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Chapter 11: "Pain in the Axel"

A single ornately decorated lamp was shining brightly in the dark room, the soft glow through the stained glass shade was just enough to illuminate the paperwork and the two books spread across the desk, but nothing else. It seemed quiet here, dark and silent, a welcome retreat to all the chaos that was going on elsewhere.

At the edge of the desk a black-gloved hand slowly ran long slender fingers along the smooth wooden edge as an unseen figure walked around the corner of the desk. The dark cloaked man came to a slow stop as the hand that had been previously sliding effortlessly across the surface of the desk rested on his hips. The mysterious looking man leaned backwards until a dreadful crack broke the silence of the room; followed by a grunt of discomfort. He then sat heavily in the chair; an audible sigh of pain escaped his lips as he slowly lowered his head onto the cool surface of the desk. The gentle fingers of light were finally able to reach out and caress his tired face and the long silver locks of hair that had fallen over his closed eyes.

Xemnas sighed again as he slid one of his black gloves off, allowing it to fall to the floor between his feet. The sound this time was more like the sound of blissful happiness for someone who was in desperate need of rest. The pained look in his features softened as he slowly tapped the lamp with his finger shutting off its warm glow with a mere touch before letting his hand fall limply to the desk. Darkness surrounded him as his breathing began to slow, slipping unawares into a slumber right there on his desk.

This was a short-lived release of course.

The room suddenly flooded with light, forcing an agitated grunt from the Superior as he scrunched his eyes tighter and stiffly lifted himself back into a sitting position his lower back already telling him he was an idiot for doing such a thing. "What..." He tried to speak but couldn't. He also tried to blink, forcing his eyes to adjust to the sudden blinding white walls of his office.

A tall Nobody stood in the doorway, his hand on the light switch, still staring at his Superior with wide horror stricken golden colored eyes. "I... I'm sorry, Sir, I didn't know you were trying to sleep..." Saïx sounded unusually startled.

"No... I wasn't. What is it?" Xemnas lied and then ushered the conversation along, trying to gather the shards of his dignity.

"I'm afraid we have a bit of a problem..." Saïx cleared his throat and stepped further into the room, only to be pushed forcefully the last couple of steps from behind.

"A BIT of a problem? Let's try a disgustingly HUGE pain in my backside." Marluxia snarled as he pushed past the much larger and stronger looking Nobody that stood in his way; marched up to Xemnas' desk and slamming a hand down on the surface to accentuate his irritation with the whole mess, "You have to do something about that... that... IDIOT that dares to call him self part of this Organization."
"If you are referring to Axel... I already know. Now, you may remove your hand from my desk." Xemnas stated bluntly.

"That's right, down boy." Larxene grunted as she grabbed Marluxia's bathrobe collar and pulled him away from the desk.

The tired sleep bubbles finally cleared from Xemnas' eyes as he eyed the group that now stood before him, his eye twitched as he took note of Marluxia's attire, "Marluxia... why are you dressed like a woman?"

Marluxia tensed, the heat rising to his cheeks turning them the same color as the bright red bathrobe he was wearing. His lip trembled slightly for just a second before his startled face distorted to anger as he readied to start up another rant.

A small hand shot up from nowhere, clamping down on his mouth and preventing him from making anything more than a muffled grunt, "It's a long story, Sir..." Larxene's lip curled into a sadistic grin.

"Actually, the reason we're here is to report that one of Vexen's experiments has been released and that Demyx has disappeared. It may be dangerous around here until we can safely secure the problem." Zexion's gentle voice echoed around the room, his hair was hiding most of his down turned face, while his left hand rested just over his left eye. To someone who didn't know better, it would have appeared that he was suffering from some sort of horrible migraine.

"I'll alert everyone about the creature in a moment, I suppose this has finally escalated to the point that I am forced to call a meeting. Thank you, Zexion. I need to..." Xemnas was suddenly interrupted once again by the Schemer, an occurrence that rarely ever took place.

"Actually, Sir, I was referring to Demyx..." With those words, the room suddenly fell to chilly silence.


A large empty space, shades of white and nothing else. No sound, no life it seemed; the only things that could be seen in the vast chamber were the tall throne-like seats of varying heights encircling the insignia of the Nobodies etched into the marble floor below. It was beautiful in it's uniformity, and yet, this room held a sort of foreboding dread. It was a solemn place used for councils that were not usually pleasant in any sense of that word.

