Author's Notes: I want to make it clear that these episodes come in no certain chronological order. I wanted to establish that before there were any cries of outrage at the relationship being introduced in only the third chapter.

Also, there was an entire scene I deleted in this to make it fit the required episode length. It would have been in Raven's mindscape (which is not called 'Nevermore', BTW) featuring Raven, Anger, Love and, fleetingly, Envy. Though it was a good scene, it is more or less derived from 'The Fifth Colour'

(Scene: The main room of Titans Tower. The double doors open to reveal Beast Boy, striding through with his usual uninhibited vigour.)

Beast Boy: Good morning everyone!

(He pauses with a foot over the top step upon seeing that there is nobody there, save for Raven, who is serenely reading on the couch. In fact the sudden shock causes Beast Boy to overbalance, and he falls down the stairs in true Beast Boy style.)

Raven: (not even looking up) Firstly, it's closer to afternoon than morning, and secondly, I'll let you know when I change my name to 'everyone'.

(Undaunted, Beast Boy gets up and walks to the couch, sitting, or lounging, a respectful distance away from Raven.)

Beast Boy: So where is everyone else?

Raven: (idly turning a page) Robin and Starfire went off to do something together, as per usual ever since we came back from the Far East, and Cyborg is tinkering with some device to… I don't know… make waffles out of thin air or something…

Beast Boy: Do not underrate waffles. They rock.

Raven: Only because you smother them with syrup of Biblical proportions.

(As Raven continues talking, a thought bubble over Beast Boy's head envisions him in an ark floating in the middle of a sea of syrup, in the fashion of Noah's Ark.)

Raven: Talking of food, aren't you going to have your traditional morning pig-out of tofu, Beast Boy?

Beast Boy: No, I don't think so. I don't feel hungry for some reason.

Raven: Fine. Just keep it quiet.

(Beast Boy then proceeds to do so. He keeps glancing across at Raven surreptitiously. She tries to catch him at it several times, and eventually succeeds.)

Raven: (moderately annoyed) What do you keep on looking at me for?

Beast Boy: Do I have to have a reason?

Raven: Normally I would not expect you to operate on something so high-brow as actual reason, but yes.

Beast Boy: Is it suddenly illegal to look at you or what?

Raven: Not like… (the penny drops; slightly horrified tone) …you're not… checking me out… are you?

Beast Boy: (positively angelic) What? No, no; of course not. Why would I want to look you over?

Raven: Are you saying I'm ugly?

(During Beast Boy's following diatribe, Raven becomes increasingly surprised by Beast Boy's use of formal language.)

Beast Boy: Ah, here we go. It's a Catch-22 where I'm trapped into saying either that I do like you, meaning that I shall incur your wrath, or that I think you're ugly, and incurring your wrath even more. So what do you want me to say, huh? That I'm madly in love with you and want to get hitched right away?

Raven: That is not my point. My point is that any relationship between us would go down in flames quicker than the Hindenburg. We are simply too different; we share no common interests. I mean, look at us. I pride myself as somewhat of an intellectual and you goof off all the time.

Beast Boy: (seemingly unconcerned) And I spend all my time dispensing joy and happiness, whereas you can't even admit that you have emotions. Sure, I understand.

Raven: (bridling) I do too have emotions. (trailing off) I… just can't let them out…

Beast Boy: (grim, staring at the floor) Yeah. I know.

(There is an awkward moment as they both look away. Then, just as their eyes snap back to each other and they open their mouths to speak, the doorbell goes off, whatsoever it may sound like. Beast Boy instantly turns away in a business-like fashion that cuts Raven cold, and turns on the television, switching to the security cameras to see who is there. His eyes widen in shock and the remote clatters to the tabletop as he sprints out of the room to get to the door. Raven is still there, and gazing at the screen in disbelief.)

Raven: (shocked) No… how? How could she be back?

(As Raven speaks these last words, the screen is shown. On it, casually dressed and waiting at the door to Titans Tower with a faintly worried expression on her face, is Terra.)

(Opening sequence.)

(Scene: Outside the Tower, Terra shifts uneasily from foot to foot outside the door. Within a few seconds it shoots open, and Beast Boy shoots out, equally as quickly.)

Beast Boy: (beaming) Terra! You're back!

(He makes to hug her, but she holds a hand at his chest, keeping him away. Terra has the atmosphere of someone who has only half-heartedly made a decision, and is now starting to regret it.)

