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Destined by Fate, Fated by Destiny

CHAPTER 5: Late Night Romance

The monster laughed and spoke in an evil, hissing tone, "Hello, rangerss, I'm Sserpent. Your worsst enemy." He said as his forked tongue came out of his mouth. The enemy then let out a melee scream and shot laser beams to them.

Sky saw this happening. He stepped in front of Syd and formed a wide force field.

The lasers collided with his force field, making him slide a few inches backwards. The lasers then exploded, causing the two rangers to lose their balance.

Serpent laughed devilishly, "Goodbye rangerss…" he hissed. He then pointed his laser gun at them, and shots were fired.

The pink ranger firmly closed her eyes, and waited for the laser shots to instantly kill them. To her relief, the shots weren't directed to them because when she opened her eyes, she saw the monster lying flat across its back.

"You guys okay?" a voice shouted. Syd then looked at the where the voice came from.

The yellow and blue rangers were running to them, gripping their Deltamax Strikers firmly on their hands.

Syd and Sky wobbly stood up, "Yeah…"

"Let's get this over with…" said the pink ranger. She and Sky then held their morphers, "SPD emergency!"

And after a flash, both of them were morphed to their ranger form.

The SPD rangers looked at the weakened enemy, "You have been charged with for disrupting the peace and order of our area, and for attacking an SPD officer…" he said holding his morpher in judgment mode.

The morpher then enlisted him as guilty. "The judgment has been done…" the red ranger started.

"And you are so contained!" the pink ranger exclaimed.

The red ranger turned to her for a second then returned his gaze to the limping enemy. His morpher then switched to Containment mode, then at a blink of an eye, the Serpent was now inside a containment card.

The pink ranger held on the card, "Not so 'worst enemy' now, huh?" she said to the card. She then handed it to the red ranger, "Here you go, Sky!"

He nodded then turned a heel. "Thanks…" he heard the pink ranger whisper.

He smiled inside his helmet, "Anytime, Syd!" he smilingly replied. Even if she couldn't see him, she could still picture his face, smiling. 'He just looks sooo… Adorable when he smiles!'

Unknown to the other rangers, the pink ranger was now blushing furiously for no reason, 'What is wrong with me?' she asked, thoroughly irritated at herself.

'Well… At least I can't be seen under my helmet,' she gratefully thought.

When her blush subsided, she powered down. The pink ranger turned around evidently looking for a brown-haired, nine year-old.

And before she could take a step forward, a strong hug at her right thigh sent her wobbling. She looked down and saw Janneau wrapping her arms at her right thigh.

The child looked up at her, beaming from ear to ear, "That was awesome!"

The pink ranger smiled and patted her head, "Well… Let's go home…"

Nanoha let go of Syd, "Okay!" she said while happily nodding.

An Abandoned Warehouse; Zafira, Shamal…

Shamal and Zafira flew backwards, hitting a pile of crates, breaking them into pieces.

Both of them got their composure back and steadied their stance, "Show yourself!" Zafira yelled in the room.

No one answered, but again repeated to hit them with photon beams. Zafira and Shamal didn't see this. The beams were getting closer and closer until…

A figure then appeared in a flash her back facing them; she then raised a hand.

"Triangle Shield." Reinforce, Hayate's Device said.

Then by commanded; a wide, white magic triangle formed from her raised hand.

The lasers collided with the generated shield then exploded. Dark smoke was covering them up. The smoke was slowly fading, showing a still standing Hayate and a lying Zafira and Shamal.

"Shamal-san, Zafira-kun… Daijoubou?" Hayate asked without turning to them.

"Yeah…" they both shakily replied, standing up.

Hayate observed her surroundings, 'He's just around here… somewhere…' she thought.

She then heard some rustling sound near a pile of crates, "Aha!" she yelled.

She raised her staff, Reinforce, "Maelstrom!" her Device spoke.

Then white light slowly emitted from her body, as a triangle glowed directly above her. The edges of the triangle then took shape into pillars of white light, illuminating the whole warehouse.

Slowly, a strong whirlpool of wind formed in the pile of crates, lifting the crates with ease. Hayate then pointed Reinforce at the strong whirlpool, and then blocks of ice materialized within the whirlpool. The ice then swirled along the twister, crushing the crates.

A short silence reigned in the ware house until an inhuman scream echoed the quiet warehouse.

