.He pulled her to his face and kissed her lips. He looked away and dropped her to the hard floor."S...sasuke-k-kun"she said trying to get enough air. "Leave and don't you dare tell anyone about this."he said strickly. She started to protest but within a second he had her pinned on the ground by her neck,using his hand to keep her still. Just at that time Naruto used his key to unlock and open the door.He looked at the sight in front of him,Sasuke pinning Hinata down by her neck in a choking fashion,while tears came out of her eyes. "SASUKE,LIKE,WHAT THE HELL!"said Naruto trying to figure out what was happening."It's none of your bussiness,Naruto."he said as he shot Hinata at evil glare,while he stood up. Hinata got up and ran behind Naruto. "H-help,he's c-crazy!"Hinata said hoping only Naruto heard her. "This IS MY bussiness,if it was nothing she wouldn't be cowering in fear of YOU behind me!"Naruto said as he yelled for his sensei who was walking down the street.

"Sasuke what happened?" asked Kakashi. "...,she deserves what happened."claimed Sasuke under his breath.

"Very well,Naruto take Hinata home please,and Sasuke next time,I report to the Hokage." said Kakashi with a serious look. "Well,goodnight Hinata."said Naruto as he thought about Sasuke.

"Where were you?" asked Neji behind clenched teeth. "N-Neji-kun I...I,something h-happened."she said trying not to cry. "Fine I'll exept that answer for now,go to sleep."he said in a stern voice. 'O-okay," she said. She walked into her room and fell asleep on her bed.