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Chapter 10: Sumina Meegan Ynna Rendella?

The brunette, the purplenette and the bluenette stared wordlessly at the newborn child sitting on the table, gazing up at them cutely as if having been born out of an egg and now having a gigantic tail wrapped around her legs was perfectly natural.

"This daughter?" Sariell whispered at last, picking up the small blue-green haired girl and staring at her in wonder. Cell and I...made something like this...?

"Squee~!" The little girl squeaked happily, poking her mother in the nose and beaming a massive, somewhat familiar dorky grin.

"What's squee supposed to mean anyway?" Trunks wondered, scratching his head, baffled by the situation.

"Oh, Trunks, it's just baby noises. You were the same when you were her age; wandering around in your diapers, yabbering on about who knows what. I don't think any of it made an ounce of sense. Not to mention how many times your father told you to shut up." Bulma tsked, smiling innocently as the Saiyan boy flushed and replied indignantly mother!

She hunched down to get a closer look at the child, squealing with delight, "but oh my gosh, she is just so cute! To be honest, Sariell...when I thought part Saiyan, part android and aprt human, this wasn't what immediately sprung to mind. I thought it might be...well, a little less cute."

"Heh, I know what you mean. I was kinda worried when I heard she'd have a tail!" Sariell chuckled, gazing once again at the little girl in disbelief, "even now, it's still hard to imagine something like this was the result of...well, you know...but I'm a mother now?"

"I guess she is pretty cute." Trunks admitted begrudgingly, approaching warily and jerking in surprise as the small baby grabbed his finger and bit it playfully, "ow!"

"Oh geez. If that isn't taking after her father." Sariell burst into a fit of giggles, Trunks even manging to smile a little despite the pain of sharp little teeth, "anyway, have you thought about what you're going to name her?"

"I actually don't have the slightest clue. I never really thought about it!" Sariell blushed sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head at the looks she received, "I thought the pregnancy would be traumatic enough...but I don't know, I probably shouldn't pick a name without Cell being here..."

"I'm sure that, would be happy with whatever you name her, Sariell." Bulma tutted, shaking a finger, "besides, let's not forget who put in all the work here. Worse comes to worse, you guys can argue about it later!"

"Aha...ha..." Sariell laughed weakly, the woman continuing, "so? I'm interested to hear, what's the first name that pops into your head?"

She didn't answer at first, looking at the girl as she continually squealed squeeee excitedly and curled her green tail around her mother's face; my and Cell's child, really is amazing...

"Sumina." She spoke, looking up determinedly, "my daughter will be Sumina Rendella. And I don't care what Vegeta or anyone says, I'm glad Cell and I were able to have this child. She deserves the right to live just as anyone else, no matter what her biology is!"

"She certainly does." Bulma murmured, stroking the girl's unique colored hair gently, echoing, "Sumina. That's a pretty name for a pretty kid."

"Sari, Sumi and Cell." Trunks commented, his voice sounding far away, "has a nice ring to it..." Guess the odds just got lower of me having a chance...maybe I should just quit trying...

"Well, now that this is all over and done with, I have to go and help out Cell!" Sariell exclaimed, scooting off the table and immediately swooning and tumbling forward, Trunks quickly grabbing her steady, "Sariell, don't you think that's pushing it just a bit? !"

"He's right, even a normal woman after pregnancy would be in no condition to fight; and you just gave birth to an inhuman child! You need to rest!" Bulma agreed, placing a hand on the younger girl's shoulder in concern.

"Fighting or not, I have to go! I can't just sit around while Cell, Goku and the others could be in danger! Besides, he has a right to see his new daughter!" Sariell replied heatedly, glancing at Sumina in her arms, watching everyone with quiet but inquisitive eyes, "what do you think, Sumina? Should we go and see your father now?"

The girl said nothing verbally, but with a small, almost Cell-like smirk, the single thought floated through everyone's mind; ...yes.

"Definitely Cell's genes. She was just born, and she's already learnt her first word!" Bulma laughed.

"Through telepathy, no less...amazing." Trunks agreed, eyes wide, "makes you wonder what else she can do!"

"She is half an android. Or a quarter. I was never really good at maths." Sariell shrugged, ruffling the girl's hair affectionately, "daughter after my own heart. Then let's get going! Bulma, thanks for everything you've done for me so far - supporting me, helping me through the pregnancy...I'll definitely repay you one day!"

"Don't you worry about that. Just take care of yourselves out there, and that'll be enough." Bulma assured, looking to her son, "are you going with her?"

