Story Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon or Digimon.

Summary: Ash, Misty, T.K., and Kari are in a new world, and with no way to get home. They have to work together to bring color back to a world plagued with numerous monsters and bizzare enviornments. Taken place during Pokémon: Advanced Battle and at the end of the Digimon Master series. (Ken taking over the Digiworld.)

Chapter Disclaimer: I do not own the song, "Land of Confusion," which was done by Disturbed. However, that would be the best way to describe the land, if you know what I mean.

Pokémon and Digimon: Land of No Color

I must've dreamed a thousand dreams;
Been haunted by a million screams,
But I can hear the marching feet;
They're moving into the street.

Now did you read the news today?
They say the danger's gone away,
But I can see the fire's still alight;
They're burning into the night.

There's too many men, too many people,
Making too many problems,
And there's not much love to go around;
Can't you see, this is the land of confusion. (Oh, oh, oh, oh.)

This is the world we live in,
And these are the hands we're given;
Use them and let's start trying,
To make it a place worth living in.

Oh, Superman where are you now,
When everything's gone wrong somehow?
The men of steel, these men of power;
Are losing control by the hour.

This is the time, this is the place,
So we look for the future,
But there's not much love to go around;
Tell me why, this is the land of confusion. (Oh, oh, oh, oh.)

This is the world we live in,
And these are the hands we're given;
Use them and let's start trying,
To make it a place worth living in.

I remember long ago,
Oh, when the sun was shining,
And all the stars were bright all through the night,
And wake up this madness as I held you tight...
So long ago...

I won't be coming home tonight;
My generation will put it right;
We're not just making promises,
That we know we'll never keep.

There's too many men, too many people,
Making too many problems,
And there's not much love to go round,
Can't you see, this is the land of confusion. (Oh, oh, oh, oh.)

This is the world we live in,
And these are the hands we're given;
Use them and let's start trying,
To make it a place worth fighting for...

This is the world we live in,
And these are the names we're given;
Stand up and let's start showing;
Just where our lives are going to...

Color, a landscape that doesn't exsist in a world. Everything was grayscaled: the plains, the mountains, the trees, even the people were without color, in clothing and enthusiasm. However, for some mysterious reason, there was a giant forest, where a small and narrow mountain was embedded in the middle of it. The mountain was 20 feet tall, but 15 feet in diameter with a flat top, as if it was man made. In the forest, however, color appeared. In one part of the forest, two children were laying, unconcious, on the dirt. One was a blond haired boy in a green long sleeve shirt, gray cargo shorts, and an ivory fishing cap. He was flat on his back. The other was a brunette haired girl, in a pink and white striped sleeveless shirt, skinny yellow shorts, and full-arm pink gloves. She was on her side, facing the boy. For such lengthed time, no one appeared to move a muscle. Suddenly, the boy started to wake up. His blue eyes slowly opened, as he was starting to move his limbs, finger by finger. Steadly, he sat up, feeling pain in his joints. The boy began breathing heavily, trying to ease the sore muscles that were coursing his body.

"Oh, man," he groaned over the sore body of his. He grasped his palms to the dirt, in order to maintain balance. "Looks like I'm alive." He looked to the sky, wondering what on earth happened that had him in the pain that he was in. A little while later, the girl was starting to moan, catching the boy's attention. He turned his head to her, just as she was opening her brown eyes. "You OK, Kari?" She rolled onto her back, but that was she could do.

"I'm not too sure, T.K.," was her painful reply. "How's Tai? And Yolei?" T.K. looked around, but couldn't see anyone. Anything, on the other hand, was a different story. What he saw was small, yellow with two brown streaks, and had a tail like a lightning bolt. T.K. got up to his feet, and walked over to the unknown object.

"I think I found something." Kari wanted to sit up, but as she placed her hands down, she palmed something round. Wondering what she had in her hand, she turned to egg. The egg was white and had red and blue marks on it. Plus, it appeared that the shell broke in five parts: the top half of it, two at the sides, and two portions of the bottom, where they were soft, like skin.

"You're not the only one." T.K. saw Kari pick up the egg, once she managed to seat herself. After seeing the egg, he turned back to the yellow item, and discovered a mouse, with red circles that were on his cheeks, and his ears had black tips at the end. T.K. found something else: a wound on its left arm. He picked up the mouse and carried it over to Kari, still observing the egg.

