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Destined by Fate, Fated by Destiny

CHAPTER 1: Alliances

Distorted Dimension…

A pale-skinned, slender woman; with light amethyst eyes, and her dark grey hair that reached her feet, lay floating in the purplish dimension. Floating alongside her, was a translucent capsule filled with green fluid… Inside was a blond… A young, petite, female blond who was 'sleeping' soundly. The blond was hugging her crossed legs close to her chest shielding her bare body, and her long golden-yellow hair laid adrift in the encased containment.

Both of them lie floating in the timeless, deformed sub-space… Yet the woman was cherishing each moment that passes by, due to the fact that mother and daughter was accompanying each other. Their eternal imprisonment was… quiet… soothing… and peaceful…

Precia Testarossa relaxingly sighed as she closed her eyes, enjoying her moment with her daughter, Alicia Testarossa. The mage opened her eyes, turned to her daughter and asked, "How long have we stayed here, Alicia?"

The person encased remained silent, giving her an answer of silence.

The woman averted her gaze from Alicia to what she assumes to be was the ceiling, but her surrounding were just the same, in any and every angle it was purplish and had pink patches with some dark blue spots. A small smile formed her lips at her ironic comment. "Do you want to stay here, Alicia? Here, with me… forever?" She asked her 'sleeping' daughter.

The capsule hit a large rock from a pile of debris, causing the occupants head to nod, in which she deciphered as a "yes" made by Alicia.

"If you want to stay here, sweetie, then I'll always be here… forever…" Precia said in relief, knowing that her daughter will always be here with her on her eternal imprisonment.


Peace and serenity reigned the dimension as moments pass by… However, all this was disrupted when a dark portal formed in between mother and child.

The mage was caught surprised, but quickly prepared herself on whatever was coming. Summoning her staff a second later. And then went to her battle stance.

There, a muddy cloaked figure appeared that only revealed its blue, scaly and spiked arms. Its eyes were blood red and only his blue, witch-like nose was the only part of its face to be seen. The beast's nails were pointed and thick, appearing to be able to slice flesh to the bone.

The mage firmly asked, "Who're you? How did you get here? What're you up to? I demand answers!!" with her voice tainted by fuming anger, disgust and a hint of curiosity.

The cloaked figure merely laughed, sounding like of a dragon being slain. The beast retorted, "The great mage Testarossa, feared by many, sounding dare as I say, afraid?!" the beast said in total amusement then proceeded by a humorless laugh. Then, it stopped laughing, as it fixed its glare to the mage, shooting daggers in the process.

The death glare sent shivers down her spine, and any normal person would be immobilized by the fear it sent… However, in her case it pumped her adrenaline and increased her senses and reflexes. She didn't fear him, in the contrary; she was looking forward on the upcoming battle. It has been a long time since she battled and it gave her a marveling feeling and it made her feel so… so… alive… 'This should be interesting…' she thought. 'I mean it has been a long time since I've had this thirst for victory and I'm-' her thought were disrupted when the beast spoke.

"I have something for you to do…" the beast said in a deadly, serious voice, but was cut off with Precia laughing devilishly.

She stopped laughing, chest heaving and lunged for air. She then replied, "You? A foul, loathsome, lowlife? Never!!" She said this showing calm and relaxed composure… or so it seems, for her thighs were vigorously shaking due to its adrenaline rush her body was pumping. But was covered with her dress outfit.

The Testarossa mage gripped her staff harder, then thrust her body forward with such speed that no being could anticipate or for that matter, see. She heavily and strongly swung her staff diagonally, wanting to hit the beast's head and expected to hear the beast's cry because of the pain. But, instead she heard a loud "clang" as it collided with something. She immediately focused her sight on the object that stopped her weapon's attack.

What she saw made her body pump more adrenaline. The beast was holding a huge, massive broad sword, twice her size, in both its hands. It was the weapon that blocked her staff. She inwardly smiled. 'It has been a long time since I've had a battle this well!' she thought but quickly returned her sight on the beast.

She released the force she was exerting on her staff, and hastily backed away for a few meters; not too long not too short and far enough to inflict long-distance damage to her enemy.

The mage then focused her energy to create a few dozen purple photon bullets. With adrenaline induced will power, she exclaimed "FIRE!!" and a second later, the bullets were hurling towards the enemy.

The enemy's hand strengthened its grip on the sword's hilt and flew forward. The enemy swung its sword, diagonally slicing the photon bullets. The beast smiled at his accomplishment, but immediately fell downwards, forming a frown as the bullets he once sliced, instead of disintegrating, maintained its form and split in two.

