Narashima Rose
Final Chapter

Rowdy Reiko, Killer Khan and The Black Belt Demon all ran into the vicinity where Sgt. Clemets stood with Becky. Rowdy sighed as her lips curled into a smile and she ran to Sgt. Clemets' side. "Sarge are you're all right!" Rowdy said. Sgt. Clemets looked down upon her briefly and then advert her attention elsewhere not looking too pleased. "Sarge?"

Sgt. Clemets sighed as she shook her head. "You know I always thought of Aisha as being a bit catty but this takes the cake," she said. Becky stood right next to her with her hands clasped standing on her tip toes, her nose twitching about.

"Aw! They are so cute! I wish I had my camera," Becky said.Rowdy gazed at Becky with her brows flexed in severity before she glanced over at what Becky was seeing. Rowdy too had now had a look of joy strike her face.

Evil Rose and Showbiz both played with their own balls of colorful yarn. Showbiz had herself wrapped in string tying up her legs and paws. Evil Rose on the other hand just rolled around in it. Rowdy Reiko turned back to Sgt. Clemets with the dumbfounded duo of Killer Khan and the Black Belt Demon walking up and admiring the show out for display.

Sgt. Clemets still looked sternly at the show at hand. Rowdy Reiko was blank for a moment but an evil smirk soon filled its place. "Aw Buns you're okay after all," she said accompanied by a tight embrace to Sgt. Clemets.

"Yea I'm o -Buns? You just won't let it go will you?" Sgt. Clemets said noticing the giggle Rowdy Reiko tried to hide.

"Ahem," said Mistress who came out of a stairwell and grabbed everyone's (except the werecats) attention. "The doctor left some notes behind. Perhaps there is some hope for these two after all."

"Oh Teacher that's great! Let's get cracking!" Becky said.

Mistress sighed,"Yes, yes my dear just bring them upstairs."


Evil Rose and Showbiz lay on two opposite tables attached to a device already in motion. Everyone else waited with patience for the results. Rowdy Reiko held Evil Rose's hand as the machine did its work and Sgt. Clemets relaxed on her clinched knuckles on the table watching Showbiz. It was quiet in the room for some time before Becky spoke. "So Makoto how was the concert?"

Rowdy Reiko turned away from Evil Rose to address Makoto. "Oh Makoto I'm sorry about the concert thing."

"Don't worry about it. I didn't go alone," The Black Belt Demon smiled.

"Yup! Aigle went with Makoto which gives Aigle Thirty more points," said Killer Khan. She held out her fingers counted each one of them before she exploded with happiness. "Yay! That gives Aigle a score of one hundred and Reiko negative twenty-five friendship points!"

"What? Negative twenty-five? Friendship points?" Rowdy asked.

Killer Khan grabbed the Black Belt Demon. "That's right. Aigle is Makoto's number 1 friend. I even have more points than Becky and she has six!"

"Six!" Becky cried leaning on Mistress for support. Mistress shook her head and lightly patted Becky on the shoulder. "Becky you will be all right."

The Black Belt Demon blushed as she displayed a nervous smile. Rowdy Reiko was about to return the gesture but something else caught her eye and wasn't too pleasant. The Black Belt Demon and Killer Khan turned around to have their faces filled with horror too. Everyone else looked up at metal gears grinding and heel clacking took over their ears.

Rowdy Reiko got up from her stool and walked passed Killer Khan and the Black Belt Demon starring up in disbelief. The pale skin, the blue eyes the blonde hair and giant metal X, it was Lady X Substance wearing the business attire she had on in their very first encounter with her.

Her eyes flashed red one time and in a sluggish fashion felt to her knees lifeless. Rowdy Reiko was misty eyed as her head follow the cyborg down to ground level. She then saw in her hands a black cap with Dr. Cutter's stigma on it.

"Judgment!" said the Black Belt Demon as she looked at Killer Khan imitating her exact movements covering her mouth with both hands.

Rowdy Reiko squatted down and examined Lady X. She shared every physical feature of Kamikaze Rose right down to the arch of her nose. Rowdy Reiko was looking at her mother more so what was left of her. Rowdy Reiko had her hands pressed against her face, resting her chin in her thumbs and index fingers against her nose. A tear ran down her face at every wink and then she felt the touch of a friend on her shoulder and looked up to see those baby blues.

"You . . . said . . . you wanted to bury her . . . right?" asked Sgt. Clemets. Rowdy Reiko nodded and turned back to look at Lady X Substance. Sgt. Clemets felt someone put their arms around her waist and rest their head on her should. In the corner of her eyes she could see that it was Showbiz was looking normal and a bit sad. Mistress and Becky came up next to Killer Khan and the Black Belt Demon who were standing behind Rowdy Reiko, and got a better view at Lady X Substance. There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Rowdy Reiko moved her hands from her face and took a deep breath. "I'm not so sure anymore. Do you think it's right?"

The right hand of a red gloved patron was before her face. She followed it to the rest of her beloved sister who stood unmasked beside her. "She should be . . . buried back in Japan. We should take her back there . . . together."


Fujiko nodded. Rowdy took one last look at Lady X Substance and carefully removed the blue contacts from her eyes before taking her sister's hand. "Together."

Author's Notes: As you can see these last two chapters are different from the rest because I rewrote them out of principle. I take all critiques to my writing seriously and I wanted to show that. What should be noted is that Evil Rose and Showbiz are both changed into werecats. Narasimha(spelled this way) is a half-man/half lion(as well as a deity in Hindu) but because this story was inspired by that legend(the idea came to me while reading something on it) I left it's name that way, but made the necessary adjustments to the story. Anyway thank you for reading one of my first completed lengthy stories it means a lot. -Misty.