"HEY GUYS!" Yelled Momo, "Guess what I found!"

"There's a 87 percent chance that nobody cares." Declared Inui as he looked up from his data book.

"What did you find?" Asked Fuji because he's nice and is in the remaining 13 percent of Inui's observation.

"No Fuji, you have to guess!" Momo whined.

Fuji glared at him.

" : (" Replied Momo.

"Did you find an omelet?" Asked Eiji, because he really wanted to know.

"Close, but no!"

"Is it a… fish?" Oishi inquired.

"Getting warmer!"

"Did you find the sum of Pi divided by the circumference of a circle with the area of 289475cm squared multiplied by thrice itself and twelve times bigger than 11 plus two?" Asked Inui caught up in the moment.

"Um…not yet." Said Momo.

"Oh." Replied Inui disappointed.

"Ok, but seriously, someone make a good guess."

"You have to give us a hint!" Said Taka, "It isn't fair."

"Okay, fine, it rhymes with 'tong'."

"OMG! Did you find King Kong?" Asked Eiji.

"What about a song?"

"How about a kwong?"

"Did you find a th-" But Tezuka was interrupted by everyone throwing their hands over his mouth. When he got them off he glared at them. "I was GOING to say 'Did you find a THRONG?'"

"Ohhhh." Said everyone in unison.

"20 laps" But everyone ignored him.

"You all suck at this Guessing Game!" Cried Ryoma, "It's obviously Ponta!"

Everyone threw rocks and sticks and other various sharp inanimate objects at him. But missed…intentionally.

"Okay, since you all suck at this I guess I'm going to have to tell you. I was going through a box in my attic because that's what I do in my spare time, and I found PONG!!"

Everyone gasped.

"So who wants to play?" He asked, getting way too excited.

"I DO! I DO! I DO!" Everyone shouted and pushed trying to get a controller from Momo so they could play.

Obviously Fuji got a controller. All he had to do was open his gorgeous, blue eyes and everyone backed a way. He gave a warm little chuckle. : )

Tezuka got the other controller by using the Tezuka Zone to make it gravitate towards him, hitting Kaidou on his head on the way over.


Fuji chose the right paddle and lovingly named it Frank, Tezuka chose the remaining left paddle and it remained nameless.

"Yudan sezu ni ikou" he said before dramatically pressing the start button.

Thus an intense game of Pong commenced.

Although neither had ever played Pong before, they were both extremely good because, well, its Tezuka and Fuji.

The ball was hit back and forth with ease. Tezuka hit it making it bounce against the top, trying to throw Fuji off, but Fuji seemed to have expected that and had Frank in the perfect place and managed to score a point against Tezuka.

Soon the score was tied with four points each. They had previously decided to only go up to five points, so whoever scored next would be the winner.

Frank hit the ball making it bounce twice. However, just as the ball completed it's second bounce the game shut off.

Everyone stared at the blank screen, mouths agape.

"Wha…what happened to the game?" Sniffled Eiji. Oishi promptly began to comfort him.

"And that's what happens, Fuji, when you try to use one of the triple counters in a game with such simple graphics." Stated Tezuka.

Fuji chuckled warmly, but he mentally added Tezuka to his Kill List.

"Or maybe," Started Eiji, "It broke because TEZUKA used the Tezuka Zone!"

"I think it was Kaidou's face that broke the game!" Yelled Momo. Kaidou and Momo then began a big fistfight and everyone else started yelling and attacking each other. A few minutes into the fight, Taka noticed Ryoma leaving.

"Where are you going?" He asked him.

"To play some REAL tennis." Responded Ryoma as he closed the door.

Everyone stood in silence for a few moments.

"What a tool." Said Momo.