Just a quick little mini-story that was born from a creative writing assignment I had a few weeks ago in which I had to describe a sunset, and the movie 'A Little Romance'. It's not great, but I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Thief Lord or Rialto Bridge. ...do I have to disclaim the bridge...? Oh well, better safe then sorry, right?

The wide, white-marble Rialto Bridge was the best place to watch the sun sink lazily into the horizon. Large, chocolate brown eyes and large, green eyes filled with astonishment as the enormous star continued it's journey to the other side of the earth. A gentle wind caressed the bridge and the couple holding each other in the orange glow of the fading daylight. They looked at one another, love in their eyes and hearts, even for ones so young. The air was thick with the emotion pouring from the two figures. The red and orange sky had been almost completely devoured by the somber, inky blackness when the two lovers, entwined in an eternal embrace, met in a tender kiss.

"Now our love will last forever," Scipio said, gazing into the younger boy's eyes. "Ti amo."

Prosper smiled. "I love you too, Scip"

The best place to watch the sun's slow descent into the horizon was the wide Rialto Bridge where legend says, if you kiss your mate on this bridge, your love is destined to last forever.

I'd like to point out a few things: 1)I have no idea what the Rialto Bridge is made of and I was too lazy to bother looking it up, so if it's not marble, I'm sorry. 2)About the green eyes thing, I used Aaron Johnson, who played Prosper in the Thief Lord movie, and since I'm blind I wasn't absolutely sure if his eyes were green or whatnot. I just went with green and am sorry if I got that wrong as well. 3)Scipio's 'ti amo' was retrieved from BabelFish, so it may not be the correct way to say I love you in Italian. I'm not sure. 4)Last of all, I got the legend about Rialto Bridge from w w w . c a s e n e t . c o m /c o n c e r t / l v v e n e t i a n . h t m . If you made it through the long babbling at the end please review! Thanks!!