Hayate lowered her staff, and the whirlpool quickly died down. The debris from her attack fell to the ground, along with a loud 'thud.'

All three pairs of eyes looked at the creature lying on the ground.

Grimm was helplessly trying to get his composure back, but his legs failed him because of the child's attack. 'Shoot!' he thought.

He then took a glance at Hayate; "Beaten by a child…" he started. He then turned his glance at Shamal, "But... at least I got what I wanted…" he finished.

Hayate eyed him with curiosity, "What do you mean by that?"

He merely laughed at her, "Nothing you couldn't understand…"

Zafira tightened his fists, "Why you!" he shouted, charging a pinch at his face.

Grimm then averted his gaze at the Familiar, "Touchy…"

He then pointed two finger at him, a hexagonal magic field formed in front him.

Hayate's eyes widened in shock, "Zafira-kun, wait!" she said running to him.

Grimm gave an evil grin, "Goodbye…" he said. He then shot a dark colored blast from his fingers.

Before Zafira could register a thought, Hayate pushed hi in harms way, with the cost of her replacing him as target.

"Tank Barrier." Reinforce flatly said.

A white domed barrier formed, shielding her from his blast. But… Unlike from before, it was stronger and faster.

The photon beam struck her shield. She tensed as she applied her energy to it, making her slid a few inches backward. However, her barrier cracked at the impact, 'Shoot!' she thought.

The blast shattered her barrier, and quickly hit her Barrier Jacket. With the strong force hitting her, Hayate was sent spinning on a pile of crates.

"Hayate!" both shouted. They ran towards their fallen mistress. Both looked at Grimm with glaring eyes, but shifted their gazes to Hayate, "Hayate," Shamal knelt down and picked her master up, placing her head in her thighs.

Hayate passed out from the impact.

Grimm then teleported; leaving the three TSAB officers alone in the warehouse.

"Klarer Wind…" she started. Her twin rings, Klarer Wing hastily replied, "Yes."

Shamal then raised her hand. A green light surrounded the three of them, then green photon leaves swirled through them, making all of their cuts, bruises and injuries healed.

The fallen child fluttered her eyes open, "Are you guy okay?" she asked.

"Yeah… You got us worried over there…" Zafira replied.

She smiled, "Well, next time… you guys should be more careful, okay?" she motherly told her Knights. They nodded.

Shamal smiled, "Let's get you cleaned up…" she said gently pushing Hayate up.

She stood up and dusted herself

A voice then spoke, "What happened here?"

All turned to the opened door. Chrono, Fate and Vita were walking towards them, "Hayate-chan!" Vita shouted, running to her master.

"Everything's fine now, Vita… I'm okay now…" she told her. Vita nodded, "Okay…"

Chrono looked at the scene. Then something twinkled under his sight.

He walked towards the spot where Grimm was sitting, before he left.

A small microchip twinkled at the floor. He bent down and picked it up with his gloved hands.

"What's that?" a whisper behind him spoke.

Chrono turned around, "Fate-chan… I don't know…" he told her, placing the microchip in a small, paper envelope.

"C'mon… Let's head back…" Chrono told them.

SPD Academy; Nanoha, Yuno, Sky, Syd, Bridge, Z…

Five people fell back into a wide and spacious couch at their hangout, the SPD recreational room. Syd in the middle, beside Nanoha and Z. Nanoha was in between Syd and Sky; while Z was in between Bridge and Syd.

"I'm poofed…" Nanoha softly said, laying her head on Sky's arm.

Syd stretched her arms and legs, "Yeah… me too!"

Sky nodded. Bridge got up from his position and said, "Well… I'm of for-" he started was interrupted by Z, "Toast… We get it…" she jokingly mocked.

The blue ranger nodded and turned his way to the exit. The yellow ranger also stood up, "I'm off for coffee…" she said turning to the door.

When she left, the pink and red rangers smiled, "They are so into each other!" Syd said. Sky nodded but masked his interest with a face.

"That leaves the three of us…" Syd started. "Janne-" she didn't get to finish what she was saying because she found Nanoha asleep, leaning against Sky's toned arms.

She couldn't help but smile at the sight. She just looked so cute and adorable. She then fixed Nanoha's hair and caressed her face.

Syd turned to Sky who was holding a pocket book on his hand, "Sky…" she softly whispered so that the child wouldn't wake up.

He turned at her, "Yes Syd?" he spoke.

She motioned to the sleeping figure in between them, and he smiled at the child.