In the middle of the floor stood a lone figure, a large blue Sitar clutched to his chest as though he were afraid it was going to push him away suddenly and then disappear. He never made a sound, just stared down at the symbol below his feet. His gloved thumb was idly stroking the neck of the instrument as he stared on beyond the floor; submerged in his own thoughts. He wasn't alone with his inner voice for long, though. The air in the room shifted slightly as a portal of darkness, vastly contrasting against the white stone, opened and closed behind the two Nobodies that stepped out into cold room.

Roxas was watching his own toes as he took a couple quiet steps before slowing to a stop. "You know we're caught don't you? Once the Superior finds out..." his voice was nearly as muted as the few steps he had taken out into the room.

"They can't prove it was us." Axel's voice was considerably softer than normal.

Roxas sighed, turning back to look at his friend; he pondered his next words before actually voicing them, "Axel… Think about it, they've caught us! There are five of them and possibly others that can back them up. It's their word against ours, and Zexion's in the group… who do you think Xemnas is going to believe? And then…" Roxas' voice trailed off as a guilt stricken expression flashed across his face, "and what about Demyx?"

Axel averted his gaze to the ground, anywhere but Roxas' eyes, "Aw, come on… It's Demyx. It's not like he'd hold a grudge, we can just smooth things over."

"You honestly think Demyx is going to be that understanding and forgiving, Axel? We made him think his Sitar was eating people, you know how touchy he is over that thing!" Roxas asked, knowing full well that he was starting to prick his companion's conscience.

"It's not my fault he jumped to that conclusion! He said it, I just went with it, got it…" Axel looked up, his words suddenly freezing in mid catch phrase.

Roxas glanced up into his friend's face; normally Axel wouldn't pass up any chance to use that line, but something had stopped him, drawing his gaze beyond Roxas. A sinking worried feeling pooled in the middle of the smallest Nobody's stomach as he turned, afraid that the others had already caught up with them.

Roxas turned; expecting the worst but instantly recognized their friend even from the back. He found himself wondering why his hair looked damp and out of place, normally Demyx wouldn't be caught dead looking like that. Yet right now the musician just looked so tired and so depressed, the complete opposite of what they had come to expect from his quirky personality.

There was a chilly silence that filled the room, a strange sort of suffocating tension hung in the air as Roxas took a couple of uneasy steps toward the Nobody. "Demyx… are you ok?" he was nearly startled by his own voice, it sounded so soft and quiet in this vast room, against this unnervingly odd pressure.

Demyx's head was bent downward over the neck of his Sitar his cheek pressed against it as he embraced it. The invasion of a gentle voice interrupted his inner thoughts, making his shoulders twitch in reflex. This small movement was enough to tell the young Nobody that he had been heard.
The Melodious Nocturne turned slowly pulling his face back from the Sitar in order to glance over his shoulder at Roxas. A strange sort of emptiness seemed to dull his light green eyes; his usually cheerful expression was absent, replaced with a vacant look of deep depression.

Axel smiled weakly and raised a hand in greeting, "Yo! Just the guy we were lookin' for..." judging from the look on the Melodious Nocturne's face, he had a lot of smoothing over to do.

Demyx turned slightly, still holding his beloved Sitar close to his chest with his left arm as he slowly held out his right hand, revealing the little black radio in his open palm. His strangely sad expression shifted as something truly frightening smoldered behind his aquamarine eyes.

"Ooooh boy." Roxas gulped, his gaze darting from Demyx back to Axel.

"Oh! Um, about that... Look, man, I didn't..." Axel scratched the back of his head sheepishly as he spoke, only to be cut off abruptly.

"Didn't think I'd catch on?" The musician finished the sentence, pausing for just a moment before he continued. "Oh, yes, of course... Demyx is too stupid to catch on." His voice cracked with the anger that was threatening to spill over at any moment.

"Demyx, nobody ever said that!! We don't think you're stupid..." Roxas started trying to calm the dark storm clouds he could see rising, but his attempts were interrupted by Axel.

"More like… highly gullible." Axel chuckled as Roxas slapped both hands over his face and groaned in defeat.

Demyx's eyes narrowed, his slender fingers curled in on the radio as it hissed and popped like water being poured over a heated metal plate. The casing cracked under the pressure sending sparks and steaming smoke into the air before he let the twisted box fall to the floor with a loud clank.

Without any warning a darkness portal opened beside the two dumbfounded Nobodies, Saïx stepped out just as Demyx let the small black box fall to the floor. The sound of the metal skidding to a stop just a few feet away from the enraged musician was the only noise that had been made at all, yet it was nearly deafening. Once again during this night, a startled look flashed across the Berserker's face as he took in the scene, "Demyx?"

