Epilogue: Another New Chapter

"Joanne!" 12 year old Angela screamed from the top of her lungs. She'd forgot her lacrosse stick and ballet shoes while rushing out of the house to get to school on time.

"Joanne, Momma! I know you're in this house! Come on, open the door; I'm gonna miss my subway!" Joanne opened the door and stared down the preteen.

"Have you lost your mind? Why the hell are you yelling in the hallway at 7:30 in the morning?! You must want me to beat you…that is the only reason why you'd be yelling this early." Angela ignored her mother's ranting as she ran inside to get her things.

"Thanks, Momma," she said kissing Joanne on the cheek, "love you! I'll be home around 4:30 today; I have lacrosse practice and a ballet lesson after school today 'kay?" Joanne smiled and shook her head before kissing Angela on the forehead.

"Have a nice day little one. Be good! I don't want any calls today about you hitting on the boys with your stick again, understood?"

"Mkay, Momma. I gotta go!"

"Angela Renee, am I understood?" Joanne asked with more emphasis.

"Okay, okay, I won't hit people anymore. I get that hitting is bad. I really gotta go now!" The lawyer laughed as she watched her lanky daughter run out of the house to catch her subway and shook her head. She thought that Angela was tough when she was a baby, but nothing compared to her in the preteen years. She walked back into the lay down with her lover Maureen.

"Which one of our darling children was that?"

"Angie. I swear that girl has the hugest diva attitude in the world!" Maureen snuggled close with her wife.

"Well Pookie, just think in six years she'll be off to college."

"Oh my gosh Bear, can you believe it? We are almost done raising our three girls."

"I know it seems surreal. But we won't ever have a shortage of kids running around this house."

"Yeah with Mia, Mark and Lilly's son Mark Jr., the set of twins that Collins adopted, Angel and Christa, and don't forget Benny's love child that he was lucky enough to be able to keep, Ivy, we have a long way to go 'till we are home free."

"I know that's for sure."

Angela was now twelve and the twins were 17. Jessica and Jaylyn were enrolled in a specialized Arts and Sciences high school while Angela went to St. Margaret's Episcopal Intermediate School. All three girls were thriving and their parents were very proud of them. Jessica was at the top of her class in acting and was also the star short-stop on her softball team. Jaylyn had just been invited to spend eight weeks over the summer in Washington D.C. to look up and close at the goings on of the Supreme Court and senate. She was also president of the JSA and was adamant about being the first female president of color. But Angie was by far the most active. Just as Angel had predicted she was always a very active little girl. She'd been doing ballet since she was two and started lacrosse in the first grade. In fall she ran cross country and in winter she ran distance in track. Even for a seventh grader she had a bright future of being a track star. If only she'd stop hitting the boys…

The rest of the day went by quickly and the weekend soon followed.

"Mom I have a JSA meeting today. It's on Saturday because we are trying to raise funds for the trip in the summer." Jaylyn said early one Saturday morning.

"Um, no. Momma told me to tell you that we are going to Uncle Collin's house today. Sorry but you're gonna be missing this one sweets."

"Are you kidding me? I'm the effing president! Ugh! Does Jessie have to go?"

"Yes, and watch your mouth Jaylyn Michaela. Angela really doesn't need to be picking up anymore bad habits from you girls. She already hits."

"Whatever Maureen," the seventeen year old said, "well can I at least bring my swimsuit if I must attend this shindig? I need to desperately work on my tan."

"Um Jay, you do realize that you're black right?"

"Mommy! Of course I know that, silly, but I always wear socks in the summertime so my feet are like two shades lighter than the rest of my body…tan lines are not cute!"

"Uh yeah, sure. It's your thang, do what you wanna do! I can't tell ya…" Jaylyn groaned.

"Oh gosh, everyone close your ears. The diva is singing again!"

"Tell your sisters to get ready to go. We need to be out of here in an hour." All three girls heard Maureen and looked out of their bedroom door and screamed.

"An hour!? Mommy, Momma hasn't even come home from her errand to braid my hair yet! Not to mention that I have to pick out an outfit and pack a bag to stay at Uncle Collins' tomight!" Angela groaned.

"Angie just have Jess—"

"Um, no, sorry Mommy but I'm about to shower and try to memorize my lines for the new play." Jessica yelled as she ran into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and cranked up her shower radio. Maureen sighed because this was going to be a lot tougher than she anticipated.

"Well ask Jaylyn to braid your hair for you, Angela."