Terra: I don't know what's been wrong with me lately. I've been constantly nagged by the feeling that I'm missing something… something that I don't know about. Then I remembered you… but until I know for certain that I did used to be this other girl you want me to be, then I'd rather stay as me, and I do not hug complete strangers.

Beast Boy: But we're not complete…

(Beast Boy starts out exuberantly, but fades away as he sees Terra's expression. She gazes at him earnestly.)

Terra: All I came to you for was to listen to what you wanted to tell me; nothing more. If you're telling the truth, then maybe…

(She trails off uncertainly, and gives a small, shaky smile to Beast Boy. He grins warmly.)

Beast Boy: Alright, I understand. You don't remember, so I'll treat you as you want to be. I just want you to be happy.

Terra: Thank you.

Beast Boy: Come on in.

(With awkward smiles, Terra follows Beast Boy inside. Raven is there. Her eyes are fixed on Terra, an atmosphere of incredulity hanging about her.)

Terra: (whispering to Beast Boy) Who is she?

(Something in Raven's head clicks, as though she is coming back from somewhere far away.)

Raven: Sorry, I'm being rude. I'm Raven.

(Raven steps up to Terra and offers her a hand in a forthright fashion. Terra, somewhat taken aback, nonetheless accepts the hand and shakes it faintly.

Terra: (abashed, brightly) Oh, hello… I'm Terra.

Raven: Yes… I know. What Beast Boy says is true. We know who you are. It would be… nice to have you back, if you ever regain your memory.

(This transaction finished Terra and Beast Boy head off to the door behind Raven. Without turning or even moving, Raven speaks.)

Raven: Beast Boy… could I have a word with you?

Beast Boy: Sure.

Raven: Alone.

Beast Boy: We have nothing to hide. Anything you can say in front of me you can say in front of Terra.

(Raven turns around, and keeps her eyes firmly on Beast Boy.)

Raven: Just because I can do something doesn't mean I should.

(Beast Boy sighs.)

Beast Boy: Head on up, Terra; I'll be along soon.

Terra: Okay.

(Giving Raven a lingering but carefully blank stare, she goes through the doors.)

Beast Boy: (resigned) Alright Raven. What's wrong?

Raven: (sharply) 'I just want to make you happy.' I swear I had to stop myself from being sick when I heard that.

Beast Boy: So the truth makes you sick, does it?

Raven: When it's twisted like that, yes. She doesn't even know you and you're already making passes at her. At least have the decency to wait until she remembers.

(Beast Boy pauses and sighs. He looks away from Raven for a second. When he looks back, he is resolute.)

Beast Boy: You're just jealous.

Raven: (affronted) What? You have come up with some stupid ideas since I've known you, Garfield Logan, but this must crown them all.

Beast Boy: So what was up with that moment back in the main room, huh?

Raven: I don't have to explain myself to you!

Beast Boy: And neither do I.

(He wheels about with an air of finality and strides after Terra. Raven remains for a while, staring at the door Beast Boy left through. She closes her eyes.)

Raven: (tense) Shut up. I am not listening to you.

(Raven drifts off. Fade to black.)

(Scene: Later in the day, all the Titans and Terra are seated around the table. Beast Boy is pointedly sitting directly next to Terra. Raven is pointedly sitting directly across the table from Beast Boy. Robin and Starfire are sitting next to each other of course; and Robin does not need to worry about any embarrassing displays of public intimacy, since Starfire has directed all her exuberance towards Terra. Cyborg is staying firmly ambiguous in emotional terms.)

Starfire: Friend Terra, it fills my heart with joy to see you here with us once again.

Terra: Yeah, I sort of gathered that when you nearly broke my ribs.

Robin: (smiling easily) You get used to it after a while. How long are you planning to stay with us? (earnestly) You must understand that we would be very glad to have you back as a member of the team.

Terra: (downcast) Well… I don't think anyone's going to miss me. I live at an orphanage with no friends to speak of; I get bad grades so the teachers couldn't care less about me… nobody needs me. I wanted to feel needed, and then I remembered you.

(Terra looks at Beast Boy, and her faint smile is reciprocated. Cyborg coughs gently.)

Cyborg: Right now we need to focus on that patchy memory of yours. I have a few techniques in mind that might work.

Terra: (pleasantly) I'm sure anything you suggest will be fine. You are the tech whiz here, after all.

(Cyborg accepts this neutrally.)

Robin: Your old room is still up, though all your personal effects have since been removed. Stay as long as you want, and if you need anything, just ask.

Terra: Thank you.

(Robin stands and everyone takes this as a signal of dismissal. They get up to leave.)