He placed down his book, "Let take her back…" he said shifting his position.

The pink ranger nodded in agreement, "Okay…"

He gently slid an arm at the back of the child's legs while the other was at the child's back. He gently lifted her up, causing her to stir but didn't wake up.

"I want a piggyback ride, daddy…" Nanoha mumbled at her sleep.

His heart warmed at what she said. Well, technically, he wasn't her father… but he was being one to her. He whispered an 'okay' to her then slid the sleeping child at her back, supporting her by holding her small, tiny legs. Her head rested on one of Sky's shoulder, and her hands around the red ranger's neck.

Syd smiled at how Sky was acting on Nanoha. She placed a hand on her back and began to rub circles at Nanoha's back.

When the child was fully asleep, she slowly stopped what she was doing. She was about to drop her hand, but was grabbed by Nanoha's. "Mommy… Stay…" she sleepily mumbled.

Her smile couldn't get any wider. Her? Called as a mommy? Well… obviously, she wasn't her mother… but she was being one for her… right? Plus who couldn't help but adore the child? 'I mean, she's-they're just sooo cute together!" she thought, indicating the people with her right now.

Felling warm-hearted; Syd let Nanoha hold onto her hand. The child dropped her hand to her sides so that the all of them could adjust to their position.

All the people that passed them gave them a small smile and some greetings when they were near them, even Kat and Cruger who were talking while walking down the hall stopped and smiled at both rangers.

When they had passed them, Kat couldn't help but grin… just like all the others, including their commander. "Where were we?" they both asked in unison.

When they were passing the cafeteria, Z nearly nudged Bridge just so that he would stop and look at their teammates.

"I knew it!" Z yelled in the room. Bridge eyed her with confusion, "What're you talking about?"

The yellow ranger rolled her eyes, "You mean you don't know?"

"Know what?" he asked in total confusion.

"Its-Nevermind…" she said dismissively.

The green ranger shrugged.

When the Syd, Sky and Nanoha reached their rooms, both of them put the young girl to bed. Both of them were tucking her, and was fixing her hair.

"Sweet dreams sweetie…" Syd said as she lightly kissed the child's forehead.

"Yeah… Sweet dreams…" Sky said as he, too, kissed Nanoha's forehead.

They stared at her for a while, until Sky spoke, "So… You wanna watch a movie?"

She nodded. "Okay… C'mon… My treat!" the red ranger said, standing up.

The pink ranger shook her head, "I'm tired… Maybe next time…" she said. Her face then lit uo, "I know… Let's watch TV at the rec room, I'm bringing the popcorn!" she softly exclaimed to him.

The red ranger laughed, "Sure… I'm ordering the pizza and sodas…" he said.

"Deal!" she said loudly, but was immediately covered her mouth to avoid waking avoid waking the child up.

"Sooo… uh… I'll go order the pizza…" he suggested.

She nodded, "Sure… I'll just head to the cafeteria for the popcorn…"

Both of them left the room to prepare for their 'get together'. They separated on opposite directions.

Moments Later, Rec Room; Syd and Sky…

At an unholy our, two figures were cuddle deep with each other as they watched TV. An empty case of pizza along with an empty bucket of popcorn lay on the coffee table.

Syd and Sky laughed at the television as they watched a comedy show. When the show took a break, Sky leaned forward, grabbed his canned soda, then took a sip from it.

The pink ranger saw this opportunity. She quickly raised a finger then and gave Sky a strong poke at his rib.

The red ranger was caught off guard; he involuntarily sprayed a mist of his soda over the coffee table.

"Syd…" he said glaringly.

"Sky…" she shot back with at the same tone, but in a mocking way.

He gave her a glare, but softened, "Whatever Syd…"

The pink ranger again poked the red ranger's sides, "Whatever Syd…" she repeated, mockingly.

"Ok… that's it…" he said, placing the can down. He then turned at her, then used a hand reach for her arms, while the other gave her a vigorous tickle at her stomach, "Now you're gonna get it!" he triumphantly spoke.

Syd was laughing real hard, "Sky…! S-stop… it!" she pleaded in between breathes and laughs.

"Uh-uh…" he said. He then increased his tickle.

The pink ranger laughed harder.

When the commercials stopped and the show quickly took place; the red ranger let the pink ranger go and then sat properly on the couch.

Syd did the same. She crept closed to him, then laid her head at his shoulder.