"Yeah, I'll go check things out. They could use my help, and it's not like I'm in the tournament here anyway." Trunks nodded, "but let me know how little Trunks goes in the tournament, okay mom?"

"Sure thing, hon." Bulma agreed, watching the three of them head out, "be careful, guys..."

With Cell and the others…

"Damn it, he's strong!" Picoclo growled, avoiding a blow to the face from Dabura.

"Ha, getting scared are you, Namekian?" Vegeta sneered, pulling his hands back and aiming his attack at the red skinned demon, "Galick Gun!"

"Don't push your luck, Vegeta." Piccolo huffed, wiping his brow as their enemy dodged the blow easily, "but all the same, I'm not sure if all together we can still beat this guy."

"It might be easier if a certain android would stop his girly sulking." Vegeta scoffed, gesturing a hand towards the silent Cell, who kept his magenta eyes on the frozen stone warrior; my greatest enemy, frozen by the hands of the demon lord…it is in my very core to want Goku destroyed…and while I've restrained on Sariell's behalf…why do I feel such remorse? Is it because it will upset her? Or is it…that I've truly grown fond of that Saiyan also? Even now, are my emotions still being affected…?

"Cell, snap out of it! We need you to work with us!" Piccolo shouted angrily, breaking into the android's thoughts, "we all regret what's happened, but if we don't concentrate and work together, we won't be able to reverse it! And we need Goku if we have any hope of stopping Babidi and his plans!"

Cell took a slow breath and exhaled, his now cold eyes meeting the yellowish ones of Dabura, "of course. I'm merely distracted by certain events...Sariell's departure, Goku's questionable strong as Dabura may be, losing is not an option. I refuse to believe the Goku that defeated my creator so easily, the Goku I fought in my Cell Games, can be defeated by the likes of this fool!"

He immediately lunged forward and punched Dabura in the chest, knocking him back; however, the effort did little but make the demon king smirk condescendingly, "is that really all you can do? Then it's as I thought. The ultimate life form is nothing more than a joke, compared to the strength of a demon king."

"No power can compare to my own! I am the perfect being! And I will not be mocked by a coward who has to resort to turning his opponents to stone to defeat them! I need no such techniques; and if I have to prove myself once again, then so be it!" Cell roared, raising two fingers to his head, "Piccolo!"

"Right!" Piccolo nodded, understanding immediately, following his lead and doing the same; after charging their attacks briefly, both warriors pointed at Dabura simultaneously and yelled, "Special Beam Cannon!"

"Laughable." Dabura shook his head, summoning a sword from seemingly thin air and in a single stroke, caused the beams to deflect and head in the other direction; before piccolo or cell had a chance to retaliate, he sped forward and thrust the sword through Cell's chest, slicing through both armour and flesh.

"Damn him, he's so fast!" Vegeta growled angrily, Piccolo snarling, "our attacks had virtually no effect at all! Is there any way he can be defeated? !"

"Ugh...I must be getting rusty. Obviously opponents aren't as weak s Frieza in the Other World..." Cell coughed, grunting a little at the pain of having the weapon lodged somewhere between his ribs; heh...not that I'd ever admit it out loud...but Dabura may just be stronger than myself...I'll certainly have some training to catch up on.

"We have to defeat Dabura quickly, you guys! Every second we waste fighting gives Babidi more time to revive Buu!" The Supreme Kai yelled, holding the fallen Kibito in his arms.

"That's all well and good...for someone on the sidelines." Cell muttered, twitching as the demon king smirked at his pain, "all three of you combined can't even compare to my strength. Even if you could get past me, you would all die facing my master and Buu. Surrender and die - it is your only option."

"Excuse me if I beg to differ!" Cell hissed, using his eyes to fire beams at Dabura, surprising him enough to jump back and dislodge the sword, just as Vegeta fired the Final Flash he'd been preparing, this time hitting the target head on.

"Your resistance is useless! If you fools continue to challenge me, I will have no mercy on any of you!" Dabura snarled, panting heavily as he pulled himself up, blood oozing down one side of his face; as he met Cell's eyes once again, he allowed a small smirk to cross his face at what he saw, "such raw anger and hatred, even while fighting for the side of good...this could be extremely useful for master Babidi. Just think of the energy..."

"Did you say something?" Cell asked sarcastically, raising a non-existent eyebrow as he lowered himself to the ground, "for someone who said that all of us together would lose against are certainly looking a lot more damaged than when we started. It would be almost too easy to kill you now..."

"And would you kill me? Or can you? You've only just returned to the world of the living...I doubt you even have the strength to kill alone, let alone me." Dabura sneered, laughing as the android jerked, eyes widening, "how do you...?"