More portals followed as more members of the organization appeared in the middle of this tense encounter. A meeting was about to be called, judging from all the Organization members that were suddenly appearing in the chamber.

Demyx glanced at the group out of the corner of his eye, darting from Saïx to Larxene for just a brief moment before he settled his gaze back on Axel. A strange feeling of relief had washed over him at the sight of the others, but his mind quickly told him that it was a stupid thought; they were never in danger in the first place. Anger soon took its hold on his mind once again, reminding him of all the things that had happened to him during the night; all the things that had been said to him. He clenched his teeth in determination; nothing was going to stop him from saying what he had to say now. "I… I thought my sitar had turned on me! People called me an idiot, and they wouldn't believe me. They even accused me of being a tweeker… laughed at me… ruined my hair… and all because of THAT!!" he pointed at the little box; his voice was small and shaky, but still laced with the pent up rage that was eating away at him.

Roxas raised his hand slowly in a comforting gesture as he took a step toward his friend, "Demyx…"

"I only have three words to say about all this..." Demyx stepped back, his tone was so unusually harsh; the sound sent a chill down the other Nobodies' spines and forced Roxas into a shocked stand still.

A distant look filled the Melodious Nocturne's eyes as his lips tightened into a thin line, his fingers tightened around the neck of the sitar as he held its sharp point outward toward the cause of all his pain and torment during this night. The stance was familiar, though rarely seen.

"Demyx... WAIT!!" their superior started to command a halt to what he knew was about to happen but it was too late, nothing could stop something this powerful. It would be like trying to stand against a mighty tsunami.

Demyx swung around, the black leather of his uniform snapped out behind him as he pulling his beloved Sitar around with him until it was positioned like a guitar. A song, a command that sounded more like melody broke through air, but this command had never seemed as threatening as it did now,


Meanwhile, some distance away, a little shadow heartless was sitting on the edge of Memory's Skyscraper. His little yellow eyes sparkled in the darkness as he looked up at the heart shaped moon hanging peacefully in the sky behind the castle. A little sigh escaped him somehow as he took in the peaceful scene. But it was a short-lived peace, without warning a torrent of water gushed from every opening and broken window in the castle, as the screams of twelve Organization members shattered the silence of the dark morning. It fell to the ground like a raging white waterfall, filling the dark streets below and turning them into a treacherous river. The little heartless jumped up; running from one side of the roof to the other as the water rose ever higher. Other heartless and Neo Shadows were gurgling and struggling to climb higher in order to escaped the waters of pure rage. And then, just as suddenly as it had begun, the water's from the castle slowed and began to trickle off.
The little heartless' stolen heart pounded as he suddenly plopped to a sitting position. His little yellow eyes wide with horror as he tried to fathom what exactly had caused such a terrifying event to take place.

Within the castle, fountains of water had erupted all around the Melodious Nocturne. Water clones had danced out from their creator; laying havoc upon everything they came in contact with. The display of sheer power over his element had been like nothing any of the other members of Organization XIII had ever seen. It had been fast and precise, yet the blind torrential fury knew neither friend nor enemy. All fell before the Melodious Nocturne and his song of destruction.

The flood levels began to fall slowly, Demyx stood in the middle of the waist deep waters unfazed by the torrents that had engulfed everything. He rather liked the feeling of being surrounded by water; it made him feel calm and delightfully content. A strange sort of blissful smile spread across his lips as he pulled his sitar up and hugged it again, rubbing his cheek against it affectionately, "I knew you couldn't do something that evil, Baby, I'll never doubt you again..."

There was a sudden sputtering and coughing as Axel broke the surface of the water and gasped for air. He stood hunched over, dripping wet with his bright crimson hair plastered down and sticking to his neck and across his forehead. He looked very much like a drown rat now as he stood in silence for a moment, looking down through his crimson hair at his soaked coat and then his slightly steaming gloves. His emerald eyes widened as the image of what he was about to look like flashed through his mind. Only once before had he been so completely soaked and unprepared, his hair had changed from the beautiful crimson spikes of perfection to wild and frizzy like a horrible perm gone wrong. Not to mention the crusty feeling his clothes were about to take on at any moment due to the fast drying powers he naturally possessed.