Sky involuntarily snaked his arms around her shoulder then snuggled her in a warm embrace. The red ranger placed his head on top of her head.

Both were watching intently at the show, but were unknowingly cuddling with each other.

The pink ranger then snaked her arm around his waist, then placed a hand at it.

Syd's eyelids were slowly closing, and so did Sky's.

They watched the shows some more until both of them fell asleep in each others arms.

Sometime at Dawn, Rec Room; Syd, Sky…

Warm rays of the sun lit the dim and cold room. Sounds from the opened television broke the calm and peaceful feel of the glorious morning…

Two figures sat next to each other as they slept in each other's side. A blonde female rested her head on the male brunette who was sitting next to her. He had wrapped an arm around her waist, and laid his head on top of hers.

Sky Tate began to stir from his slumber. He drowsily opened his lids and yawned stiffly.

He was about to stretch his arms and legs, when he noticed that his arms were wrapped on another.

He looked down to his sides and saw a sound asleep Sydney Drew in his arms.

He smiled at the sight of her sleeping in his arms, 'She's cute!' he thought. And, at that thought made him grin. 'l mean, look at her… She looks like a fallen angel…' he chuckled when he realized what she said. 'My, I'm being corny…' he smilingly thought. 'I mean she's… breath-taking… And kind, and caring, and understanding… and totally wonderful…' he reluctantly admitted.

He reached for a stray lock of hair that fell in front of her face, and pushed it back behind her ear. 'And… She's the most admirable person I've ever known…'

He sat there, watching and admiring the person beside him. Silence filled the room until his watch sounded, 'Great…' he said in full sarcasm.

He quickly shut his watch off in order to avoid Syd from waking up. Sky then took a glance at his watch, 'five o'clock…' he thought.

Thinking that it was too early, Sky adjusted her position; lifting his arms away from her waist, then flatly laying her to the couch. She stirred, but didn't awaken from his actions.

The red ranger then placed his arms at the back of her legs, and at her shoulders. He held her firmly in his arms and then pushed his foot down.

He stood up carrying the sleeping blonde in his arms. And on queue, the pink ranger encircled her arms in his neck, and placed her head on his chest.

She mumbled something incoherent, and tightened her hold on him.

His smiled at her actions. "Let's get you back, Syd…" he softly whispered.

Sky and Bridge's Room; Sky, Syd, Nanoha…

The doors of Syd and Sky's room slid open, revealing a room where a sleeping Nanoha was in a medium sized bed.

Sky walked straight to the pink ranger's bed, and carefully laid her there. He then took her shoes off. Schyler then covered her with the blanket, up to her shoulders, and tucked her in.

He then leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead. Sky then withdrew and turned to Nanoha. He smiled when he saw Yuno sleeping on her stomach.

He leaned forward and also gave the nine year-old a peck at her forehead.

After that, he sat at the sides of his bed, and took his shoes off.

Dropping his shoes on the floor; the red ranger gave out a sigh and dropped his tired body under the covers. Yet, he smiled when thought of the way Syd looked when he was sleeping beside him.

Slowly, his eyelids became heavy… and pretty soon, he was caught by sleep.

Minutes Later; Nanoha, Syd and Sky…

The sun crept to the covers of Takamachi Nanoha. It blinded her eyes even if hers was closed.

By this, she began to stir. "Mm… Five more minutes…" the mage mumbled.

Feeling the blinding light shine her lids, Nanoha awoke in a not-so-good manner. She groggily sat straight upright and studied her surroundings. Her two new friends were asleep in their beds.

A smile formed on her face, 'I know!' she triumphantly thought.

"Psst… Yuno-kun…" Nanoha whispered.

The ferret stirred and mumbled incoherently. He then opened his eyes and saw Nanoha's face.

His eyes widened in shock, "Wah!" he shouted.

"Sh!" Nanoha told him while placing her index finger on her kips.

'Sorry…' the archeologist communicated.

Nanoha giggled, "Its okay, Yuno-kun!"

'So… Why'd you wake me up?' he asked.

"Oh yeah… Yuno-kun… let's cook them breakfast!" he whispered a little loudly.

Both rangers stirred but didn't awaken.

'Whatever you say…' he said dryly.

"Okay!" she yelled, but quickly covered her mouth with her palms.

"I'm gonna make it a surprise for them!" she whispered softly.

Slowly, he picked Yuno from her stomach and placed him on top of her pillow. She then stood up, jumped to her slippers and hastily exited the room with a smile plastered on her face.

