Two motorcycles zoomed through the California streets. They pulled to a stop in front of a large office building. One of the drivers pulled off his helmet and motioned the other to follow him inside. Together they walked up to the guard. A smile crossed the sentry's face as he motioned them to pass.

A few minutes later and sixteen floors up, they exited the elevator. Walking quickly, the older of the two weaved his way knowingly past an array of desks and file cabinets. He stopped in the door way of a private office and listened to a balding man give out assignments.

"Masters and Johnson I want you to work on that geological survey being done in Juno. Nikki I want you on the Imperto case. We need a reason for his involvement with the Syrian embassy bombing. Halston, you and Marstowe are to look into the Myers kidnapping. Alright people lets get moving. And remember, if you can avoid firearms..."

"We know, we know" Nikki began and the rest of the room followed with, "Don't use them!"

"Sounds good to me Pete. I knew you'd keep everybody in shape while I was gone, "the man in the doorway said.

Everyone spun around, shell-shocked to hear his voice. "MacGyver?" Pete Thornton asked. "Is it really you?"

"In the flesh. You didn't think I'd never come back did ya?" MacGyver asked with a grin as Pete walked over and gave him a hug.

"Well it's been three years since we last saw you and Sam ride off. By the way where is that boy of yours?"

"Right here Pete," Sam Malloy, aka Sean Agnus MacGyver, spoke up as he entered the room.

"Three years?" MacGyver asked. "Huh, I didn't realize it had been that long."

"Dad did send letters and post cards though Pete," Sam reminded the group.

"Well, well if it isn't the prodical son," Nikki spoke up. "What brings you back to this little dot on the map? Not that we aren't happy to see you."

"Actually, I want to start back up with the Phoenix Foundation. Sam and I have decided to settle down here, at least for awhile." MacGyver looked at Pete with hopeful eyes.

"Of course, when do you want to start? Do you have an apartment yet? When did you get back? Where…" Pete began to ask until MacGyver cut him off.

"All in good time Pete all in good time."

It turned out that after MacGyver had left the Foundation, he and Sam had traveled all over the world. They used this time to get to know one another, get themselves into all sorts of trouble, and use their brains and odd contraptions to get out it. After three years of traveling, they decided it was time to go back to California. As soon as they arrived, MacGyver had gone straight to the Foundation to see if he could start work there again. Being assured that he was always welcome, MacGyver and Sam found a small house. Now, one year later father and son worked as partners for the Phoenix Foundation.

"Hey Dad!" Sam hollered up the stairs, "Come on Dad get up! Time is wasting away!"

MacGyver groaned and rolled over in bed. He pried one sleepy eye open and glanced at the clock. The numbers were blurry but he could decipher a seven and a zero. Giving another groan he buried his head under the pillow.

Normally, rising at seven AM would be no problem. Normally. Last night, however, MacGyver had just returned from a week of terrifying escapades through the dense jungle of China out witting poachers who were trying to capture Panda bears for their fur.

This had been one mission that Sam had not accompanied his father on, so he didn't know that MacGyver had arrived back home a three AM.

"Dad? Pete called he wants me to come in says it's important. I left a list of stuff we need on the table. See ya later." Sam called. MacGyver heard the door shut and the sound of his son's jeep driving away before he lapsed back into a dreamless sleep.

Several hours later, MacGyver crawled from bed and hit the shower. After dressing, he wondered into the kitchen. He picked up Sam 'list.'

Dad, we need the following:

Duck tape (at least 4 rolls)

Swiss army knife (I lost mine in that last mission)

Tofu (I think the stuff in the fridge is rancid)



Fruit Bars (we need to restock our emergency supply)

See ya later, SAM

Mac didn't really feel like going to the store, but he knew they needed the stuff on the list so he decided to go. Hey what's the worst that could happen?


"MacGyver?!" a voice called.

He cringed. He knew that voice and it could only mean trouble. He put the tofu into his basket hopping that he was just hearing things. Maybe he was dreaming.

A hand touched his shoulder. Nope not dreaming. MacGyver turned around and was greeted with a slap on the back.

"Hey kemo sobie! Long time no see!" Jack Dalton greeted him. "It's been forever! Fancy seeing you here!"

"It's been two months Jack," MacGyver replied sighing inwardly. It wasn't that he didn't like Jack. It just seemed like every time he was around Jack there was bound to be trouble. Besides, this seemed like a set up. Since when did Jack Dalton shop in Tray's Health food store in the tofu isle?