Robin: Oh, Raven? Could I talk with you for a second?

(She sighs, but goes back to the table in any case, where Robin and Starfire still are.)

Raven: This is about Terra, isn't it?

Robin: More specifically Beast Boy.

Raven: I hope you're not implying that I would be jealous of Terra if their old relationship started up again.

(Robin gestures to Starfire, as though handing his half of the conversation over to her.)

Starfire: But that is exactly the problem. Lately I have observed you acting… differently around Beast Boy.

Raven: Oh, please. In what way could any of my recent actions possibly have shown any signs of affection towards Beast Boy? He's still just as much of a numbskull as he has ever been, and I generally make it a point not to attach myself to people with negative IQs.

Robin: Both you and I know that Beast Boy is far from stupid. Indeed, he is putting considerable effort into being funnier whenever he's around you.

Raven: Beast Boy is always trying to be funnier. He has a lot of room for improvement.

Starfire: And whenever he was away from you he felt… well, withdrawn. Not quite himself.

Raven: So what if he has a crush on me? That does nothing to prove any feelings you allegedly state I have towards him.

Robin: Doesn't it? Look, I can see this is getting nowhere, so I'll leave you to think about this. Remember-

Raven: Yes, yes; I can always talk to you if I have any problems.

Robin: (smiling) It's nice to see that you remember. Now, if you'll excuse us…

(Robin and Starfire leave Raven to look over at Beast Boy and Terra. Though it is very slight, she frowns, but snaps back to neutrality.)

Raven: You will not control me… rational thought can overcome emotion…

(Meanwhile, Beast Boy and Terra have settled on the couch. Terra has just noticed that Raven was looking toward them.)

Terra: What's up with Raven?

Beast Boy: Why?

Terra: She was just looking at us… in an odd way…

Beast Boy: Ah, she looks at me in odd ways all the time. I guess it's just some kind of gesture of acceptance or something; nothing to worry about.

Terra: But I've heard stories about her… 'The Demon Girl of the Titans'… isn't she emotionally unstable?

Beast Boy: Only when she gets angry. The rest of the time she's too emotionally stable. I am talking ice-cold here. Anyway, forget Raven. What do you want to do?

Terra: (uncertain) Well… I need to go to my room for a while… just to rest and sort things out in my head, you understand.

Beast Boy: (breezy) Sure; go ahead. Take as long as you feel you need.

Terra: Thanks.

(She smiles briefly at Beast Boy and departs.)

Raven: I see things are going well between you two, then.

(Though Raven has quite suddenly appeared behind Beast Boy, he does not leap out of his seat as he usually would.)

Beast Boy: So what if they are?

Raven: Am I not allowed to be happy for you?

Beast Boy: You never have been before.

Raven: There has never been reason for me to be. But now it seems you two lovebirds-

Beast Boy: (half-shouting) Will you get off my case? Terra doesn't even love me yet, and even if she did what difference would it make to you?

Raven: None at all. Nothing ever does, remember?

(Beast Boy is about to answer, but she has already disappeared in a flash of dark. Fade to black.)

(Scene: Cyborg's room. He is not, interestingly enough, tinkering, but is instead lying on his 'bed', plugged into one of the nearby machines. There is a knock at his door.)

Robin: Hey Cyborg; could I talk with you for a second?

(Cyborg's eye opens, and his bionic one flickers back on.)

Cyborg: Sure… come in.

(As Cyborg unplugs himself, Robin walks in.)

Robin: I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Cyborg: No, of course not. What's wrong?

Robin: You didn't seem exactly over the moon that Terra's back.

Cyborg: Should I be? She wasn't exactly a godsend last time.

Robin: But she saved the city.

Cyborg: Yes, Terra stopped the volcano… after she'd already triggered it.

Robin: But she was willing to give her own life to undo her mistake. Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Cyborg: Well… look, if I tell you the real reason why I feel that Terra's bad news, you're not going to think it's valid.

Robin: I'll be the judge of that. Tell me.

Cyborg: Alright… my electronic sensors keep telling me there's something wrong whenever I look in Terra's direction. I can't tell what exactly, but I get the feeling something is being hidden that my machine side can only partially sense.

Robin: Are you sure your systems are functioning properly?

Cyborg: Either that or I'm malfunctioning. I checked them over twice.

Robin: Well, be that as it may, but we can't act on something you can't pinpoint.

Cyborg: See?

Robin: Look, I think you're being slightly unreasonable. We have no reason to suspect that Terra may be up to something.

