There are some days when you just need to be silly.

Thanks to Templar of the rockmanexeonline IRC channel for beta-ing this

And the song in this is "Every Time We Touch" by Cascada. I don't own anything!


It was a normal day in Net Savior headquarters for Ijuin Enzan. He'd already foiled one wannabe net gang's plans to steal all the Mr. Programs on the Net (a plan that made no sense to him, even after listening in on the interrogations), completed the paperwork for his father's company, and finished the report on the capture of the Net gang.

He wandered through the hallways aimlessly, planning out his evening. He'd go home, probably, and do some research on the next company his father planned on buying out. Or he could hang around with Netto for the rest of the day.

He leaned up against the doorframe outside of the scientists' labs and peaked inside. A few female scientists were chatting happily over their computers, evidently waiting for whatever they were working on to finish doing something. One of their PETs was resting on the table behind them, playing music softly in the background.

Enzan tilted his head to catch the lyrics. A female voice was singing a very upbeat song. He found that he liked the song and edged inside to better hear it.

"Every time we touch, I get the feeling," the voice sang.

Without realizing it, Enzan started tapping his foot in tune with the song. He had a small smile on his face, and his fingers started a counterbeat to his foot. Even as the song ended, his foot and fingers continued to move of their own accord. The next song was slow, so he left the room and continued on his way.

He didn't even realize that he'd started to move his hips in time to the beat of the song he'd heard. A few scientists passed him and started giggling, but Enzan paid them no mind. Something had possessed him, and a great calm had settled over him for this moment.

He swung around the next corner, humming the tune of the song, and started moving his feet to the beat. Meiru passed him then, and seemed to want to tell him something. Enzan danced around her, sweeping into a bow, then twirling upright again and spinning around the next corner. He didn't even see her look of shock.

He encountered Netto next. By then, his whole body had come into play, and he wove, stepped, and clapped in time to the beat in his head. Netto also looked like he wanted to say something, but Enzan didn't give him the chance. He swept Netto into the dance with him, spinning the younger boy around and earning a yelp for his trouble. He knew he was grinning like a maniac, but for some reason his normal aloofness couldn't reassert itself.

He spun Netto around again, then let him go and continued on down the corridor. He left Netto looking dumbfounded and windswept, but didn't care.

There were some days when you just had to dance.