"What do you want Jack?"

"Oh, come on Mac. I'm hurt. Can't a friend just say hi?"


"Ok, Ok. I need your help."

"Really? I would have never guessed." MacGyver turned and walked away.


By the time Jack caught up with MacGyver, he was checking out. Jack waited outside the front door. The minute MacGyver stepped through, he began to plead his case.

"Mac I really need your help. See I offered to help this guy get out of his country if…"

"Then you help him," MacGyver cut in, slamming the door to his jeep. "Let me know how it turns out." He started the vehicle and drove off. He felt a little guilty being rude to Jack, but that man was trouble plan and simple.

Arriving back home, MacGyver placed his purchases on the counter. He was beginning to put them away, when he noticed a blinking red light on the answering machine. He hit play.

"Hi Dad! Pete explained to me about your trip. Sorry about waking you. Pete needs me to go on an assignment for a few days. I'm leaving ASAP so this means I won't see you until I get back. Just thought I'd let you know. Bye.

"See you don't even have to worry about the kid."

MacGyver spun around to see Jack standing in the back door.

"The answer is still no!"

"Mac, please just listen."

He knew he shouldn't, but he felt guilty about earlier. Before his common sense could say no! He shook his head yes. "OK go ahead."

"While you were off with Sam, I ended up in a little trouble." Jack began.

'Imagine that' MacGyver thought.

"I was in Iraq and…"

"Iraq?! What…" MacGyver began

"Long story. Let's just say I was in Iraq and being held prisoner. A young soldier helped me escaped across the border. I promised him that if he ever needed anything just ask. Yesterday he contacted me. The people who held me captive believe that his brother helped me escape and they are going to execute him the day after tomorrow. Mac I need you to help me get him out of there. We can't let him die for something he didn't do," Jack pleaded.

MacGyver was stuck. He didn't want to continually bail Jack out of trouble, but he couldn't let innocent people get hurt just to teach Jack. "Where in Iraq did you say he was being held?"


"WHAT?!" MacGyver yelled. "and you didn't tell me this before because?"

"I knew you'd react like that," Jack replied, steering his plane across the Atlantic.

"I can't believe you. You didn't say that he is a POW, being held by American soldiers and being exchanged tomorrow for an American reporter. THEN, he'll be killed."

"It's easy you go in and free the reporter, then the Americans will have no reason to hand over Osa."

"Easy? You call that easy? Where is this reporter? Or does that lead to another hair brained scheme?" MacGyver angrily glared at Jack.

"Um… Well…"

"I'm waiting, Jack."

"I don't exactly know," Jack muttered and then hastily added, "But Osa does."

"Oh, great the prisoner knows. How do we know that we can trust him, that it's not a ploy to get us to go there?"

"Osa's brother saved my life. I trust him, just like I trust you. If he says Osa is telling the truth then I believe him."

"Assuming that Osa is telling the truth, how am I supposed to get to him to find out where this reporter is?"

"You'll go in as a soldier."

"Umm Jack how am I supposed to do that with out a uniform?"

"I got you a brand spanking new set of camo before we left the States it's in back there in the black bag."

MacGyver climbed into the cargo bay of the plane and located the bag. He emptied its contents. "Jack? I thought you said this was a new uniform? How come it says O'Neill on it and is very worn?"

"Ok so it's not exactly brand new, but it's new for you. You can use O'Neill as your name to get in the base. Besides you don't want brand new stuff you'd stick out like a sore thumb."

"Jack, that still doesn't answer my question. How'd you end up with a uniform that says O'Neill on it?"

"I really doesn't matter that…"


"I dug it out of a donation box for the Salvation Army."


"Don't worry I replaced it with that set of sweats you had in that box marked donations in your living room."

"Not the blue pair, please tell me you didn't give away the blue pair."

"I didn't give away the blue pair?"

"Ackk!! Jack you gave away the blue pair your eye twitched! That box happens to be my laundry basket. It was the donations box from last year's charity event. I recycled it."



Dressed in the camo, MacGyver silently infiltrated the camp. He quickly located the place where Osa was being held.

"Osa?" he whispered.

"Who is there?" was the reply.

"A friend of Jack Dalton."

"Have you come to free me?"

"Not quite yet. First, I need to know where the reporter is being held."

"As I have been trying to tell the rest of the Americans, there is no reporter. The resistance is planning an attack at day break. They will kill me and everyone else here."

