Change in story line

-- I decided to put more of a twist to this. I know the age differences are different in the anime/manga than in this chapter, but that's because this is how I decided it to be. When Neji's dad is killed is going to be around the same time Itachi takes out the Uchiha clan. I had to change the ages to match up Neji's best friendess with Itachi and have Sasuke and Hinata meet at an early age . The reason for them meeting early will come later in the story.

"Neji-nii-san, where are we going?" Hinata asked. At the time, she was only seven and Neji was twelve. Though Neji was her cousin, she trusted him like a brother.

"I'm going to go meet up with Itachi-kun," Neji said. "And you're following me, which may make things difficult."

Hinata looked at her feet. "Nii-san, Itachi kind of…scares me."

"That's just you," Neji said. They continued walking in silence. Neji and Itachi met each other and Itachi was standing with Sasuke by his side.

"Who's that?" Hinata asked Neji, referring to Sasuke.

"That's Itachi-kun's younger brother. His name is Sasuke."

Hinata grabbed onto Neji's shirt and hid behind him, poking her head out a little to look at Sasuke. She blushed. Sasuke ran out to her and asked if she wanted to play tag. Hinata nodded and they ran off together.

"Finally!" Neji said as him and Itachi watched them run off. "She's finally off my back!"

Neji and Itachi went off to do…things they do…or something like that.

Hinata grabbed at her sides as she chased after Sasuke. She began to hurt from running, and so she came to a stop. Sasuke looked behind him and saw she had stopped and he came over to her. "Are you okay?" He asked.

Hinata nodded. "It just hurts a little bit."

"Nothing serious?"

Hinata shook her head. She then fell back and Sasuke sat by her. He put his bag on his lap and opened it. He pulled out two sandwiches and said, "One was supposed to be for Itachi-nii-san, but he left, so I guess it's all right to give you it."

Hinata smiled and nodded. "Thanks."

Sasuke smiled and Hinata smiled back.

A year passed and Hinata and Sasuke were the best of friends. None of them knew that their friendship was destined to end in this year.

One day, Hinata and Sasuke were hanging out at the academy together. Hinata looked to the other side of the room and saw a blond-haired kid sitting by himself. "Who's that?" Hinata asked Sasuke.

"Uzumaki Naruto."

"He looks lonely," Hinata observed.

"That's because he's got the kyuubi in him. Didn't you know that?"

"That's not a reason to exclude him from everything," Hinata said.

Sasuke leaned back and placed his hands behind his head. "Yeah. But that doesn't concern me."

"I'm going to go sit by him."

"Whatever," Sasuke said.

Hinata got up and sat by Naruto. At first, there wasn't any conversation. But after a while they began to talk. Sasuke forgot Hinata had gone off. He was about to talk to the air next to him when he opened his eyes and saw that she had left. Then it was that he suddenly felt lonely. He looked over at Hinata and Naruto. Hinata looked very happy.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was beginning to fill with hate. And when he came home from school, he found his whole clan dead.

Hinata, on the other hand was very happy talking to Naruto, and she began to have a crush on him. She was unaware that Sasuke was jealous. She wasn't aware of Itachi's plan to take out the whole Uchiha clan. That night, someone of another ninja village had tried kidnapping her. Her father was to pay the price, but her uncle stepped in and died instead. Neji began to grow a hateful relationship toward her.

Sasuke woke up from his dream. He forgot all about his and Hinata's past. And now that Naruto was gone, he remembered the feelings he had for her. And their lost friendship. "I'll get her tomorrow," He breathed, rolling over and going to sleep.

Hinata stayed in bed for an extra hour, thinking. Naruto-kun's…gone… She thought.

She got up and dressed herself. She then left her house, and by accident, ran into Sasuke. "Oh, Sasuke, I didn't know you were there," Hinata said.

Sasuke turned his head and said, "Uhh…Hinata…I wanted to know if…"


"Am I the only one who remembers from eight years ago?"