Cyborg: Really? How do we know Slade hasn't used her again, now she's forgotten all about him? Think about it.

Robin: If he is then we will take every possible action we can to rectify the situation, but until we have any real evidence I have to request that you curb your suspicions. Do I make myself clear? I want no mention of this in front of Terra.

Cyborg: Of course.

Robin: Alright.

(Robin leaves Cyborg to ruminate on the situation. He still wears an anxious frown, despite, or perhaps because of, the conversation. Fade to black.)

(Scene: Later on in the main room, the boys are having their customary gaming session.)

Beast Boy: You're going down, dude!

Cyborg: So what? That's what you said the last million times I beat you.

Robin: And, though I've only played you a half of a million times Beast Boy, I seem to remember something similar.

Beast Boy: I don't care! You are not beating me today! The law of averages is on my side!

(A picture of chibi renditions of Cyborg and Beast Boy each standing on one pan of a set of balancing scales fills the screen as Cyborg talks. Beast Boy has a humanoid piece of paper standing on his side that says 'AVERAGES' on it. The scales are in perfect balance.)

Cyborg: Beast Boy, if the law of averages was on your side, you should have won a long time ago.

(The chibi Cyborg grins mischievously, and blasts away the piece of paper. Cyborg tips the scales; he thuds onto the floor whereas Beast Boy is sent rocketing into the sky by the sudden imbalance. The chibi Cyborg strikes a triumphant pose.)

Beast Boy: Law of averages or not, I'm still gonna kick both your butts!

Robin: (reacting to something on-screen) Wow!

Cyborg: (alarmed) No! I can't lose to Beast Boy! I still haven't broken my previous record for number of games won in a row!

Beast Boy: Face it! It's inevitable! I will win!

(There is a moment of frenzied button-tapping, where the other two start to glance at Beast Boy apprehensively; his controller starts to spark under the extreme pressure. Finally he wins, and tosses it into the air with a cry of wild jubilation.)

Beast Boy: YES! I am the game-master! I beat both of you at the same time! Ha!

Cyborg: So what of it? The overall score is still umpteen to one.

Beast Boy: I don't care!

(Beast Boy collapses back onto the couch and gives a contented sigh.)

Beast Boy: Dude, today is the best. I just won a game against you two, there's been no trouble, and-

Robin: Terra's back.

Beast Boy: Just what I was gonna say.

Robin: No, I mean…

(Words fail him and he simply gestures to one of the side-doors of the main room; Starfire is there alongside a weeping Terra. Starfire helps her to the couch, where Beast Boy also crowds around; Robin draws near, but Cyborg pointedly keeps his distance.)

Beast Boy: Terra! What's wrong?

Terra: (keep in mind she has been crying, so speak her lines with a slightly cracked voice and the involuntary indrawn gasps) Raven… attacked me…

Beast Boy: (incredulous) What?

Terra: She told me to keep away from you, or it would happen again…

Beast Boy: But… but Raven would never do that!

Starfire: She is crying, Beast Boy! Do you think Terra would lie about something like this?

Robin: Beast Boy, I-

Starfire: (ferocious) No. You will not talk, Robin.

Robin: (understandably surprised) What did I-?

Starfire: You know very well what it is you did, Robin! You said you would not take any steps to help Terra simply because there was no conclusive evidence that she had been attacked. I do not want to hear another word from you. (gently) Come, Terra; let's go somewhere else.

Terra: No… I want to stay here…

(In a sudden gesture, Terra throws herself against Beast Boy and hugs him tightly, still softly sobbing. He slowly returns it, trying to look totally neutral, simply fulfilling the role of reluctant comforter which has been thrust upon him by Terra.)

Starfire: Very well, friend Terra. If you need help, come to me. (she casts a dark glance at Robin) I, however, do not wish to remain in this room.

(Starfire storms out of the room through the main doors, leaving Robin at a complete loss.)

Robin: (hurt) What was that all about?

Cyborg: Do you believe me now?

Robin: What do you mean?

Cyborg: (puzzled) What do you mean? We talked-

(Raven walks in through one of the side-doors. Terra gives a small cry of fear and shrinks away. Raven stops and notices the way Terra's staring at her.)

Raven: Sorry… though what I'm sorry for I have no idea.

Robin: (shocked) How do you have the nerve to say that after what you did?

Raven: (calm) I did a lot of things today, but I wasn't aware that any of them were wrong.

Beast Boy: (sharply) You mean you think hurting Terra isn't wrong?

Raven: (darkly) What is that supposed to mean?