"But Mommy, she braids too tight. Only Momma doesn't hurt me!" the youngest protested as she pouted. Maureen was trying to keep her temper in check, but it was that time of the month and having three girls around testing her patience was not helping.

"Angela Renee Jefferson-Johnson if you and I have to have a talk in my room, you will not be happy. Now go and be a good little girl, pack your bag, and ask Jaylyn to braid your hair. Am I understood?" Angela tried to pout and throw a tantrum but right as she was Joanne walked in from her errand. Even Angela knew better than to mess with Joanne.

"Please tell me that you aren't doing what I think you are. Do we need to talk young lady?" Angela frowned as she forlornly replied.

"No ma'am."

Joanne nodded. "Then go and do what your mother asked of you please and thank you!" the lawyer responded with a smile. Angela rolled her eyes and stormed into her room to pack her things. Joanne walked over to Maureen and pecked her on the lips.

"Hey babe."

"Hey Pook."

"So are all of our girls getting ready?"

"I highly doubt Angie is but the twins should be all set. Jess is in the shower and Jay is packing her swimsuit I think. She apparently wants to tan. Oh and Jaylyn is braiding Angela's hair because I wasn't so sure when you'd be back." The lawyer smirked at her wife being all efficient.

"Well it seems like someone had to wear the Momma pantalones today. How did it feel?" Maureen raised her eyebrows and shook her head at Joanne.

"Never again," she said, "we have some BAD kids. I was seriously about to go Shaft on one of them…drop kick them suckas in the throat. But I didn't and do you want to know why Pookie?"

"Why dear?"

"Because its like the bracelets…you know the ones that say What Would Jesus Do? But I replaced it with Pookie, and I figured that you wouldn't drop kick our kids in the throat."

"I think that you are right my dear," Joanne said as she kissed Maureen. Then Angela and Jaylyn started screaming at each other. Was this day never to calm down?

Angie: "Ahh! Tell her to stop hurting me!"

Jaylyn: "Bitch I can braid tighter! If you calm down and stop moving so much, I wouldn't be hurting you!"

"Momma! Tell her to stop hurting me!"

"Tell this little monster to stop moving so much!" The couple glanced at each other.

"Should we let them dispose of each other? It'd be like watching Discovery Channel!" exclaimed the diva with an excited look on her face. Joanne grinned.

"That would be cool…but no; we'll never get to Collins' house on time if we let them kill each other so I guess we should break it up." Maureen pouted.

"Aw Pookie you are no fun!" But still she diligently walked into Jessica's room to break up the fight.

"Drop the comb and nobody gets hurt!" the diva yelled stunning the girls into silence.

"What is the problem?" the lawyer questioned her daughters, "and one at a time!"

"I'm the oldest," Jay replied, "so I'm going first. This is what happened: Angela, the beloved love child (what were you two thinking!), will not sit still and I can't braid her hair when she keeps moving. If she ever sat still them maybe I might just try and not braid so tight!" Jaylyn paused and breathed a sigh of relief, "phew, that felt good!"

"Okay," Jo said, "your turn Angela."

Angela turned on the water-works and made the most hideous crying face ever. "Momma," she said as she went to go sit on Joanne's lap, "she's always hurting me. I want you to do it; you are the nicer one! Plus, she called me a bitch!" Maureen and Joanne looked at each other and tried to not to laugh. One thing that the couple tried to do was make sure that their children didn't have potty-mouths. But Angela just said bitch freely, like she would say thank you, so…you see how that went. Joanne spoke up first.

"Okay, Angela stop crying sweetie and try sitting still for you sister please. And Jaylyn, come on, apologize. We do not call our sisters the b-word…hello?? Now I want you two ready in twenty minutes okay? Speaking of the devil, where is your sister?"

Angie dried her tears and pointed to the twins' bathroom where the music was blaring.

Take a look at my girlfriend

She's the only one I got

Ba da da da

Not much of a girlfriend

I never seem to get a lot

Ba da da da

Maureen perked up, "I got this one," she said. The diva went into the utility room and shut off the hot water. 3…2…1…

"AHHHH! Maureen! Mommy why would you do that!" said a shivering Jessica as she jumped out of the shower stark naked and soaking wet. Her family looked at her standing there shivering and they lost it. Every one of them laughed a hearty gut wrenching laugh that made tears come.

"You guys are sick! This isn't funny. I was enjoying a hot shower while jamming to some Gym Class Heroes and you turn off the water. Real mature you guys!" even though she was a little upset she couldn't help laughing with her family. "I'll be ready in twenty, goodness!"