"Eight years ago…?"


"Wasn't that when your clan was annihilated?"

"Yes. Wasn't that also the year Neji began to hold his grudge against you?"

"No that I think about it…" Hinata answered. "Yes, it was!"

"Do you remember…being friends?"

"Not too much," Hinata said. "But for some reason, I kind of do remember, but I actually kind of don't…"

"That doesn't make any sense…" Sasuke said.

"I know. I think what I'm saying is that the thought is familiar, but I just don't remember."

"Well, we were friends. I remembered it last night. Neji and Itachi were best friends! We met when they were meeting up and…over the next year, we became best friends! Hinata, please remember!"

"Umm…I can't remember," She said.


"Sasuke, I have to go…" Hinata said. "I suddenly remembered that…umm…I have to go meet up with Ino! Yeah, that's it!" Hinata used as an excuse.

Sasuke stared back in disbelief. She barely even knows who Ino is. Man, she's bad at lying… He thought, as he watched Hinata run off.

Hinata continued running until she knew she was out of Sasuke's sight for sure – in an ally. She searched through the pockets on her jacket. Her hands closed around an item very precious to her and she lifted it out of the pocket. She leaned up against the wall, dangling the item in front of her.


The truth was that Hinata really did remember Sasuke. In the past, when they were close, he had been her childhood crush. But she felt that she had messed up their relationship by talking to Naruto.

Hinata slipped to the floor. "I can't believe he remember," She quietly said.

After I had started talking to Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun hadn't talked to me. I always thought he was mad at me for thinking I stopped being his friend to be Naruto-kun's. But soon after, I had learned that his clan had suffered. I hadn't ever talked to him after that because I didn't want to disturb him. But I hadn't talked to Naruto-kun either because that crush…became more than…a crush. Hinata remembered.

She looked up, feeling someone's presence. "G-Gaara-sama?"

"Why are you here?" He asked.

Hinata shook her head. "No, the real question is why you're here."

"Though I am Kazekage, and not Hokage, I still need to watch out for everyone." He held out his hand, offering her help up. Hinata took the offer and Gaara helped her up, Hinata thanking him afterwards.

As Hinata, began to walk off, Gaara said, "You never answered my question."

"W-what question?"

"How come you were down this ally?"

"I…I was avoiding Sasuke."

"Why would you be avoiding Sasuke?"


"Why would you be avoiding him for that?"

"I don't know for sure."

There was silence between both of them. Then, out of the blue, Hinata said, "Gaara-sama, when you return to the Sand Village…will you…take me with you?"

"Why would you want to leave Konoha?"

"I have too many memories here. And I just need a break. If not forever, then just for a while."

"Then I will take you with me. But only if that is a deep desire."

"Yes. It is," Hinata answered.

She walked out of the ally. Her thoughts were flying into her past. The past her and Sasuke shared. The past she shared with Naruto. The sad and happy times she had with Neji. Also the past she had with Kiba and Shino. Where they used to be team eight. And Kurenai was their squad leader. She missed those times. Though she missed the past year even more. When her and Naruto were together.

The thought of Naruto made her heart skip a beat. I hope he's all right… Hinata thought. She shook her head and thought, No! There's no way he could be beaten so easily! He is strong! And he had training with Jiraiya-sama! Hinata, though, couldn't feel that strong about this thought, though. She worried that something would happen. Though, if she were going to the sand village, she wouldn't have to worry about Naruto for a while. Even if he did return.

"I want to be here for his return…" Hinata whispered. She grabbed the necklace Sasuke had given here many years ago. "I want to repair the past between Sasuke-kun and myself."

Hinata searched deep in her thoughts. Why was it she was leaving with Gaara? Then, the thought finally reached her. I…want to be with Gaara-sama. He's so must like Naruto-kun. And if I can't have Naruto-kun…can I have Gaara-sama?