Robin: She is crying because you attacked her, not to mention threatened her with more if she didn't stay away from Beast Boy! Or maybe you forgot?

Raven: (vicious) Terra is lying. I have done nothing more than look at her.

Beast Boy: Is that so? I don't know about you, but normally I wouldn't expect a look to reduce someone to tears!

Raven: (losing composure) She is deliberately fabricating lies about me! Terra's turning you all against me, simply because she thinks Beast Boy likes me more than her!

(Terra comes away from Beast Boy and advances on Raven slowly.)

Terra: That isn't true. He loves me, and you couldn't stand it, so you thought you could just get rid of me and take him for yourself! Admit it!

(The two girls stare each other down, until finally darkness crackles over Terra's body and she falls to the floor. Raven backs away in horror. Beast Boy rushes to kneel at Terra's side, staring wild-eyed between her and Raven.)

Robin: (furious) Raven! Control yourself! (to Beast Boy) How is Terra?

Terra: (weak) I can't… move…

(Cyborg starts tapping away at his arm panel.)

Beast Boy: (anguished) What is wrong with you Raven?

Raven: (afraid) But… I didn't…

Robin: (authoritative) Raven, you have overstepped the line, whether you meant to or not. Go now before you do any more damage. I will see you in your room in due time and we will discuss whether you should stay on the team.

(Raven, ashamed, disappears in darkness. Cyborg's eyes widen in realisation as he reads something on the display.)

Cyborg: Move aside, please. I want to try something.

(Beast Boy obliges, still looking up at Raven in confusion and anger. Cyborg takes out a device half-way between a disc and a hemisphere, and presses it to Terra's back. Nothing happens.)

Beast Boy: What did you do?

Cyborg: Well, I was trying to unfreeze Terra. It didn't seem to work, though.

Terra: Wait…

(Her fingers twitch. Slowly, and with great difficulty, Terra sits back up and is immediately engulfed in Beast Boy's embrace.)

Beast Boy: (relieved) Terra… you're alright…

Terra: No, I'm not alright… I should never have come here. I've only caused bad feeling between all of you.

Beast Boy: (pleading) But that's not your fault! Please… don't go. We can still work things out.

Terra: (repentant) I'm sorry, Beast Boy. I really wanted us to be friends and more, but… that can't be. I guess I'll never fit in. I have to leave.

(She stands and walks to the main door, limping slightly. The others try to help, but Terra waves them away.)

Terra: No. I've already been enough trouble to all of you. I'm going alone.

(Starfire comes through the doors, and realises something's happened.)

Starfire: Friend Terra… where are you going?

Terra: Home.

Starfire: But this is your home now.

Terra: It may have been once… but no more.

(She stops just before the double doors to the main room, and looks back.)

Terra: To all of you… I'm sorry. You'll never see me again.

(She finally disappears through the doors. Beast Boy is distraught, and practically on the verge of tears. He closes his eyes tight, and runs from the room before anybody can summon the words to stop him. However, Cyborg is completely unmoved.)

Cyborg: Good riddance.

Starfire: (shocked) Cyborg! How can you say that?

Cyborg: Because I know something you don't.

Robin: There is nothing that could possibly excuse you saying something like that!

Cyborg: You think so?

(Cyborg's fingers flit over the display on his forearm. However, as he looks down, he notices the darkness that is now seeping across the floor to meet them.)

Cyborg: (wearily) …oh no…

Robin: Raven.

(Raven's side-door is blown inwards by a blast of dark, and the Red Raven comes through. Instantly the entire main room is engulfed in dark.)

Anger: Where is Terra? Tell me!

(The dark constricts, squashing Starfire, Robin and Cyborg. Several of the smaller and weaker items in the room are crushed entirely.)

Cyborg: Raven… please calm down! That wasn't Terra!

Anger: Liar!

Beast Boy: Raven.

(Her head whips to the side to see Beast Boy in the other side-door.)

Beast Boy: If you want someone to hurt, here I am.

(The Red Raven's darkness leaves Starfire, Robin and Cyborg, and instead forms into a barrage of lethal needles which all whip towards Beast Boy. Cyborg uses the distraction to his advantage and barrels across the main room, plugging himself into the television and bringing up a picture of Terra on the screen, seen from his point of view when she was floored.)

Cyborg: Raven! Look this way!

(She does, and, as soon as she sees Terra on the screen, the picture changes, moving one frame forward. Instead, it shows a black-coloured robot, lying in exactly the same position as Terra. The Red Raven pauses uncertainly, not knowing what to make of this, it not being an obvious threat.)