Sure enough in twenty minutes they were all ready to take the twenty minute drive to Collins' new house. After he adopted his twins Angel and Christa, Collins had opted for the suburbs instead of the city and now he lived in a nice split level ranch with a pool in the back. But just because he lived in suburbia it didn't stop Collins from being himself. He was known around the neighborhood for putting up quite large signs on various lawns with sayings such as: AIDS is on your street. What are you gonna do about it?

"Hey mom, how old is Angel? He's kind of cute." Maureen looked back at her daughter.

"Since when do you like boys?" Angela blushed as the twins teased her.

"Angela and Angel sittin' in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G!"

"Aren't you two supposed to be older than me? And plus I don't like him, I just think he's sort of cute."

"Yeah okay, sure Angie. I think he's a year older than you so that would make him and Christa thirteen. Mark Jr. seven now, Mia is fifteen, and Ivy is what three now?" Joanne thought about it before answering.

"Yeah, she's three now." Immediately after, they pulled into the driveway, "Okay girls, we're here! Behave yourselves please…and have fun!" The girls ran through the house to get into the pool. Their parents slowly followed them.

"Chicas!" Mimi said as she saw Maureen and Joanne walk into the house.

"Hey Mimi; Roger. Where's everyone else?" Roger jerked his thumb towards the pool.

"We seem to be the only luck parents whose children are old enough to be in a pool unsupervised. Everyone else is watching their young." Maureen laughed.

"Yeah, we are pretty lucky." The four of them walked out of the house into the backyard where everyone else was. They went over to say hi to Mark and Lilly, his wife (yes, Mark finally got a woman!) and Benny and his newest girlfriend before sitting down next to Collins.

"So are you high or just crazy for having all of these kids over here at one time?" Joanne asked.

"A little of both I believe. But you know that I love our youth Jo. But that sleepover idea, I don't know what I was thinking then…that one is just crazy."

"Well if its too much Angie can come home with the older girls. I'm sure they will mind but she won't care. Besides, she was being rude to her Mommy this morning."

"Not my Angela, she is never rude!" the anarchist said laughing. "Angela, come here for a sec." Angela walked out of the pool over to her favorite Uncle.


"I love your hair sweetie, who did it?"

"Jaylyn did it, and I didn't even cry once Uncle Collins."

"Well that was very nice of her wasn't it?" Jaylyn nodded. "Well your mean old momma and mommy told me that you were rude this morning. They're just kidding with me right?" Jaylyn shifted back and forth.

"Well I wasn't being rude, sir, but I wasn't listening all the way. But I said sorry right Mommy!?" Maureen laughed.

"Yes you did Angela, just like a good girl should…"

"Can I go swimming again?" she asked.

"Go ahead," Collins said laughing.

"She's a sweetie…" the couple looked at each other and laughed.

"Yeah and a piranha is soft and cuddly," the diva responded.

"Whatever Mo. But are you two sure that you want to take the older girls with you?" Maureen nodded.

"Yeah it's really no problem As long as they don't bust in on me and Pookie doing the nasty, I'm cool!" Joanne shook her head and blushed.

"I still cannot believe that she still is a little freak-a-leak."

"Yeah well sometimes, Pookie you just cannot try and change things."

"But some things," Joanne noted looking at all of the happy kids in the pool, "are worth it."

"Alright girls, it's midnight now. I don't really care what you do but I just don't want to hear it okay?" Maureen walked back into her room to snuggle with Joanne.

"They should be asleep anytime now Pookie." Joanne snaked her arms around Maureen as they rested together.

"Mmhmm, I highly doubt that but okay," Joanne was interrupted by the sound of Christa, Mia, and the twins laughing together, "see what I mean?"

"Yeah well we can't force anything with them…Pookie?"

"Hmm?" Joanne was slowly falling asleep.

"I've been thinking…"

"No, no more kids Maureen."

"Oh gosh, I know, I was just thinking about how our chapter of raising kids is almost over…" Joanne sat up and rested her head on her forearm.

"You're right Honeybear, but we can always start a new chapter. Like, come on we can skydive or something!" Maureen seemed to contemplate the idea of a new chapter in her life and kissed Joanne with extreme force.

"What was that for?"

"Another new chapter!"


Wow, this was a really long chapter but I had to end it with a bang! Thanks again for reading my very first fanfic. I really, really, hope that you all enjoyed it!!!