"It really shouldn't be surprising Dabura already knows about you." Piccolo interrupted, dropping down beside him, "he is the demon king, and if the Supreme Kai already knew about Sariell, why shouldn't he?"

"I suppose that makes sense...and yet, I still don't like it." Cell crossed his arms, annoyed, "up until recently, I was the ultimate terror. While that may have changed to certain degrees, I can still kill someone if I have to. For what you've done to Goku, I can almost guarantee it."

"And yet I wonder, how that girl you were with would approve of that." Dabura chuckled, causing Cell to take a forward, narrowing his eyes, "and what is that supposed to mean? You may know my situation, but I assure know nothing of that girl."

"Perhaps not, though I know enough from what I sensed earlier. That girl is stronger than you." The demon lord smirked, making Vegeta chuckle under his breath, "huh, weaker than a woman. Pathetic."

"Vegeta, shut up. We're supposed to be on the same team here." Piccolo muttered, exasperated.

"...Even so, that hardly matters_" Cell started to argue, but Dabura cut across him, yellow eyes seeming to glow ominously, "yes, the energy we obtained from her will be extremely useful. If she returns, perhaps we could...borrow more."

Cell snapped, as the red-skinned demon knew he would, leaping forward and beginning a brutal assault, roaring, "you bastard! If you lay a single hand on Sariell, I will destroy all of you! You will not harm a single hair on her head, do you understand? ! I will erase you from this Earth before I would ever let that happen!"

The enemy only laughed, grabbing Cell by the leg and forcefully swinging him back to the ground; while Piccolo and Vegeta resumed the fight, Cell struggled to lift himself; I mustn't allow myself to be defeated! If I do...Goku will remain as stone, and Sariell...I will not let that wretched demon hurt Sariell in any way! I swore I'd never let something like that happen again...ever since the laboratory...

"Cell! Are you alright? !" A familiar voice cried; he looked up to see the woman in question standing over him, "...Sariell? You've returned?"

"I'm here too." Trunks added, making the android reply sarcastically, "fantastic. Now I feel so much better. Can you tell me why, pray tell, you were present at Sariell's pregnancy?"

"Uh...I was in the area..." Trunks coughed, feigning innocence, while Sariell shook her head impatiently, "never mind any of that, what's going on here? What happened since I left...?"

Cell pulled himself to his feet and glanced to side almost guiltily, "...Sariell, there's something I have to..."

"Daddy!" Sumina cut across him, jumping down from Sariell's arms and running to cling to Cell's leg; looking down at the newcomer in shock, he echoed, "daddy...?"

"Great. She can already say yes, daddy, and can walk on her own. You androids don't do things small, do you?" Sariell rolled her eyes, causing him to raise an eyebrow, "somehow, you managed to make that sentence sound rather innuendoish to my ears, dear Sariell."

"...Don't be gross." She commented, smacking him lightly on the arm, meeting his face with a soft smile, "...that's Sumina, Cell. Our child. I hope you don't mind that I named her..."

"Our child...?" Cell echoed in amazement, somewhat in shock as he picked up the small girl and stared at her quietly; never in all his years of being in both his imperfect and perfect forms, never in all his programming had he imagined fatherhood. With a tone full of uncertainty and wonder, he spoke, "...hello, Sumina."

"Hi, hi!" Sumina beamed, giggling happily, clapping her hands and hugging Cell's face, squeaking contently.

"That's so cute!" Sariell gushed, while Cell merely blushed slightly, placing a silver hand on the back of Sumina's head, remembering something about the importance of holding one's own spawn correctly, even enjoying the feeling of having the young girl in his arms, "I must say, the name seems fitting...excellent intuition as always, love. I never imagined something we would create together would be so perfect."

"Oh, my god. Please, stop saying that word all the time." Sariell snorted, watching as the girl proceeded to frown, rub her belly and squeak loudly, "I'm thinking she might be hungry. I haven't fed her or anything..."

"Hey! Is this really the time to play parenthood? !" Piccolo yelled, dodging Dabura's fist and sidestepping his attacks, "it's wonderful you had your child safely, Sariell, but we have a situation here!"

"Situation...that's right! What's going on?" Sariell demanded, looking around briefly and spotting the Supreme Kai and the fallen comrade, "Kibito! What happened to him, is he alright? !"

"I'm not too sure." The Supreme Kai admitted, slowly shaking his head, "I cannot feel a heartbeat, and I fear the worst."