"This mouse is hurt." After T.K. laid the mouse down on its back, Kari looked at the wound. Knowing about how bad the wound was, she turned to a brown backpack, pulled it to her, opened it with the zipper, and pulled out some herbs, followed by a bowl, canteen full of water, and a spoon. As she tore the herbs into smaller pieces, T.K. peeked at the egg, only that the egg was shaking a little. "Keep an eye on this little guy." Kari nodded, as she was pouring the pieces of the herbs into a bowl, followed by water from the canteen, and started to mix it with a spoon. T.K. was watching the egg as feet began to appear from the broken parts of the shell, then, arms from the sides. Finally, the top opened up, and bowed out, like an umbrella, only upside-down, when two black, button eyes opened.

("Misty?") it squeaked in wonder. T.K. wasn't sure how to react. The egg had turned into a living creature with a spiky hairdo. The creature saw T.K., but looked around, until it saw the mouse, and waddled over to it, worried that it was hurt. ("Pikachu, you OK?") The mouse made no movement. That began to frighten the other creature more. Kari was done mixing the herbs, which now looked like pale white paste. Using her fingers, she scooped some of the mixture, and applied it to Pikachu's injury. Pikachu felt a burning sensation on its arm, and began to wince in pain. A few seconds later, Kari was done with the mixture, and began to cover the wound with a bandage.

"That should do it," she said. Pikachu began to stir, opening brownish eyes to the world, and in front of Kari, as T.K. returned to the group. Kari smiled at Pikachu, feeling proud of doing her job. "How are you feeling, little guy?" Pikachu wasn't sure on how to tell Kari. It was the first time they saw each other, and had no idea who they were.

("I think I'm fine,") it replied. Kari thought the tone was a good sign that Pikachu was OK. Pikachu saw the bandage on its arm. It pointed the bandage out to Kari. ("Did you do this to me?") Like she knew what Pikachu was saying, Kari nodded to the question, saying yes.

"You were hurt when we found you, and I used the medicinal herbs, that I brought along, to treat it." T.K. was stunned that Kari was able to communicate with Pikachu, a creature that they were new to.

"You understand what the mouse is saying?" T.K. wondered.

"Not quite. The way it was expressing what the question was, helped with the conversation. By the way, what's with the egg?" Pikachu knew what she was referring to, and turned to the other creature, still worried about the mouse.

("I'll be OK, Togepi,") Pikachu squeaked. Togepi breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that Pikachu was going to recover from the injury. T.K. was still worried, not for Pikachu and Togepi, but something else.

"I only wonder whatever happened to Patamon and Gatomon," he moaned. Kari thought the same way. That's when she looked at the direction of the loan mountain. She had a brainstorm.

"Let's go to that mountain," she suggested. T.K. peeked at the same mountain, wondering what was on Kari's mind. "We can get a better view of this forest." The idea clicked into T.K.'s thoughts, which prompted him to agree with the plan.

"I don't have any objection to it." Quickly, he turned to the other creatures. "I bet your owners will be there." Pikachu and Togepi became excited about it. However, they had no idea about how they would be doing. In another part of the forest, at the same time, two more kids were knocked out cold, as well. One was a redhead girl with a short ponytail, sticking up. She was wearing a yellow button-down mid-drift shirt, and tiny matching shorts. She was laying on top of a raven-haired boy, laying flat on his face. He was wearing a blue sweat tee shirt, and jeans. After a while of no movement, the girl was beginning to stir. She slowly opened emerald green eyes, then began to seat herself up, sitting on the poor boy's back. The girl was worried about something else than that boy.

"Togepi!" she called out. "Togepi, where are you?" Her worry about the Togepi in mention began to grow. What happened to this Togepi she was fearing for? She had no knowledge about the down boy, who she had her butt on. "Ash, help me find Togepi!" Hearing his name, the boy woke up, but found out he couldn't move at all.

"Misty, I wish I could help," he groaned. "Right now, I can't." Misty got a little angry at Ash, unaware that she was on him. Still, she didn't bother to look down.

"Give me one good reason why you can't help me find Togepi?"