The strangely tranquil scene erupted with the sound of a strangled scream "I'M WET!! I HATE BEING WET!! DEMYX!!" Axel glanced around wildly until his gaze fell on the content musician. "YOU!! You're going to pay for this... I'm going to..." he was interrupted by Demyx sticking his tongue out at him and then a sudden stinging pain shot through his arm as Roxas emerged from the water like some sort of commando and landed a punch to his shoulder.

"YOU DESERVED THAT!!" Roxas' voice cracked as he yelled; he pulled his hand back and rubbed his throbbing fist, "Now, knock it off!"

"But... but... YOU KNOW WHAT I LOOK LIKE WITHOUT A HAIR DRYER!!" Axel cried hysterically, morning the loss of his spikes of hair.

"The honey... it's gone..." a different voice grabbed the attention of the trio. Marluxia was running his hands through his now silky clean hair amazed at how soft and normal it now felt.

"Hey! And the little heart is gone from your nose!" Larxene pointed at Zexion's face, then poked his nose, "Awwww... I miss it already..."

Zexion twitched and slapped her hands away, "I SAID DON'T TOUCH ME!!"

"Dude... that was just freaky... Where's my surf board when I need it?" Xigbar chuckled as he trudged and splashed past Demyx, slapping him on the back as he went by.

"You woke me for this?" Yet another deep voice echoed in the room as all eyes suddenly turned from Demyx to the toughest and strongest looking of the nobodies.

Lexaeus was standing in the now knee deep water, his light green PJs dripping wet and a soggy teddy bear dangling from his grasp. He reached up and pulled the soaking nightcap off his head as he turned to leave, "I'm going…"

"woooaah waitaminute Big Boy!" Larxene sloshed up to him, reaching out and pushing him to a stop, "What's with the bear? Don't tell me a big tough guy like you sleeps with a teddy bear…"

Lexaeus remained silent for a quite some time, just staring at her with tired and uncaring eyes. He finally sighed, "Mr. Snuffles doesn't like being made fun of…" He stated flatly as he hugged the bear defensively.

Luxord just sat in the water, looking around dazed and confused. He had woken up earlier that morning to run to the bathroom, noticed that more people were awake than usual and then simply went back to bed. He had no idea what was going, why a meeting had interrupted his 'beauty' sleep, or what in world had brought such a ferocious display from the usually docile Number Nine. His thoughts suddenly froze as frightening thought struck him; he suddenly splashed patting the pockets in his own pajamas until he hit a lump in his shirt pocket embroidered with a big 'L'. He fumbled and quickly fished out a pack of cards out of the pocket, "PHEW! Thought I lost them!" he chuckled, "Good thing I keep these babies in a air tight package!"

Saïx stood slowly, mentally he took note of how far Demyx had thrown him. He let a small smile twist across his face briefly as he stood watching the reactions coming from all his fellow organization members. Then he suddenly did something truly frightening; he burst into laughter right in front of everyone, "Well I guess Demyx set everything that was wrong back to normal."

Axel nervously glanced around the room, everyone was in such a good mood despite the damage, but he knew it wouldn't last long. He cleared his throat and then slowly started to back away towards the door, "Aw… happy, happy all is well… and on that note, I think I'll be going now..."

"Not so fast, Flurry..." A deep voice whispered close to his ear as Axel tried to make his escape.

Axel turned, coming eye to eye with the Superior. Axel Squeaked falling backwards into the water again and scuttling backwards to put some distance between himself and the source of his impending doom. "But... but... I didn't... They can't..." He stuttered and then fell silent when he backed against something.

Axel felt under the water, he was definitely sitting on someone's feet now. He nervously glanced up; Aquamarine eyes sparkled mischievously back down at him as a twisted little smirk worked it's way across Demyx's face.

Roxas inched closer to Demyx, "Kick him... " Roxas leaned to the side and whispered at him.

Axel shot Roxas a death glare, opening his mouth to pop off with something really harsh, only to be interrupted by the Superior.

Xemnas rubbed his forehead and then pushed his damp silver hair back out of his face, "Demyx... are you perfectly sane now?"

"Yup..." Demyx answered as he hugged his Sitar tighter, smiling as he considered doing just what Roxas had suggested a moment ago.

"Good... Due to the fact that Demyx was driven to this madness by your silly little 'game' I will pardon all damage that was done. And since it seems to have set most of the other issues you all have with Axel right, we will consider this fair punishment." Xemnas glanced around the room, stopping on Zexion for a second.

A strange irritated look had flashed across the Cloaked Schemer's face, but it faded as quickly as it had appeared. "Does anyone have a problem with this?" Xemnas asked, eyes on the Schemer.