Cyborg: That was not Terra! I don't know how, but this robot can simulate other people, and I managed to break its cover with an EMP to its back, just for a millisecond before the reserve power kicked in. See? None of the strife caused over the last few days was the fault of any of us now here! That thing caused all this. Terra is not responsible.

(The Red Raven pauses completely for several seconds. Then, after a tense silence while she just stares at the picture on the television screen, the Red Raven fades away, leaving an unconscious Raven behind. The others crowd around. Fade to black.)

(Scene: Robin, Starfire and Cyborg are gathered around a computer screen in Cyborg's room. Again, he is connected to it, and images flash over the screen as seen from his viewpoint at the time, in coordination with what he is saying.)

Cyborg: The evidence is irrefutable. That Terra we saw was simply a simulacrum.

Starfire: But what about Robin? He told me that he would not do anything about Raven. Surely that wasn't him?

Cyborg: I'm sure it was the robot, Starfire. Robin would never say that. Right, Rob?

Robin: Of course. But what was the robot here for? It didn't attack us or try to sabotage the tower. What could it possibly have been doing here?

Starfire: But don't you see, Robin? It didn't have to attack us. It destroyed the one thing that made us such a good team; our friendship. After that, all it had to do was wait for us to destroy each other. It even made me turn against you...

(Starfire looks ashamed.)

Robin: It's okay, Star. If I ever became like that, I would not blame you for hating me. The day I turn my back on a member of my team is the day I am no longer Robin.

(Starfire looks up as he says this, smiles and hugs Robin.)

Starfire: Thank you. It means a lot to me to hear you say that.

Robin: But I'm still disturbed by this. If it hadn't been for Cyborg, the robot's plan would have worked.

Cyborg: No. That's not true.

Robin: I trust you did see Raven go ballistic.

Cyborg: Yes, I did. However, unlike you, I saw it in milliseconds…

(The screen changes to show the needle barrage, again from Cyborg's point of view, from the television screen. He plays it, frame by frame, until-)

Cyborg: You see? The dark kept moving constantly up until here. (points) It stopped just short of Beast Boy. Also, though you, Starfire, may have shouted at Robin, you would never have hurt him, right? (she nods) Well now. The robot's plan would never have succeeded, simply because we care too much for each other. Even though Raven's anger was controlling her, Raven's love for Beast Boy simply wouldn't allow her to hurt him.

Starfire: Love? Do you mean you think-

Cyborg: I know. (he smiles warmly)

(Scene: Outside Raven's room, Beast Boy quite firmly knocks on her door. She opens it fully and stands, framed in it. After an awkward silence, they both try to speak at once.)

Beast Boy: Sorry. You go first.

Raven: Thank you… look, Beast Boy… I'm… (she sighs) There's no way I could ever express how sorry I am for attacking you.

Beast Boy: No… I shouldn't have been so blind to your emotions. I only thought about Terra… I mean, that robot… had me in the palm of its hand, and I forgot all about you. It's not your fault.

Raven: We were both at fault.

Beast Boy: Yes… you know that Terra is still out there, yes? I mean… if she came back…

Raven: Don't worry. Nobody will ever come between us again.

(Beast Boy slowly smiles, and then finally cracks up, despite the dark situation.)

Raven: What?

Beast Boy: Dude… that just sounded exactly like something a girlfriend would say…

(He stops laughing when he realises that Raven is smiling too. Taking advantage of the situation, she hauls him into her room and closes the door.)

(Fade to black.)

(The screen stays perfectly black. All that can be sensed are the following voices; Slade's crackles slightly, as though being received over a radio link.)

Slade: Was the primary objective accomplished?

(?): Affirmative.

Slade: And the secondary objective?

(?): Sensors indicate that secondary objective has been negatively accomplished.

Slade: Negatively accomplished? That could be useful… anyway, it makes no difference as of now. The primary objective has been accomplished and, when the time comes, I shall strike. Send my thanks to your creator, Kam.

Kam: Affirmative.

(It turns out that the black is in fact only the face of the robot Kam. The camera zooms out, eventually becoming a security camera. Kam looks up at the CCTV camera with his eyeless face.)

Kam: My creator wishes to communicate this to the Titans.

(Kam turns into a rendition of the Grim Reaper, scythe and all.)

Kam: Your time on this mortal coil is coming to a close. Mark my words, Titans… your days are numbered.

(Focus on the hooded skull during the last few words. Fade to black.)