"Let me be're on me!" Finally, Misty peered down and saw Ash. Reacting quickly, she got to her feet, while eying him, as he rose to his feet. She couldn't find anything to say about how she wound up on top of Ash. All she could feel was embarrassment.

"Sorry about that." Misty stared out to the open, still worried sick about the Togepi. "I don't know where Togepi is." Ash felt the same way, but for a different reason.

"I bet Pikachu is with Togepi...wherever they are." Ash walked over to a red baseball cap with a green circular emblem on it, and picked it up. Underneath the cap was a small orange piglet-like creature, with wings for ears, laying out cold. Ash was surprised with the creature. "Misty, get a load of this." Misty walked over to join Ash, and also saw the winged creature.

"Is that a Pokémon?"

"Not one I've seen." Ash's and Misty's voices started to stir the creature.

"Could you keep it down?" it upsetly groaned. "My body hurts a bit." The kids were surprised that the creature could talk like a human.

"That thing...can talk?" Misty wondered in shock. It began to open its blue eyes, as it tried to get to its feet.

"Take it easy," Ash cautioned. "You're still in some pain."

"I don't think you know the strength of a Digimon, do you?" it growled. Now the kids began to wonder about what Digimon were. Before they could ask, the creature fell back on its stomach. "I'm hurt everywhere," it complained. Ash reacted fast, as he grabbed his green backpack and pulled out a red spray bottle, aiming it at the creature.

"Let me help you." The creature stared at Ash, unsure of what he had in mind. "This might sting a little, but I promise, that this'll help you with your injuries." He sprayed the bottle, as Misty watched. As expected, the liquid from the bottle stung the winged beast. A minute later, Ash was done with the application. The creature got back to it's feet, but this time, it got up effortlessly. No pain. "See?" The creature was happy to see that it was all right.

"So the Super Potion works on this Digimon?" Misty noted.

"Thanks," the Digimon smiled. "My name is Patamon. Like I said before, I'm a Digimon." Misty knelt down to get a better look at the now-named Patamon.

"Do all these Digimon speak like you?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah. We learn Digimon, or English in human talk, the moment we're born." Hearing that, Ash turned to Misty.

"For Meowth, it was a lot longer," he joked. That's when Patamon saw a white cat, and got worried. The cat had white and violet-striped tail and yellow claw gauntlets on its arms. Using the wings, Patamon flew over to the cat, wondering how bad in shape it was.

"Gatomon, are you all right?" it wondered in fear. Ash and Misty heard Patamon's cry and ran over to the Digimon's side. Gatomon started to come around, opening its blue eyes as well. Patamon knew it was a start. Gatomon looked around, expecting to see someone. It turned to Patamon, worried.

"Patamon, where's Kari?" it asked.

"I don't know. I want to asked them for help." Patamon meant Ash and Misty were willing to help, but forgot to ask that little something. "Sorry, I didn't ask you this before. What are your names?"

"I'm Ash, and this is Misty," Ash introduced. Quickly, he went back to the name Gatomon mumbled out. "So, this she an owner of you?"

"I have to protect her," Gatomon answered. "Patamon has to protect T.K." The humans began to piece the puzzle. However, the names Gatomon rang out, were still not showing up in there heads.

"So, we need to look for someone named T.K. and Kari," Misty figured.

"Sounds like a plan," Ash agreed. "The question now is where to start looking." Misty stood up and looked around the area. That's when she saw the mountain, and had an idea.

"That mountain looks like a good place to start." The others looked at each other, wondering if they agreed with Misty's plan. With a nod from them, they get ready to travel to the mountain. Ash turned to Gatomon, a little concerned about its condition.

"Can you move, Gatomon?" Steadily, the kitten got to its feet. Ash thought it wasn't enough, thus, he grabbed the cat, and placed it on his shoulder. Gatomon was wondering why this stranger was giving it a lift. "The sooner we get moving, the sooner you can be reunited." Gatomon sighed in some frustration. Soon enough, the group was on their way to the mountain, with Patamon resting on Misty's head. Both groups were making moves towards the mountain, unaware of each other's presence. After some hours had passed, T.K., holding Togepi in his arms, and Kari, with Pikachu perched on her head, arrived at the foot of the mountain. Kari began to collapse from the long walk, but only got to her knees.