Zexion never made a sound, he never argued with the Superior so he just looked away as all the others nodded in agreement.

"Well then, there is only one thing left." Xemnas' expression suddenly shifted from the stern almost unconcerned look to a considerably more irritated one. "I do not care about anything but this..." his voice suddenly had more bite to it now as he reached into his coat and pulled out a small object, an empty sticky Honey Bear rested in his palm. "Who... Is... Responsible... For... This?

All eyes fell on the little bear; bewilderment on all faces but one. Roxas' eyes widened with shock, his lip started to tremble as the memory suddenly came back to him.

"It must have come from Axel..." Marluxia finally broke the silence that had fallen, drawing Xemnas' frightening gaze upon himself.

"ME? Hey, I've been pardoned buddy so don't go trying to stir things up again!" Axel snarled as he jumped up, water dripping from his coat once again.
"Well you're the one that put HONEY in my shampoo! Obviously that little demonic thing is YOURS..." Marluxia snapped as he twirled around to face his 'enemy'.

"What's the problem? It's just a plastic bear?" Larxene's expression twisted into confusion, ignoring the fight that was on the edge of breaking out.

"Aw, Dude, it was SO funny! It was like something out of the three stooges, I kid you not!" Xigbar started laughing, barely able to continue the story, "We were at the Altar of Naught and this bear came flying out the window… BAM!! Hit Xemnas square in the middle of the forehead, knocked him backwards, and then he STEPPED on it and fell down, like, every flight of stairs in the castle." he paused, still chuckling as he glanced at Xemnas, "Dude, you so scream like a girl."

"I will shove this bear up your nose blunt end first if you do not shut up right now..." Xemnas stated through clenched teeth squeezing the bear around the neck until it's head expanded from the built up pressure.

Xigbar let out one last snort and then suddenly fell quiet, "Yessir…"

"I want to know who is responsible for this… this... flying bear… RIGHT NOW!" Xemnas eye twitched with anger.

Roxas breathing suddenly became erratic, his lip still trembling, as the silence all around him became deafening in his ears. He glanced nervously around at all the confused and silent Nobodies, inwardly wishing he could calm his nerves and act cool, but the heat in his cheeks refused to die down.

Demyx still held his sitar close, but the content smile had washed away again as he watched Roxas; guilt was written all over the smallest Nobody's panicked face. The musician glanced up at Axel; even from behind he could see that some inner turmoil was waging war within the other's mind but there wasn't going to be a conclusion any time soon. A faint sigh escaped him as he lowered his Sitar and looked up at the Superior just as his piercing glare was about to settle on the smallest of the Nobody's. Roxas was sure to be caught.

"It was me…" not one, but two voices rang out suddenly, drawing all eyes to the source of the voices.

Axel turned, nervously eyeing Demyx as the other did the same.

"What are you doing?" Axel whispered.

"Me? What are YOU doing? You just got pardoned…" Demyx whispered back.

Roxas' confused gaze darted between the two, and then fell on back on Xemnas who was now glaring at the three of them.
"Two culprits? Very interesting." Xemnas' eyebrow arched, "I guess I'm supposed to think that you, Demyx, took the time from all your running around and panicking to stop by the window and chuck a little bear at me? Or perhaps that Axel would actually be stupid enough to dispose of his guilt through a window, and then promptly confess to it after he had been pardoned for his previous stupidity? You don't honestly expect me to believe that?" He paused for a moment before continuing, "Obviously you're both protecting someone, and judging from how you three are USUALLY together… I think I'm pretty safe in assuming it was our dear little Keyblade Master."

"I… I… I didn't... I didn't mean to!!" Roxas stuttered as he began to hyperventilate; his mind began to envision the horrible terrifying ways he could die at the hands of the Superior.

"Would it help if I said I chucked it at him and it bounced off his head and fell out the window?" Axel smiled, scratching he back of his head sheepishly once again.

"No…" Xemnas stated, eye twitching with irritation.

"Sorry man, we tried but you're gonna die…" Axel sighed as he slapped Roxas on the shoulder. He glanced over at Demyx just in time to see the musician's face twist into scary irritation again.

"Really, Sir… We have something in far more dire need of attention than this…" Vexen's voice suddenly cut through the tension that was starting to build up between Xemnas and the three friends.

"Shoosh!" Xemnas held his index finger up to silence the Scientist.

