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Yin and Yang Yin and Yang Yin and Yang Yin and Yang

Chapter 8

The End

Neji ran towards Sasuke,only to cause him and Naruto in the Mangekyo's illusion world. In a split second they both fell to the floor,unconious. Sasuke looked at her body rested on his sword,he held her body over the edge of Naruto's second floor apartment,waiting until the sword ripped her in half. Hinata slowly raised her head, her eyes were very pale, "Sa-Sasuke..."

She grabbed the sword and pulled herself closer to him until her feet were touching the ledge, she looked at him to see small tears starting to form, "H-Hinata-chan what are you doing?"

"Is Naruto-kun that bad, I love you Sasuke-kun,but after this I think you never loved me..." Hinata fainted and Sasuke pulled her off of the blade,he laid her down and to the best of his abilitly started healing her. She grabbed his wrist, then realizing she only had her bra on fainted,again only this time from embarrassment. Sasuke then noticed why she fainted and the muscle under his eye started twitch.

Neji was the first to recover,he looked around and saw Sasuke leaning over Hinata,who only had a bra on her top half, and his hands on her stomach, "Uchiha,what are the hect you doing?!?!" Sasuke looked over at Neji and had an 'oh crap' look on his face.

"N-Neji th-this isn't w-what it looks like,and since you have Byakugan I need your help."

Neji studied Sasuke faced for a minute,and decided to help him, "Okay Uchiha,what do you need?"

"Alot,but what I need now is for you to search for critical injuries,then heal them,because I really suck at healing."

Neji nodded and began searching; he pointed out the critical areas. Then Sakura pushed Neji out of her way and began healing Hinata,her clearly having more medical ability than Sasuke and Neji combine, "Geez, I can't believe I'm healing her," Sakura sighed, "Okay you morons,she's fine now, but nothing to drastic."with that she disappeared.

Sasuke looked at Neji, Neji looked at Sasuke, suddenly Sasuke was sent flying backwards, "You dumbass idiot you could have killed her,you tried to kill her,"Neji gritted his teeth together.

Sasuke looked at Neji wiping blood off his lower lip he saw Hinata moving in the background, "Hinata-chan I-I I'm sorry I-"

"That's enough Sasuke-kun, I...I'm tired,"Neji walked over to his cousin and picked her up.

"Uchiha I will take my cousin home now."Neji stated.

Sasuke grabbed his arm,"Hinata-chan please meet me at the Konoha Gates in two days." Hinata nodded.

oooooooooooTwo days laterooooooooooooooooooooooo

Hinata stood as she waited for Sasuke. Sasuke appeared with a backpack on his arm, "Hinata you know I love you more than anything, but I found out that we didn't kill my brother, we killed an imposter. Hinata you know I have to kill him,but neither of us are strong enough to kill the real Itachi. I'm sorry Hinata I will try to come back for you but if I don't move on."

"What do you mean, w-where are you going?"

Sasuke put his finger on her quivering lips, "Hinata I love you goodbye." Sasuke kissed Hinata and disappeared as a single cherry blossom fell into her hands.

Yin and Yang Yin and Yang Yin and Yang Yin and Yang

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