"I thought that forest was endless," Kari exhausted. Pikachu started massaging her neck, trying to ease the fatigue she might have suffered, as Ash, Misty, Gatomon, and Patamon arrived on the other side of the mountain. Misty was going through the same thing. Ash, who was more experience with the long traveling, was more concerned about the setting, that had no color.

"Are we the only pieces of color in this area?" he questioned. Gatomon felt, as thought, it was sort of familiar.

"It kinda reminds me of the dark world Kari and I were in recently," it purred. "Of course, before I went, I said, 'Oh, what the hey, I got nine lives.'"

"I probably don't wanna hear the story." Gatomon nodded, thinking that neither he or Misty would understand. Meantime, Togepi was sensing something familiar, and was wanting down from T.K. by wiggling around. T.K. wanted to know what the deal was.

"What is it, little guy?" he asked. Kari thought Togepi wanted to stretch around, and was getting antsy.

"T.K., let it down," she advised. T.K. was willing to put the egg down.

"OK, I'll put you down." Togepi stopped struggling, and T.K. set it on its feet. That's when Togepi started to run off from them, making Pikachu scared.

("Togepi, where're you going?") it yelled. Togepi continued on, ignoring Pikachu. What had the egg going wild as it began to tour the mountain. The mouse hoped that Togepi would return, but it didn't. Pikachu decided to stay with the new friends, but wondered why Togepi behaved like that. On the other side, Togepi continued its little stroll, when it saw Ash, and Misty. Ash was looking at the mountain from top to bottom, wondering what was there. Patamon and Gatomon were on the ground for some stretching, worried about what happened to the people they were suppose to protect. Then, Ash looked at the side, and saw...

"Togepi?" he wondered. Misty looked at Ash, thinking it was a bad joke, until she saw the serious look on his face. She turned to the same direction and saw Togepi approaching her, excited to see Misty. She gasped, in surprise. It was, in fact , the little bundle of joy she raised, ever since it hatched. Finally, Togepi leaped into her open arms, in which she wrapped it in a big hug.

"Togepi!" Misty cheerfully cried. "Oh, thank goodness, you're OK." Ash sighed at that shout out, but smiled, knowing that Misty was happy. Patamon and Gatomon saw the reunion, and saw Togepi, wondering what it was.

"What is that?" Patamon asked.

"That's Misty's Togepi," Ash replied. "She had been taking care of it ever since it hatched." Then, something odd clicked into Ash's head. "But I think it had help getting here." Misty heard it, and turned to Ash.

"I think so, too," she said. "And I think Pikachu helped out." Hearing that, Ash didn't like how it unraveled. Whenever Togepi was heading into danger, Pikachu wanted to keep it safe. But was it that both Pikachu and Togepi got help? Ash took that hypothesis, and turned to the Digimon.

"Patamon, Gatomon, let's go." The Digimon were curious with Ash's plan, even Misty.

"What do you mean, Ash?

"You stay here, Misty. You and Togepi might need some time together." With that, Ash, Patamon and Gatomon raced around the foot of the mountain, leaving Misty behind. Kari was starting to feel concern for the same egg, as was Pikachu. She turned her head to T.K.

"T.K., you stay here," she told. "We're going to see where the egg ran off to." T.K. nodded, knowing that there hadn't been any danger that popped up. Kari ran out, around the mountain. Both Ash and Kari were on a collision course with each other. Then, as soon as they were closing in, they saw each other. Stopped in their tracks, Ash and Kari were staring each other down. When Pikachu looked out and saw Ash, its face brightened up in excited.

("Ash, you're OK!") it cheered out. Ash saw what he had feared he wouldn't see again, and thus, he got excited.

"Pikachu!" he hollered. Pikachu leaped into the now expressed young man, happy about the reunion, Kari smiled, knowing that she had reunited the mouse with its friend. However, she wasn't prepared for her own reunion, when Patamon and Gatomon sprinted past Ash.

"Kari!" Gatomon called. Hearing her name, Kari spotted the Digimon, and her face was pure joy.

"Gatomon," she cried. "Patamon." She held them both in a tight bear hug, expressing how happy she was, seeing her little creature and friend, again. Both human, then, stared again at each other, only, they were thankful for one another to be reunited.