Chapter 14: Hole-Ding on in the Desert

Our heroes were crossing the ocean, on the flying Digimon, on their way to the Yelkow continent. The memories of the Reda continent still lured in their minds: the horses, the friends from the towns they visited, even the Vendettas. Leading the way, Pegasusmon, with T.K. and Misty on board, kept their eyes forward, hoping they could reach the next piece of land before too long. T.K. was reading the map of RainBellian, seeing the South Pole and Reda, back in color. There was some sort of indicator that was moving towards a huge gravel of land, smaller than Reda. "We should be in sight of Yelkow, pretty soon," T.K. announced. Misty, still in the Corsola Armor, looked back at everyone else. Halsemon, ridden by Max and Yolei, looked rather focused on getting to the other side of the body of water. Kabuterimon, with Izzy and Pikachu on top, looked to be going well. That's when she saw Nefertimon, and the passengers. Ash had collapsed onto Kari's back, looking like he fell asleep. Kari felt him, but the warmth from his body, kept her relaxed and comfortable. Probably because of how his arms were gently wrapped around her stomach. Misty sighed at the sight. It was like Brock, wanted some TLC from several unfamiliar women. When he tried to get some, all Misty had to do was pull on his ear, and pull him away. However, it was Ash, getting the TLC.

"I only wonder how Brock'll react, if he saw Ash and Kari together," she muttered. T.K. heard, and turned to her.

"What do you mean?" He was curious about what Misty was talking about, now that she mentioned Brock.

"Anytime Brock came across some good-looking chick, he goes off and tries to get them to be his girl. From the looks on their faces, they're easily frightened. And every time, all I do is yank him away. When Ash comes up to some girl, he treats them like they were anybody. So, right now, he's sleeping on Kari, and she seems to like it." T.K. awed, once he peered at them. Maybe, he thought that, what if Misty had fallen asleep on him? Would he feel the same way as Kari was feeling, now?

"Well, now that I see them, my back is available, if you wanna rest up." It was, as if, he forgot about what happened that morning, Misty wanted to make him remember...KLANG!, and drilled her knuckle into his head. The hit was so forceful, it woke Ash up. He was wondering what had happened. That's when he realized that he was on Kari's back, and pushed off, with an embarrassing yelp. Kari turned to him, fearing that he would fall off of Nefertimon. As soon as he regained posture, he bowed his head, as his face turned as red as Misty's hair, if not redder.

"Sorry about that," he apologized. Kari was wondering why he said 'sorry.' He couldn't have done anything wrong.

"You were trying to make up some sleep, from this morning," she smirked. "Why do you have to be apologetic?" Ash pondered that thought, silently. Did he really need to say 'sorry?' "I understand the fact that Togepi rudely woke you up, and that you were still tired." Ash was still silent. Maybe, he never felt a back, that comfortable before, and fell into the dream zone.

"I thought I was doing something, I shouldn't." Now, what did Ash mean by that? Something he shouldn't? Probably, something perverted? That thought popped into her mind. In an understanding, Kari smiled. Even, she believed that Ash was no lecture...unless he was dreaming of something.

"You were only on my back. What? Were you dreaming of something?"

"I don't know why, but I had one, in which we were married, and, uh...well..." So, he was dreaming that he and Kari were 'doing the dirty.' Still, Kari understood, and, in fact, grabbed his hand. Pegasusmon was wondering why those two changed their thought on their relationship. Before they flew off the continent, when it was Patamon, he made that same reference, when Ash and Kari yelled that that was impossible, that they were in two different worlds, and they could only be friends.

"So, back on Reda, you were serious about the two of you, being together?" it snorted. There had been plenty of people, even enemies, that thought that Ash and Kari were the perfect item. Yolei and Max couldn't believe the increasing verbal pressure, being poured on the riders of Nefertimon. Why was the relationship between Ash and Kari such a big deal, other than the fact that they were from two worlds?

"The way, everyone is looking at Ash and Kari, they're making it the biggest thing in RainBellian," Max grunted. Yolei began to ponder something. Knowing how strong, Ash was with his Pokemon, and how caring he was with the Digimon, plus the care of Kari, with each of the creatures, Yolei thought that the brief bond between them, had grown ever so significantly.