"BUT… the Creature…"

"Shoosh!" Once again the scientist was silenced, "I consider myself a fair and reasonable man, but my lower back is telling me through the agonizing shooting pains that are now traveling up my spine and settling into the back of my neck that I CAN NOT be fair and reasonable at this time… Someone is going to pay for this!" He pointed at his hip, the origin of his pain, and then continued with his ranting, "And all three of you are starting to try my patience so unless you want me to revoke my previous pardons, I suggest the two of you remain SILENT…" He paused looking at Vexen, "That goes for you too…" He added before clearing his throat and passing judgment upon the youngest of the Nobodies. "Roxas, for your display of disregard by chucking this… bear... out of the window I order you to clean this castle from top to bottom starting with Xigbar's room…"

"SWEET!! Can I make him wear a little French Maid outfit!? CAN I!?" Xigbar gleamed evilly at the thought of being able to humiliate the little monkey that had bit him earlier.

"What? I don't know… NO! This is a punishment not a humiliation." Xemnas rubbed the bridge of his nose as a small headache began to take over his brain.
"Aw, COME ON! HE BIT ME!!" Xigbar whined.

"FINE!! Whatever… and you will wear a French maid outfit while doing so…" Xemnas sighed.

"WHAT?! NO! I can't dress like a chick… again…"Roxas paused as a frightening thought suddenly hit him, "Does that mean I have to clean…" Roxas was horror stricken, his thoughts suddenly falling on one Nobody he had NEVER wanted to let see something as humiliating as that.

"The blonde little artist chick's room too! YES!! MWA HA HA HAAAA!!" Xigbar laughed.

"NOOOOOO!!" Roxas screeched in horror at the thought.

"And you will also have to clean the third floor bathroom…" Xemnas added.

"EEW! That's the one that hasn't been cleaned in ages!" Larxene wrinkled her nose, "And strangely people still use it… You guys are pigs… you know that? Pigs…"

"If I may continue without further interruptions…" Xemnas paused long enough to confirm that all would be silent. "That is the punishment for your disregard for your fellow Nobodies, unless I happen to state otherwise… or by some freak accident I just happen to forget this whole miserable nightmare of a night… which I doubt will ever HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

All the organization looked up at the Superior, each with a look of bewilderment at his sudden shriek. Xemnas' expression suddenly shifted from stern to shocked to pain in just a matter of seconds. "Something… is biting me..." he grimaced as he turned to the side, looking behind him as much as he could.

The nasty horrible little experiment was dangling by its teeth, which had ripped through the black leather of his uniform and were now sunk securely into the soft flesh of Xemnas' behind.

"That would be my experiment that I was trying to warn you about, Sir…" Vexen sighed.

Demyx snorted, "Well at least it wasn't me this time..." he whispered just loud enough for Axel and Roxas to hear.

"Please, tell me that this… this… thing… is NOT poisonous and about to kill me…" Xemnas painfully growled through clenched teeth.

"Of course it's not going to kill you, heh heh." Vexen chuckled nervously before turning and whispering to Zexion, "It's going to put him into a temporary death like coma and then he'll wake up with a horrendous hangover and memory loss and proceed to vomit his insides out for the next week."
"What was that?" Xemnas suddenly got worried, "I heard Coma? And hangover…What… did… y.y…yy …eeeww" the superior suddenly passed out falling forward with the creature still clinging to his backside.

"TO THE INFIRMARY!!" Vexen called out as though he were Batman looking for the Batmobile.

With out a word Lexaeus shoved his teddy bear down his shirt like a kangaroo so it dangled its front arms and head out like little Joey. Quickly running up to the fallen Superior, picking him up, and tossing him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Quickly, my good man, before the acids in its saliva begin to eat away at the flesh…" Vexen stated as they disappeared into a portal.

"DUDE!! Does this mean I can call him SCAR BUTT?! Sweeeeeet!" Xigbar giggled like a schoolgirl as an evil glint sparkled in his eye.

Marluxia stood slack jawed, slowly he shook his head and then looked over at Larxene, "That… could have been ME earlier! What if that had happened to me?!"

"Oh calm down, ya big baby…" Larxene snorted, walking over and patting him on the cheek, "maybe some French Toast will make it all better, eh?"

Marluxia went from trembling and crying with the fear of what MIGHT have happened to him, to sudden interest in what was said, "French toast? Ooh, I'm coming with you!!"

Roxas watched in dismay as the Organization members began to trickle out of the room one by one. He sighed, "What am I going to do now?"