Precia smiled and with a wave of her staff, the bullets continued to thrust forward, but now, it was more fast and agile. It was gaining speed and was surrounding the enemy. Maybe even over powering the slashes it receives from the enemy. It made her grin devilishly when she saw the look on the beast's eyes; it was filled with fear and desperation.

The beast was helplessly dodging the bullets, but to no prevails; for most of it was hitting the enemy's body. It took a glance at Testarossa, and when it saw the expression on its face, its eyes turned to slits. She was playing the enemy, and was utterly amused on what she's seeing.

Feeling humiliated and embarrassed, the beast thought of a way to make her listen.

The enemy pointed its weapon at Alicia's capsule, and immediately, the bullets stopped. Precia's eyes widened in anger. Her forehead was wrinkled and her brows were knitted together. "You… You… filthy beast! How low can you be?!"

The humanoid beast let out a foul cry, shuddering the mage's spine. "Now, where was I? Oh yeah… You are going to help me-" it started but was stopped by a move forward by Precia.

The enemy gritted its teeth and said, "Another step, and this girl will turn to cosmic dust…"

The woman cursed under her breath but nevertheless, obediently followed its demands.

"You, Testarossa, are to help me… us… to conquer our time. If you don't, this place could use so cosmic dust…" the beast stated

'No wonder he needs my help, he's too weak!!' she thought. She mentally laughed but maintained a collected composure. "What do I get in return?" she curiously asked?

"Well… How about this…" the beast drew a summoning circle in mid-air. Testarossa couldn't understand the drawings and didn't know what type of magic he was using. Once finished, he fiddled with his fingers as a black aura-mist flowed through him. Then the circle glowed in a dark aura emitting dark purple light that blinded the sight of the mage. He then plunged a hand inside, he swirled his arm creating a whirlpool on the circle.

Seconds later, he pulled his hand but now, he was holding a small, faint and dull blue orb.

The mage laughed a humorless and evil chuckle. "And just what is that?" she asked in pure annoyance and anger.

"Just wait…" he then threw the orb towards her daughter's capsule. The Testarossa mage was shocked, with her eyes widening, "What the hell are you doing?! You… You son-of-a-bi-" she didn't get to finish her sentence due to him saying, "Just watch…"

The orb effortlessly phased through the capsule. As the orb neared her body, its pace turns from fast to slow. When it was a few inches apart, it slowly merged with her chest, easily passing through her crossed feet that were covering her chest. Slowly, the orb continued to merge to her fragile body and it made her body glow in a golden yellow color.

As it fully merged with Alicia, the translucent glass wall slowly cracked… and soon exploded with a shattering glass sound, which sent the green fluid inside to splatter everywhere.

Then, the next thing she saw made her thought and logic to stop. There, a floating Alicia Testarossa, soaking wet hair straight down… But this time her chest was heaving… She was… alive… Her burgundy eyes slightly open and her mouth were slightly parted and were lunging for air.

"Where… am… I? Mom? Is… that… yo-" she softly said between breaths but didn't get to finished due to passing out.

Precia immediately followed on suit. She ran towards her… once dead… daughter… brought miraculously to life.

She cupped her cheek, stared at her sleeping face and said, "She's really… alive…" Questions ravaged her mind thoughts but managed to ask the question she desperately wants to know, "But how did you-" she was cut off by the monster saying, "I brought her soul back…"

She then figured out that the blue orb was her daughter's soul. Precia knew that it came with a price, so she concluded that by saying, "When do we start?"

The beast grinned inside its cloak. He then created a wormhole with a snap of his fingers.

Precia levitated Alicia and followed the beast… But stopped and asked, "What your masters name?" in a tone of seriousness and evil.

The beast answer, not facing her, "My master's name is Grumm, Emperor Grumm of the Troobian Empire… And he wishes your aid to help destroy the power rangers S.P.D."

Precia asked cautiously, "Then how come I've never heard of this Power Rangers S.P.D., and for that matter the Troobian Empire?"

The beast turned around and faced her. "That's because we're from the future, year 2026… But first, let's go fetch our master in his containment…"

With that, he turned around and walked towards the wormhole…

The mage followed, and easily absorbed all the information e gave, for she has always done time and dimension travels… It's a good thing that the TSAB wasn't here…

'It is gonna be one hell of a fight.' they both thought…

Notes: Yes! You've guessed it! It's a Nanoha and Power Rangers SPD crossover… I know Its ironic but I just thought of writing this in my classroom when my friends were arguing about which one is better, I know, How can you compare two things that don't belong in the same category? I just made this to shut them both up…

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, background and histories of Nanoha(universe) and Power Rangers(universe)… The only thing I own in this particular story is the blue monster and the this story's plotline