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Chapter 2- Life Goes On

Five years had come and gone since her sole purpose for life was taken away for her. Now at the age of fifteen, Helga was just as bitter as ever. And her love for Arnold, buried deeper than ever before.

She lay on her stomach on her bed, staring blankly at her locket. She felt so numb. So empty and drained of life. Kissing the picture tenderly, she sighed as she stuffed it underneath her pillow. It wasn't her usual dreamy sigh, but a weary half-hearted one. She then looked down at the blank piece of paper in front of her for a few moments. Grabbing her pen, she began to scribble down anything that came to mind.

Dear Arnold,

How's it goin Football-head? Or should I say Jungle boy. I got all your letters. You're probably wondering why I haven't responded. Then again, I'd say you know me well enough to know I wouldn't write back in the first place. Don't get any idea's just because I'm writing now, Arnoldo. I just happen to be bored, okay? Don't get all mushy on me.

I guess I could say a lot about how everyone's changed and how great High school is. But that would be a load of bull. Hardly anyone's changed at all, least of all me. And high school blows. It's every bit as miserable as I thought it would be. Besides, I figure you're all caught up in everyone's lives anyways. I know you still give all these clueless buffoons advice. Every time someone has a problem, your name is eventually mentioned. They wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for your endless optimism and advice. Talk about pathetic.

Take today for instance; Princess Rhonda Wellington Lloyd ran to the nurses office in tears and ended up leaving early because some idiot squirted ketchup on her new vintage blouse. Clothes aren't that important. Besides, hasn't she ever heard of stain remover? I bet she called you right up, waterworks and all thinking she'd lost all respect from everyone. What a sap.

And Eugene. Criminey, I'm surprised he isn't dead by now. He's out of school for six weeks. Can you guess why? Well, turns out he was in the park feeding the wild geese, fell in the water, and Harold threw bread crumbs all over him. I think you can figure out the rest. Who knew wild birds favorite snack was breaded geeks? It was actually quite entertaining to watch. Its just a shame I didn't have popcorn handy.

As for Gerald and Phoebe, I've never seen two people more obvious then them. Why they don't just make out and get it over with is beyond me. Everyone's know they've liked each other since fourth grade. As you probably know, they still aren't going out. I don't know what they're waiting for. You really outta work some of your optimistic charm on tall hair boy before someone snatches Pheebs right out from under his nose. She's been turning a lot of heads lately.

Since Lila is just "ever-so" considerate of your feelings, You probably didn't know she was going out with Stinky. Who would have seen that one coming? I sure didn't. They broke up a few weeks later. I never got the details, And I really don't give a crap anyways. They made a lousy couple and I nearly puked my guts out whenever they made out in the halls, so the break up was in everyone's best interest. I guess Lila has a thing for the dull and boring type.

I guess I'm the only person you aren't updated on. I'm not sure if anyone else has told you anything about me; besides, "Helga's still a vicious bully." No one really knows anything about me besides Phoebe. But I know she talks to you regularly. She's always telling me that you say hi.

Well, Olga's moved back home. She wants to become an "Actress." What a crock. That's all I need, Olga becoming the next Gwyneth Paltrow. Things around here are worse than ever with her back in the house. I seem to be even more of a burden. I swear, One day I'm going to get out of here. I'll pack my bags and let the wind take me somewhere peaceful. Somewhere I can be me and not be looked down on for not measuring up to my sisters standards.

In all seriousness, I really miss you Arnold. You're one of the few people who actually cared about me, and never gave up no matter how difficult I got. I never told you thank you for that. So... Thanks.

And, thanks for all the birthday and Christmas cards you've sent over the years. It really means a lot that you haven't forgotten me.

Love, Helga.

She stuffed the letter into the envelope without even overlooking it. She knew if she did, she would think it was dumb and toss it out. After writing Arnolds address and pounding on a stamp, she headed for the mail box. Big Bob could be heard shouting at the T.V as she walked down the stairs. She also caught a whiff of whatever the heck Olga was preparing for dinner that night. It never tasted as good as it smelled, and it didn't even smell that great. That was possibly from her lack of interest in everything, including food. She never had an appetite anymore.

She carelessly slammed the door behind her and trudged to the mail box. Her heart pounded harder the closer she got to it. She felt sweat begin to form on her forehead. When she finally reached the mail box, she stood in front of it for a long time. Her hand shook as she reluctantly placed it in the box.

Okay Helga ol' girl, She coached herself. It's in the mail box. Now walk away. Leave it there. You can do this, its just a stupid letter for cripes sake!

She turned away and began walking.

Okay, this isn't so bad. It's only Arnold, after all.

She smiled triumphantly and continued on her way. A second later she was racing back toward the mail box.