Demyx reached out and patted Roxas on the shoulder, "I could clean Namine's room if you want, we'll just not say anything about who actually did what."

"Aw, well isn't that sweet, Demyx forgives us and is willing to help you out." Axel chuckled but it quickly faded when Demyx shot him another death glare.

"Vexen said something about memory loss." Zexion stated when he heard the offer, then turned to face the Trio, "Depending on how much he remembers and if anyone says anything… I think you just got off the hook, Roxas."

Roxas' eyes widened as the words sunk in, "Wait... you mean he may not remember about the bear or the punishment?"

"I doubt it." Zexion answered.

"And the pain from the injuries could be associated with the bite, not falling down a flight of stairs." Saïx's voice called from behind Zexion as he joined the conversation.
"So the only one that cares enough to remind Xemnas of the punishment would be Xigbar, and I seriously doubt the Superior will listen to the likes of him." The Cloaked Schemer smirked.

"So if you three know what's good for you, I say get out of here and act normal." Saïx added before opening a darkness portal and disappearing from their sight.

"Well we just got pardoned again! Let's be off before something else goes wrong…" Axel nervously smiled as he pushed Demyx and Roxas along.

"Roxas, wait… there's something I want to ask you about." Zexion called before the three could disappear into the portal.

Roxas stopped watching his two friends disappear into darkness before he turned and walked back to Zexion, "What is it?"

"Well…." Zexion smiled faintly.


There was a dense pressure in the hallway, its weight pushed into the room as the Melodious Nocturne stomped inside, slamming his bedroom door behind him only to have it bounce off the Nobody that was following closely on his heels.

"Aw, come on… I didn't mean it Demyx, honestly." Axel caught the door before it could smash his face in. He stepped inside shaking his stinging hand as he continued his plea, "I was just messing with you. I didn't know that you were going to be that g… I mean that it would blow up like that and get all outta hand."

"I'm not going to forgive you that easily… Roxas is right, you're a jerk!" Demyx turned away, nose in the air as he pouted.

Axel stopped in the middle of the room staring at Demyx; his bewildered look suddenly shifted, "I get it now! You're just MAD!"

Demyx twitched as he laid his Sitar down on its stand, his attention suddenly focused on the Nobody across the room, "Well Duh! Did you think of that one on your own or did Roxas have to help you with that?"

"Nice…" Axel chuckled, a genuine grin flashed across his face. "I knew you could get a sharp tongue when you wanted to." He snickered as he continued to explain, "but that's not what I meant. You're mad because we didn't include you!"

"I what? Nuh-uh!" Demyx huffed and turned away again.

"How bout this, I promise that next time we plan something, you can come with us." Axel smirked evilly.
"Next time? Haven't you learned anythi…" Demyx paused, as he turned back, startled at the sudden close proximity of his friend and the red flask that was now shoved under his nose. "What's that?"

"I don't know, but it might be fun to find out." Axel winked, fingering the red glass "Right, Roxas?" he turned looking back at the small Nobody that was standing in the doorway.

"Yeah, whatever." Roxas grunted.

"Aw, lighten up! Everything is fine now." Axel sighed, "We got away with some great pranks, we were pardoned without too much pain, I mean my hair is a royal nasty mess now but that's fixable" Axel fingered a lock of frizzy crimson hair that had fallen before his eyes, "and Demyx finally got vent some of that pent up frustration." He elbowed the musician.

"Don't touch me, I'm still mad at you." Demyx glowered as he unzipped his coat and shrugged it off his shoulders, tugging at the white tank top that was now sticking to him from the previous drenching. "And get out of my room, I'm tired." He tried to growl, but threatening noises didn't normally sound so threatening from the Melodious Nocturne. He ran his hand over his soaked coat; the water seemed to be drawn from the black leather like material, gathering into ball before his palm where he promptly tossed it aside to splash against the white marble floor.

"Aw come on, how can you be tired after all that excitement?!" A stupid yet mischievous grin ran across the red head's face as he spoke, "I must admit that was pretty intense. You really know how to put the fear in people, Man." Axel chuckled.

Demyx scratched the back of his head, a slight embarrassed blush streaked across his cheeks, "Well…" the musician smiled as he opened his closet to hang up his now perfectly dry coat. There was a moment of silence as he stared into the dark cramped space he slowly glanced at Roxas and then back into the closet. Something was there, something that shouldn't be there.

"I must point out though… You said you only had three words to say. Dance, Water, Dance is actually only two words, one being repeated. But I suppose that could slide…" Roxas interjected, catching Demyx with his eyes.