"It might be, because of the care of their creatures, even if it isn't their own," she replied to Max's comment. Max seemed perplexed. Ash, caring for Gatomon? Kari, treating Pikachu, or Corphish?

"So, you're saying that the reason these two are such a big deal, are because of their interests in each other occupation?" Halsemon wanted to answer Max's question.

"T.K. explained to us, about how Kari was able to understand Pikachu," it beaked up. "Plus, last night, Gatomon told Izzy about how it and Patamon were treated, by Ash, for their injuries." Max coughed an 'I see' sound. Apparently, it was like Ash and Kari had known their counterpart's creatures for longer than truthing time. A little while later, there was a huge chunk of land, showing up. Was it the new continent? Pegasusmon thought so.

"We've reached Yelkow!" it announced. Everyone knew that they needed to get ready to explore the land. After hours of being in the air, Pegasusmon, Nefertimon, Kabuterimon and Halsemon landed on the new surface. It was, like Reda when the original eight: Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Togepi, T.K., Patamon, Kari and Gatomon, arrived there: grayish grounds. This time, this continent had no trees in sight, no water in the area. It was like a desert, where all there was, was just the plain ground. This wasn't a good omen for the group. Worse, when Pegasusmon, Nefertimon, and Halsemon reverted back to Patamon, Gatomon, and Hawkmon. For some reason, Kabuterimon didn't return to Tentomon form. Was it something that it needed to protect the others from?

"I have a bad feeling about this place," T.K. muttered. That line...Yolei heard that so many times, from TV shows to her time with the Digidestined, she wanted to stop listening to that phrase.

"Knock it off, T.K.," she snorted. "You know how much I hate that line." After a minute of quiet, the group started to walk in a fixed direction, with T.K. leading the pack. Hindering his sight, he held the map in his face, as Patamon re-perched itself on his head, acting as his eyes forward.

"According to this map, Beigeburg should be just ahead." Misty and Max, by Izzy and Yolei in the middle of the pack, were wondering how far this Beigeburg is. Bugged in the head, while being in the rear of the pack, Ash was thinking on how there were duplicates of people, who they knew, here? Yolei's counterpart, Yvonne, was in Violet Village, May's counterpart, Marian, lived in Red Town, and Team Rocket's Jessie's counterpart, Jerri, resided in Pinkville. However, it turned out that Yvonne and Yolei exsisted in the same place. Could Jessie and May be here, too? Kari, who stayed by Ash in the back, was wondering what he was thinking. Possible wedding plans? Children?

"Something on your mind?" she asked. Ash didn't want to bottle his thinking.

"I'm thinking about how Yolei and Yvonne could both exist at the same time," he noted. "If, by any chance, the same thing happened with Marian, we could run into May. But, if Jerri's counter is here, then there's a pretty good chance that we could be falling through a trap hole, soon." A trap hole? In a baron desert?

"I don't think so," Max disagreed. "If Team Rocket is here, where would they hide a hole, and watch from out here? We're in, what appears to be, a desert." Ash listened to his little (human) friend, but still had that sense that T.K. was right about that bad feeling.

"I realize that, but still, I have that urge to say, that T.K. might be onto something." Little did anyone know, Classic Ash was occurring. Pikachu started to feel something, below its feet. The ground was vibrating, but it wasn't enough to warrant an alert. It was very light.

("Earthquake?") the mouse guessed. A small tremor, perhaps? Not felt, the rest proceeded on. Now, Kari felt the rub from the worries of Ash and T.K.

"I don't know about you, but I feel like agreeing with the two boys," she gulped. Izzy wasn't sure about her response to the condition of the land. Could Ash, T.K. and Kari be overexaggerating about Yelkow? Somehow, those three felt something unstable, but neither could put their fingers on it. What could be going on? Suddenly, there was more shaking...TONS MORE! It was a massive earthquake. It was almost impossible to keep a steady ground. Kari clutched onto Ash, to keep herself from falling. Then, the ground, beneath them, gave way, creating a giant hole, causing everyone to fall in. Then, the quake stopped. The earth was calm, again. However, where was everyone? In that giant hole? Nope. Kabuterimon watched, but didn't move fast enough to help out. Togepi was shaken away from the area, where the hole would emerge. It got up, worried that everyone was gone, and ran to the hole. Did everyone go deep inside? One look inside answered...nope. Ash had grabbed the ledge, and held on, through the earthquake. When he looked up and saw Togepi, he knew that it needed to be watched over. He saw Misty fall in, along with his Pikachu.