Only Arnold! Yeah right! This is hair boy we're talking about here! My love, my life, my everything! What if I put something stupid?! I don't need him thinking I'm some kind of doughnut hole!

She quickly removed her letter and stuffed it safely into her shirt.

"Phew! That was a close one." She said with a relived smile.

"Salutations Helga."

Helga violently spun around, coming face to face with her best friend.

"Criminey! What the heck were you tryin' to do?! Never sneak up on me like that again!" She screamed

"I'm sorry Helga." Phoebe said timidly. "I didn't intend to startle you. I was simply mailing a letter to Arnold. Were you sending him one too?" She asked hopefully.

Helga crossed her arms and turned away. "Yeah right. Like I'd really write the football-head a letter. Aren't you people over him yet?" She asked scornfully.

"He was our friend. Just because he moved away doesn't mean everyone's going to forget him." Phoebe answered as she slipped her letter into the mailbox.


Phoebe turned back around and looked at Helga suspiciously. "He would really like to hear from you Helga. He always inquires about your well being and says he extends his best wishes."

Helga snorted sarcastically. "He'd better knock it off, He's giving me bad luck."

"That's quite impossible." Phoebe reasoned. "He really misses you, and I know you miss him too. You go on pretending like it doesn't matter to you that he's gone. But I know you, Helga. I know it bothers you a whole lot more than you let on. I think it would bring you some piece of mind if you would just send a simple little note."

"I don't want to write to him, Phoebe." Helga responded through clenched teeth.

Phoebe was as sharp as ever. Just as she knew Helga was still harboring feelings for Arnold, she also knew when to back off. Nothing had changed about her through the years besides her looks, But even that wasn't too much different. She was taller, Although she was still petite. Her figure was slim, and blossoming nicely. She still wore her glasses, and her hair had grown out a little past her shoulders. She was very pretty, and had gained quite a number of admirers.

Helga, on the other hand, was nearly untouched. She was still tall, and thinned out a little more, especially in her waist. Her hips flared out perfectly, and her chest had filled out. No longer in a dress, she now wore a pair of jeans and a shirt that looked like her dress. She kept her unibrow, seeing no reason in going through the pain of plucking just to look like a Maybelline clone model. She kept her pigtails stubbornly, although instead of sticking straight out of her head, they were a little lower and slightly shorter. A blue hat sat on top of her head, completing her "unique" look and hiding the fact that she still wore her pink bow. Even though the bow was childish, she couldn't bear to part with it. Arnold had said he liked it, twice. So there it stayed, hidden from view.

"What were you doing out here?" Phoebe asked, wisely dropping the subject of Arnold.

"I was just... I was... taking a walk." Helga quickly made up. "Olga's cooking again and I thought I'd gag if I didn't get some fresh air."

"I find Olga's cooking quite enjoyable." Phoebe added.

"Puh-lease." Helga said with a scowl. "The only thing worse than the crap she makes is cafeteria lunches."

"You never even eat lunch." Phoebe pointed out.

"Which proves exactly how bad it is." Helga concluded.

"Okay Helga." Phoebe laughed slightly at her friends unbreakable stubbornness. "Your welcome to have dinner at my house. Mother's prepared a special casserole."

Helga's stomach churned at the thought of food. "No thanks Pheebs, I think I'll pass for tonight."

"The offer stands. I'd better get going. See you in class tomorrow." Phoebe said cheerfully as she walked away.

"Bye, Phoebe."

Helga turned back around and took the letter out of her shirt. She stared down at Arnolds name written neatly on the front and sighed tiredly.

"Maybe some day I wont be such a gutless worm."

She walked solemnly down the sidewalk to the boarding house. Standing on the opposite side of it, she watched a few lights flicker on. After Arnold and his Grandparents had left, Phil's twin sister Mitzi had agreed to be the manager of the boarding house, although refusing to actually live there. In turn, all the boarders were able to stay. Somehow, It just didn't seem special now that Arnold didn't lived there. It was just another run down building.

She sniffed and wiped her teary eyes. Retracing her steps to her house, she went straight back to her room. In a box in the back of her closet, she filed away the letter. It was just one among dozen she had written to Arnold, and was never able to send.

"Oh Arnold. Am I forever doomed to eternity without you? How long must I go without your sweet face? Every second with out you is torture, every moment apart I die a slow and uncanny death. For life without you is like life without water, without air. Until the day you return to me, my love, I shant breathe a breath at all."

Her tortured ramblings were disturbed by a knock on the door.

"Dinner will be ready in five minutes baby sister!" Olga squealed delightfully. "Wash up and come down. I made this especially for you!"

"Great." Helga mumbled beneath her breath. She sighed and leaned up against her closet wall, placing a hand to her growling stomach. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to chock down something."


To Be Continued...