Cafeteria; Nanoha, Hayate, Shamal…

On her way to the cafeteria, Nanoha met up with Hayate and Shamal, who in turn was also planning to prepare breakfast.

They three girls entered the room, finding it to be empty. They glanced at the clock that read five forty-five o'clock in the morning.

Hayate turned to Nanoha, "Nanoha-chan…" she said.

Nanoha looked at her direction, "Hm?"

"What're you gonna cook?" she asked.

"Its… Its… Its… I don't know…" she said with a nervous laugh and a scratch at her nape. 'That's right… What am I gonna cook?' she thought while placing an index finger at her forehead.

"Hm…" she said lost in thought. She then opened her eyes and squealed "I know! I'll make my super duper mega hyper special pancakes!"

She ran to the counter and gathered everything she needed. Hayate and Shamal shook their hands with grins forming on their faces.

"Shall we go, Master?" Shamal asked as she looked at Hayate.

The Book of Darkness mistress nodded her head, "Okay!"

They walked towards Nanoha who was now whisking her batter.

'Shamal-san… I think it's best if we don't tell her what happened yesterday at the warehouse.' She said mentally.

Shamal nodded and went to gather their ingredients, 'Okay…'

Nanoha was now looking through the cupboard, "Hey, Hayate-chan… Where were you yesterday?"

Hayate tensed a little, "Uh… we were… just inside our room," she said ij a rising intonation. "We were inside our room!" she repeated.

Nanoha shrugged and pulled a wide skillet. "This outta do it!" She then places it on the stove and turned on the burner.

Sky and Bridge's Room; Syd and Sky…

Sydney Drew stirred in her bed. She was waking up. She opened her eyes and sat up. He looked at the others' bed, and saw the only one sleeping was Yuno, Nanoha's pet ferret.

She then turned to the red range's bed, and saw no red ranger there. She then heard the bathroom door slid open.

She turned to the door and saw Sky in his red shirt and baggy, checkered pajamas. And to her, he was looking… marvelous! 'Wait… where did that come from?'

She shrugged her thought, and smiled at him, "Mmmmorrningg, Sky" she said while stretching.

He smiled back at her, "Morning to you too…"

Syd swung her legs to her bed's sides and stood up, placing her pink fluffy slippers. "I'm gonna go use the bathroom… Be right back!"

Sky nodded, "Sure…"

A minute later, Syd came out fresher than earlier, "Ready for breakfast?" she asked to hum.

"Sure!" he said. They turned towards the exit. Syd clung onto Sky's arm.

Sky tensed at her actions but didn't mind her doing that. They quietly exited the room.

Throughout the entire way, silence reigned supreme, 'What is wrong with me?' Syd asked to herself. 'Why can't I say a single word?'

'Face it sister, your-' an inner voice spoke but was cut off by her saying; 'Another word and you're flying straight to the moon… literally!'

'Okay… okay… fine… I'll shut up!' the inner voice surrendered.

'Good…' she thought.

She then centered what was presently happening, she was clinging onto Sky. Sky's big, hard, strong arms. She blushed when Sky bent the arms where clinging at. She felt hot all over, "Stupid heater!" she said softly.

Sky looked at her, "Excuse me, Syd. Were you saying anything?" he asked.

"No… no… I'm fine…" she assured him.

Sky eyed her with curios eyes, "You sure? I mean you looked a little… red…" he said as he placed a hand at her forehead.

Syd took his hand and shook her hand, "Sky… I'm really fine!" she then clasped their hands and pulled Sky. "C'mon Sky… I'm getting hungry!"

Sky was caught unprepared, making him limp. "Okay… Just… slow down a little bit…" he saud while tugging his hand.

Syd looked at their clasped hands, then to him, then blushed. "Okay…" she looked down to the floor, extremely embarrassed.

She quickly got her composure back. "C'mon Sky…" she said.

They walked less tensed now towards the cafeteria.

Cafeteria; Sky, Syd, Nanoha, Hayate, Shamal…

The rangers entered the cafeteria hand in hand. A aromatic smell filled the room. "Do you smell that?" both asked in unison, making them look at each other.

Their eyes met, and at an instant, both rangers stared at each other's eyes. 'His/Her eyes…, they thought.

Nanoha popped her head from the door frame and found her friends lost in each other's gazes.

