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The men continued to move furniture around to Sarai's request. Lorne looked down at the blue-haired baby he was holding with a smile. "Okay, I think I have to give you up now, I imagine your granddad is getting quite antsy…" Lorne held out the baby to Angel, who was standing by the door. "Go ahead, do your thing…"

Angel shifted uncomfortably and looked away. "Actually, I need to look for something. I think I still have baby clothes somewhere, who knows how long the girls will be…I should… do that…" he stammered before his quick exit.

"Ooookay," the new mother muttered before taking her baby from Lorne. "I'm on the case." With that, Sarai went to her dad's room where he was rummaging through his closet. "Dad, what's going on?" she asked.

"I told you, I'm trying to look for stuff for you."

"But don't you want to hold Viola?" she asked curiously. "You haven't. I thought by now you would have sucked the life out of her." The teenager paused and scrunched up her face. "That was a terrible choice of words."

Angel took a box off his closet shelf. "Here it is. Look they'll be plenty of time for bonding, but right now there are things to do. Babies are work…"

"Dad!" the teenager exclaimed, exasperated. "I know. I know. What is going on with you? It's like you… you don't have any interest in her."

Angel sat on his bed and looked up at the ceiling. He was once feared throughout the world, now he was cowering to a teenager and an infant. "I'm supposed to mad at you…"


"This is a big deal. I'm supposed to be hard on you. Maybe if I hadn't let so many things slide in the past you would have taken what I say more seriously. But if I…."

Sarai was on to him. "But if you what?" she asked, going over to him and holding out the baby like she was a carrot in front of a horse. Angel turned his head away, and Sarai moved the baby in the same direction. "Come on…"

Will power was never Angel's strong point. He took a good look at his granddaughter, thanks to Sarai's pursuit and that was it. "Give her to me!" Angel snatched the baby out of his daughter's arms and held her tightly. "Oh… she's just…" Angel gave her a light squeeze before briefly acknowledging his daughter, "thank you for having her." He was back to the baby. "Let's get some clothes on you, huh? This naked business can't be comfortable with the air conditioning on." With one hand Angel took an onsie out of the cardboard box, and to his surprise, he happened to spot a diaper in there as well. "What? How'd that get in there? Oh well, better for you!"

"Dad, can I do it?" Sarai asked, maternal control kicking in.

"I'll show you how."

"But… I'm sure I can figure it out…"

"You don't need to figure it out, just watch," Angel instructed, not even looking at her as he began to dress Viola. He did turn to look at the doorway when there was a knock, as did Sarai.

"Everything good in here?" Lorne asked, peaking in.

"The Beast is awake again," Sarai answered.

"Glad to hear it!"

Angel was oblivious to them. All off a sudden Sarai heard her cell phone ring, "Can we go back?" she asked, looking at her newly dressed daughter.

"Yeah," Angel followed her.

The teenager ran into her bedroom and grabbed her phone. "Hi Ryan… she's fine… yeah…. Um what? Ah….sure I mean if that's really important…. No, I think they can if they stand back…I'll call you back. Bye." Is what the other's heard of her end of the conversation.

Sarai looked around at everyone and sighed. "Apparently, Ryan's parents want to know if they can call their Parish and start making Baptism plans… Ryan didn't know what to say he was concerned you" she pointed to her father, "and you" she pointed at Spike, "and mom could die if you go into a church. You can go, right? You just can't have any of the stuff touch you?"

"That's pretty much how it goes," Angel agreed. "Hopefully it will be on a nice cloudy day…."

"Well should I tell them the truth?" Sarai pondered.

"No, we'll make it work. After all she should be baptized."

"Having a load of Nuns on you kill-list makes you a good authority on Good Catholic Living?" Lindsey couldn't help but point out as he and Gunn moved a bookcase of DVD's into the living room.

"Did I ask you to speak to me?" Angel muttered.

"Please, don't go Kindergarten on me you two," Sarai sighed. "I have a million things on my mind already, now I'm being told I need to have my daughter join the Jesus club." Everyone either rolled their eyes or took a deep breath; except for Lindsey. As the newbie still, he didn't know what was coming.

"You have a problem with Jesus?" he asked, curiously.

"I like JC just fine. He seems like he was probably a cool guy. Turning water into booze, I mean don't people usually have to pay a lot of money for that at weddings? That's awesome. But he's not the only Miracle Baby in town anymore…"

"You're jealous of Christ?" he cut her off. "She's jealous of Christ?" he repeated to everyone else.

"I can't believe there was someone around here that didn't already know that," Gunn replied.

"All I'm saying is, I put in over a decade in Hell saving people. My birth was prophesized. Okay, I don't do much now, but it's not like I never save people anymore! I'm allowed a break, plus don't I always send some of my babysitting money to the LA Animal Shelter every month? Yes I do. When do I get my props?"

"After you die," Gunn sarcastically replied.

Sarai shook her head. "I gotta change that somehow." She then headed to hear closet and took out a pink with shades of tangerine chiffon and taffeta Teri John knee length, tank dress out of her closet. "Now on to the next problem, seeing if this baby fits, thanks to the baby." She took the dress into her bathroom and came back out short after, and went right to her mirror. She was, in fact, bigger, but not in a way she was complaining about. "Wow! Look at these things! They weren't here the other times I tried this on. How did I not notice?" she pondered, staring at her new cleavage the v-neck lining of the dress was showing off. No one was looking at her. "Hey dad did I ever show you this?" She walked over to him and eyed the tag she was showing him; Orig $450 Clearance: $150 "Plus with my coupons, and using a store card that I opened in your name, I got it for seventy-five dollars at Bloomingdales!"

The vampire now didn't know if he should continue to be mortified, or proud. "That's the good thing about being evil, it's so simple," Angel couldn't help but say to himself in his head.

Sarai was still admiring her new enhancement. "I can't wait until Dawn get's back, she's gonna be so jealous!" Sarai clapped and twirled once, causing her bubble to burst. "What the hell?" She looked down at the forming stain on her dress that felt like it was coming out of her "Oh terrific," she muttered, realizing what it was.

"Well, you of all people should know everything comes with a price," Lorne informed her.

"I know that. What I don't know is how do I turn these things off?"

Of course the apartment full of males, that the fate of humanity very often depended on, were useless.


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