"Stay there, Togepi," he warned. As he pulled himself from the hole, he realized that Kari was still hanging onto him. Around his stomach, she held on with all her strength. Then, Ash was halfway out of the hole. The muscles were coursing through his joints, as he pulled the both of them out. After exiting, both humans collapsed onto their stomachs, on the floor, exhausted from the whole experience. "Well, that was some earthquake."

"No kidding," Kari huffed. "That was the biggest one, I've been in plenty of quakes." Ash was rather surprised. She was involved in earthquakes, in the past? Was that the reason she embraced Ash, like she did, to keep balance?


"The Digidestined are from Japan, a country on Earth, which is plauged by earthquakes," Kabuterimon explained. So, past experience helped Kari save herself. Meanwhile, Togepi had climbed into Ash's bag. Why? It grabbed a long white rope from inside of the bag. Recovered, Ash pushed himself up, as Togepi hopped off of him. The giant Digimon was wondering why Togepi had rope in its grasp. "What's with the rope, little guy?" Ash and Kari peered at the Pokemon, wondering as well. Togepi waddled over to the hole. It saw someone down there.

("Izzy's down there!") it frantically chirped. Hearing the spike ball, the humans crawled over to the hole, too. About 30 feet down, Izzy was holding on a crevice for dear life. Unaware to the people above, he was holding onto Pikachu in his inner knee.

"Izzy, are you all right?" Kari called down. Izzy appeared to be losing his strength. Togepi handed Kari the rope, in an effort to rescue her friend, in which she tossed it down to him, while holding some of it. The rope was in reach, and Izzy grabbed it. Lifting his leg, he grabbed Pikachu, and placed it by his chest. He was ready to be pulled up. He wasn't ready for Ash's method of how. Why? Ash tied the other end of the Kabuterimon's horn.

"Ready when you are," Izzy called up. Ash heard him. He turned to his plan.

"Go for it, Kabuterimon," Ash signaled.

"Here we go!" it buzzed. Kabuterimon began to fly upward, pulling Izzy and Pikachu out of the hole. A few seconds later, Izzy and Pikachu emerged from the hole. Kabuterimon lowered his partner, and Ash's Pokemon, to the earth. Kari ran over to see if her friend was okay.

"Izzy, are you all right?" she asked. Ash walked over to Izzy, unaware that he was still hanging onto Pikachu.

"Both of us are," he replied. Ash was a little confused. Both? Did he have someone else?

"What do you mean 'both'?" he wondered. That's when Izzy revealed his secret: Pikachu, as he emerged and hopped into Kari's arms. She, Ash and Togepi were astonished to see that Izzy caught Pikachu, before himself on a crevice. Izzy's hands told the tale. Scraped, bloodied and worn, it told how hard the First-Gen Digidestined held on. Pikachu appeared to fair better. It was hardly injured. Izzy was wondering if Ash's guess of Team Rocket was, in fact, true.

"Was that how this Team Rocket operate their holes?" There was an interesting question. However, over the years of battling Team Rocket, Ash knew that this had no indication of Team Rocket's tamperment.

"No, they create the holes, and disguise them for us to walk over. I highly doubt they would have the money, or the power to create an earthquake." From what Ash had said, Team Rocket wasn't the brightest of the group, and that there was no way that the earthquake was man-made. Still, they were concerned about the others, who fell into the big hole. They might've been injured, or dead. What they had no idea about, was that those who did fall in were split apart. In one part, Yolei was out, laying on her back. She had no clue of whether she was alive or not. Unaware to her, was that Max was on her...and that she was holding onto him, like a teddy bear. Max was as much out as she was. From the looks of the scene, it appeared that Yolei was trying to protect Max. In another part of the hole, Misty and T.K were on their backs, unconscious from the fall. It's best to point out, that Misty is on T.K. To make the situation less hazardous, Corsola had emerged from being in armor form. It looked like, as though, Aquos's Fusion Orb had temporarily expired. Misty was back in the yellow outfit, along with the ponytail.