She giggled, making Syd and Sky's reverie to be broken.

They turned to Nanoha, "What's funny?" they said in unison. They averted their gazes back to themselves. They smiled briefly, but quickly changed it to a firm one as they turned to Nanoha.

"You guys have that look on each other… again…" she said smiling.

"I don't have that look…" they defended at the same time… again.

Nanoha giggled, "See, I told you…"

"Whatever…" they mumbled incoherently.

"So… What are you doing here so early?" Syd asked while placing a hand on her hip and shifting her weight on her right leg.

Nanoha cocked an eyebrow, "Me? Oh… That… Well," she stepped from the door frame. Both noticed Nanoha was wearing a pink frilly apron.

"Hey, that's mine!" Syd told her, while pointing a finger at her.

"Yours?" Nanoha asked in wonder. She grabbed the hem of the apron and stretched it in front of her. "I'm sorry… May I borrow it? 'Sides I think that this wouldn't fit you… It too small for you…" she said.

Nanoha walked to over their direction. She grabbed their hands and guided them to a table; a table full of breakfast.

"Wow! Janneau… You cooked all this?" Sky asked, marveling at the table set.

"Yeah… did you cook all this?" Syd said without looking at her. The table was filled with breakfast; the bacon still sizzled, the eggs were perfect and a huge pile of pancakes mount high and proud.

Nanoha laughed nervously, while placing an arm at the back of her head. "Y-no…" she said. "Hayate-chan and Shamal-san helped me prepare it… I just cooked the food."

Both rangers nodded. "Well what're you guys waiting for?" Nanoha said. She grabbed their hands and led them to a table by the see-through glass wall.

The table was simple yet striking. The table had a checkered tablecloth, the utensils were neatly arranged, and a blue translucent urn served as the centerpiece. The morning also had an effect to the atmosphere; the sun was still coming up from its slumber causing an array of colors to the once night sky.

"Guys…" Nanoha whined, "Sit down!" she ordered.

They smiled at her and obediently obeyed. They sat down on the table. Nanoha smiled at them; "I'll be right back!" she told them.

The mage turned around and walked towards the buffet.

The rangers looked at each other and grinned, "She's soo adorable!" Syd squealed at Sky. The red ranger just nodded.

The pink ranger leaned forward, "Hey, Sky…" she whispered.

Sky leaned forward, "Yeah Syd…"

She gave him a genuine smile, "Thanks…"

Sky cocked an eyebrow, "Thanks for what?"

She rolled her eyes, "Oh, you know… just thanks…" she replied, leaning back to the chair.

Sky just shrugged and looked out on the window.

"I swear… sometimes, he can be sooo thick!' she thought. But she smiled, 'well, that's one of the things I like about him…'

Nanoha came back to them, holding a serving tray, "He's your order, sir, ma'am…" she joked. She carefully placed three plates full of breakfast onto their tables, and sat on the empty spot on the middle. "Well c'mon, let's eat!" she said.

The child clapped her hand three times, folded her hands and yelled, "Itadakimasu!"

Both rangers smiled an began to eat breakfast.

Spare Room; Chrono…

As the early morning sunshine rose up to the sky, a TSAB officer was wide awake, typing furiously on the keyboard.

"C'mon… There's got to be something there…" he groaned loudly.

He brushed his disheveled hair, as he scrolled down through his computer.

He smiled when something popped up from his computer, "I've got it!" he yelled in glee.

He stood up and began to walk toward the exit.

The computer screen showed a code. And said, 'downloading file on archive on file TOMMOROW'S YESTERDAY'

Notes: Phew! Finally got this finished… You know what… It took me a whole week to decide whether or not I would do the cafeteria scene… But at least I finished it!

You know… I felt that I had to drop the monster idea for this chapter… because it was too early for it… I think. Oh yeah…

Nanoha-verse Terminology:

Triangle Shield

Works like a powerful shield that can withstand a prolonged attack it can only guard in one direction. It appears well, like a triangle…


I just created it… I mean… It is purely fictional…What you've read above is what it looks like… No harm in that…

Tank Barrier

Creates a domed shield that protects against everything in the casters field of vision, but fails to protect against attacks coming from behind. It is sort of like a diamond… and as always, the color of it depends on the caster's magic color.

The spell that Shamal used doesn't have a name… But I'll describe it anyways…

Her spell is a restorative spell that cure fatigue, health and stress… however… she couldn't heal illnesses and diseases.