The Melodious Nocturne's face suddenly drained of all color for just a brief moment as he stared at the little Nobody that had just spoken to him. He instantly knew the truth, that being was not Roxas. Roxas just didn't make observations like that, and no matter how crabby the boy could get, he NEVER had that kind of chill to his words.

"Hmmm... yeah I guess that's true..." a confused look flashed across Axel's face for a moment.

Demyx glanced at Axel for a brief moment, inwardly wondering how Axel could be fooled so easily. His gaze then went back to the 'thing' that was sitting tied and gagged in his closet. "Um…" A thought hit him; this Nobody was intentionally letting him know. He wanted to get Demyx out of the way.

An evil glint flashed in Roxas' eyes as he stepped out of the doorway, nodding for Demyx to make his exit out the door quickly.

"I gotta go… I, uh, left… the water running in my bathtub." He stuttered as he threw his coat over some strange object in his closet and then clumsily gathered it up before stumbling for his bedroom door. His awkwardly pouffy coat tucked under one arm like a sack of flour; a strange looking cord was trailing behind him as he fumbled with the doorknob.

"What? The entire castle is water damaged? You think a little tub water is going to make THAT big of a difference? And isn't your bathroom right… " The door slammed behind the musician, cutting Axel off before he could finish his little observation. Axel snorted and then looked back at Roxas, "What got into him? And what was that? It looked like he was toting a body out of here…"

"Hmmm, whatever could it have been? Perhaps, he saw a ghost, or he has skeletons in the closet maybe? Or perhaps…" Roxas' blank expression finally shifted to that of an evil little smirk, his dark blue eyes sparkled with amusement "he was smart…"

A strange chill ran down Axel's spine as he realized something was amiss. This was not his little buddy, and this was not the sort of situation he favored. "Aaaah I know that voice… and those chilly dark eyes…" The taller Nobody chuckled nervously, "Wow, you're good. You almost have that Roxas illusion down to the point that even I can't tell…" He chuckled then suddenly turned for the door, "and I think I'll be going now…"

Axel had turned to beat a hasty retreat only to come face to face with Zexion, "What the.. where... You were…" he glanced behind him where the Roxas look-alike had been.

"Yes, yes I'm amazing… and you… you're going to pay for what you did to my face." Zexion snarled.

Meanwhile in the hallway, Demyx was leaning slightly over the unknown lump of whatever he had dragged out of his closet. He carefully pulled a string here and gave a careful tug there as his coat and a massive amount of cording slipped away and gathered at the bare feet of the true Roxas.

The youngest nobody blinked a couple times, still stunned by what had happened. His confused gaze locked with Demyx's for a moment before he was finally able to find his voice. "I don't know what happened… One minute I was talking to Zexion and then the next thing I knew I was tied and gagged and sitting there in your closet…" his panicked breathing finally began to steady as he looked around, his senses returning ever so slowly.

"I think…" Demyx started to speak, but an ear-shattering scream silenced his words.
Both of them stared at the closed door for a moment, "I think Axel is getting his comeuppance…" Demyx finally whispered.

"Zexion?" Roxas asked, the pieces finally coming together in his mind.

"Yeah…" Demyx nodded; then he slowly glanced at his small companion, "Should we… help him? I mean, Zexy is going to beat his face in with a big book I think."

They both stood silent for what seemed like an eternity of deep thought; listening to the battle being waged on the other side of the door. Suddenly they both broke the silence, "Naaaaaaah!" they vocally agreed in unison.

Roxas scratched his head, ruffling up his already horribly mussed hair; yawning as he did so, "I'm hungry… Let's go."

"Okies!" Demyx chirped happily as he started to follow the Key Bearer down the hallway, leaving Axel to fend for himself against the unseen horrors of the Cloaked Schemer. He slowed after a couple steps, glancing back at his door while an evil little smirk twisted across his lips, "That's what you get... for being such a pain in the axel..."

Pain in the Axel: The End

So here I thank you, dear readers, for witnessing this tale of torment and evil as it now comes to a strange and convenient end. The innocent are freed and the evils that have been visited upon them have come back full circle. But still some things remain unknown, still some questions unanswered. What will become of the crimson elixir, what is it's meaning? What is its purpose? And what sort of evils will this small and innocent looking flask bring at the hands of the beloved Trio? And what became of the creature now attached do Xemnas' backside? Only a sequel can answer these questions.

Please Look forward to "Dyme and the Dozen"!