"There is no reporter?"

"No there never was."

"What about the soldiers? You're sure you told them?"

"Yes they just laugh and say they will become like heroes."

"I'll be back," MacGyver told Osa. He felt that something in this camp was off. He needed to know what it was. If Osa was right then in approximately fifteen minutes this compound would be attacked.

He saw a group of men bathed in light from a lamp near a hut. He crept closer to hear what they were saying.

"So in a bit we set off smoke grenades and the resistance will come get our POW then we both head for those new guys coming to reinforce us. The resistance will attack them, we save them, and the resistance who are 'defeated' disappear. We go home heroes and that dumb what's-his-name gets what he deserves. Plus, later we can tell our government where the resistance is leaving no witnesses. It's perfect, sheer perfection." One of them said.

"Hey keep it down will you." A nervous soldier told him.

"Ah your just a coward the resistance isn't gonna be here for another 30 minutes at least."

MacGyver crept away. Suddenly he saw something move on the other side of the camp about 20 feet from where he was. He looked closer, but there was nothing there. He dismissed it from his mind and rushed back to Osa.

Osa was easily released, and together they snuck towards where Jack was hiding. Suddenly, the place erupted in gunfire. MacGyver and Osa dropped to the ground for cover. MacGyver's first thought was to get Osa to safety. He needed a distraction. Glancing around he saw one. A flare gun.

"Osa wait for my mark then run as fast as you can to those bushes." He told the man.

MacGyver grabbed the flare gun and ran back towards the center of camp. Apparently, MacGyver hadn't been the only one sneaking around camp the resistance was there too and had overheard the same thing MacGyver had.

Once MacGyver reached the center of the camp he propped the gun in between some crates. Then he used a string and ran it for about 15 feet. Pulling the cord tight, he caused the gun to explode. He had two purposes. One, distract both sides from Osa's run. And two, he was alerting the reinforcements that were supposedly coming of the trouble.

However, he hadn't considered that the flare would light up the entire camp as bright as noon and he wouldn't have the cover of darkness to hide under.

Meanwhile, Jack saw the diversion and pulled Osa to safety when he reached the brush. He waited for MacGyver to follow. After two minutes, still no MacGyver. Jack was beginning to worry. He sighed with relief when he saw his friend running towards him. MacGyver was halfway there when he was suddenly engulfed in flames as a grenade landed at his feet.

Jack didn't see reinforcements arrive or the massive battle that ensued. All he saw was his friend's death played over and over in front of his eyes.

"Jack? What are you doing here?" A familiar voice asked.

"M…M…Mac," he managed to mutter.

"Jack? Where's Dad?" Sam asked.


MacGyver remembered running, then seeing the round metal ball land 20 feet in front of him. He remembered feeling its heat and being tossed very far through the air, then nothing but blackness.

When he finally came to again, his head was pounding it felt like he'd tried to crack open a boulder with his head. He felt dizzy. Jack. This was all Jack's fault.

'I'm going to kill him,' MacGyver thought. Suddenly another stabbing pain burst through his head. "Jack," he whimpered weakly. Frustrated that it hadn't come out angrily like he'd wanted it to he tried again but before he could pronounce the first syllable, he lapsed back into the darkness.


The outbreak of gunfire alerted the incoming troops of trouble, however the flare sent them running to help. Before they could reach the camp though, grenades started flying everywhere. One was particularly close. Colonel Carter saw a man go flying. On a hunch he ran to where the body landed. Sure enough, the man was an American soldier.

He checked for a pulse not expecting one. He was shocked when he felt the steady vibrations against his fingers. Carter carried his comrade to a safe distance before he tried to rouse him. "Come on wake up!" Carter tried to rouse the man in vain. Meanwhile the fighting had stopped and Carter's men where capturing the rebels that were still alive.

Carter turned his attention back to the unconscious man. His face was red and blistered from the grenades heat several cuts caused blood to cover his face, hair, and upper body. Carter looked for dog tags but could find none. Then, the injured man's eyes started to flutter open. He winced. Carter leaned forward. "What's your name son?" the man moaned. "What's you name?" The man moaned again and turned to the side. Carter knelt closer to give him a sip of water.

"Jack." He muttered. Then a look of frustration crossed his battered face his lips started to form another word but the man fell unconscious.

An idea struck the Colonel he dumped some water over the man's chest. There. Clearly visible was his last name.

"Don't worry you'll be home soon, Jack O'Neill."