"Kibito..." Sariell echoed sadly, holding a hand to her painful heart; I didn't know him at all besides his name, but if he hadn't healed me back at the tournament...he saved my daughter's life, and now he might be gone...?

"And what of Goku? I haven't seen him yet, where is he?" She wondered, once again looking around the area.

Cell jerked at the name, slowly lowering Sumina to the ground and meeting Sariell's eyes, before quickly looking away, "Sariell, I..."

"Thanks to your android, Kararot's been turned to stone!" Vegeta interjected mockingly, "which is why all of us right now are trying to fix his mistake!"

"Cell, is that true...?" Sariell exclaimed, horrified; wordlessly, Cell slowly pointed to the stone image of Goku, frozen in time with the dorky grin he always wore. The expression, worn while saving Cell, had been his last.

"Goku?" Sariell yelped, rushing over and staring at it in shock, " he dead? !"

"Turned to stone." The Supreme Kai corrected, "Dabura has the power to turn anything he spits on to stone. I warned Cell of the danger, and yet Goku got caught by it. However, if Dabura is defeated, Goku should be turned back to normal!"

"I'm sorry, Sariell." Cell replied softly, coming to her side, "...I never meant for this to happen."

"I know that, Cell." Sariell replied just as quietly, lowering her head as the tears came, "you and Goku never...well, Goku was starting to like you, but you didn't really get along with him...but you'd never want this to happen! Even if you were probably being too overconfident again, as you always are, I don't blame you. You were only trying to protect him, like I asked! But...but Goku, he..."

Whipping around, her furious, tear filled eyes met Dabura's, "he was the closest thing I had to family, and for what you've done to him, to Kibito...I will make you pay!"

"Sariell, you can't fight - in your state, you'd be wiped out!" Trunks protested, "let us fight him instead, you need to rest!"

"No, I won't! I don't care if my body is weakened, I want to deal with this personally! How dare he do this to Goku? !" Sariell roared, holding a hand over her eyes and her hair beginning to flash yellow and levitate slightly.

"Trunks is, regrettably, right for once, Sariell. You wouldn't be able to fight properly or think clearly in the state you're in. Let me handle this." Cell replied gently, wrapping his arms around her to calm her.

"Mommy...daddy..." Sumina murmured quietly, watching both of them embrace with sad eyes; looking around briefly, she spotted a wandering dinosaur not too far away, "ah!"

"Sumina?" Cell looked up and noticed her wandering off, narrowing his eyes, "what are you doing, girl? Come here."

"Food!" She squealed, her tail shooting out with deadly speed and accuracy, hitting the dinosaur dead on, both parents gasping in surprise as she began to absorb it, in similar fashion to Cell's first form.

"Cell, she's absorbing that dinosaur! How can she...did you know she could...?" Sariell gaped, stunned at what she was seeing. It seems like so long ago I first saw Cell absorb someone...I forgot how freaky that looks...

"It's theoretically possible, considering her android makeup and having a similar tail to my own, but..." Cell answered uneasily, eyes widening as Sumina now began to glow an eerie light green, "now that, I'm not so suer what that is about."

When the light eventually died, Sumina now looked quite a lot older, almost like a teenager, with long green hair that nearly reached her feet, half of it being bright blue with a pointy spike coming out of the top, wide dark green eyes, still a very light skin complexion and her tail had grown considerably longer. Also, somehow through the absorbing process, she had now acquired dark green pants and a light green top, with an over second top in similar fashion to Goku's, wite the words Seru written on the right side.

"Ah, I feel much better now! I thought the hunger was going to kill me!" Sumina exhaled, patting her stomach and beaming happily, "all full now~!"

"Sumina?" Cell and Sariell echoed in one voice, staring at her in pure shock with dropped jaws (which looked slightly more hilarious in Cell's case).

"This is making so little sense, I'm getting dizzy." Trunks added wryly.

"That's right!" Sumina exclaimed, flashing a peace sign before determinedly staring at Dabura with cold, green eyes, who was watching her closely despite fighting with Vegeta and Piccolo, "my name is Sumina Meegan Ynna Rendella! And any friend of my mom and dad's is a friend of mine! I may just be a newborn, but don't you worry, mom - for turning Goku to stone, I will be the one to defeat Dabura! You just watch~!"

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Next Time, on Dragon Ball Z: Sumina has grown up from a small, squeeing child to a ditzy, dorky teenager! However, will she be able to defeat Dabura like she says? What kind of fighting techniques will she use? Will Goku be restored to normal? Will Trunks proclaim his undying love for Sariell? Will Vegeta ever stop being such an asshole? And is that GOHAN?

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