("Misty?") it wondered in worry. Moving with its stubby legs, it tried to wedge itself between the humans. ("Recover!") The Pokemon started to glow, followed by the people it was with. After a while, the glowing stopped. A moment later, Misty was coming around. She was wondering what just happened to her. She did want to admit something.

"That was some earthquake," she complimented. Hearing her, T.K. stirred awake. He was still reeling from that quake. Even he couldn't believe the magnitude of that rattler.

"I'll say," he groaned. "That had to be a 7.3 magnitude." 7.3 magnitude? What did he mean by that? After Misty got to a seating position, she turned to help him up, still wondering what was that "magnitude" he mentioned.

"Is that how you measure earthquakes?" T.K. nodded. She wasn't familiar with earthquakes, so how those were measured. She, also, didn't know how dangerous, T.K.'s home was. However, she did have guess, as she helped T.K. up. "You go through these often, do you?" Another nod as a reply.

"When you live in Japan, you go through plenty of earthquakes. Probably why there was a rictor scale, which measures the magnitude of earthquakes. Most of the quakes, I go through, only measure a 4 or lower, so I was pretty surprised with the one, we were just in." Misty was astonished. He, Kari, Izzy, and Yolei were going though earthquakes, like they were a daily basis. Meanwhile, Corsola found something up ahead, and turned to the humans.

("Misty, over here!") it called out. Misty heard Corsola, and ran over to it. What she saw...well, she saw in dismay. It was a faded white cat with black ears, brown feet tips, and a curled tail, which was also brown at the tip. Plus, there was a gold oval coin on its forehead. Misty knew what, or who it was.

"It's Meowth," she motioned. The cat, now identified as Meowth, was out, like the rest who fell during the earthquake. Corsola waddled over, and wanted to wake it up. T.K. was wondering how this Meowth got down there. It wasn't with the group to begin with. Since Misty knew what it was, right away, he assumed it was a Pokemon. He also saw Meowth, having bruises around its body.

"Looks like it's in bad shape," he acknowledged. Misty wasn't too concerned, since she was so familiar with Meowth. She didn't want to take any chances. Corsola wanted to make sure, that it was Team Rocket's firing a Water Gun attack. That's what you call a rude awakening.

"Stop!" Meowth yelled in a Brooklyn style. "I'm soaking wet!" The cat sounded manly, for a Pokemon. Responding, Corsola eased the attack, as Meowth tried to get his nine lives, back together. T.K. couldn't find the words to speak. This was a Pokemon that could talk like a human, and, that Misty struck him while he was out. Probably, she was mad at the cat, for what happened, before she and T.K. met. Meowth regained his composure, now, upset at Misty. "So, the redhead twerp decided to fight someone when they're down." Misty was in no lip to be a nice girl. She grabbed the fur, and was ready to scream down his throat.

"I knew Team Rocket was behind my kidnapping!" she verbaly blitzed him. Her tantrum started to scare T.K. "Why were Togepi and I, your targets?" Seems like Misty wanted to get to the truth. Meowth wanted to try and play dumb.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Not so fast. Misty grabbed the cat by the throat, and started to choke him. T.K. wanted to save the cat, but he thought she would snap at him. Finally, Meowth's pain got to the breaking point. "All right! All right! I'll talk!" That being gargled out, Misty loosened her grip on the Pokemon. Still, her blood vessels were exposed, a real good sign that her harsh temper had yet to cool.

"Start talking, now!" After a while to get straightened out, Meowth was ready to talk.

"We were hired by a guy named Col. Hanson, to snatch a Togepi. He said he needed one to use for a ceremony to be the next king of the Mirage Kingdom." The Mirage Kingdom...Misty mentioned that when she explained what happened before she and Ash were transported to RainBellian.

"Was he chosen to be the next king, by the current one?" T.K. asked.

"He believes so, but proclaims that the king made his daughter, the princess, would be the next to throne." In short, the answer was no. The king of the Mirage Kingdom chose the offspring to lead the kingdom, and this Col. Hanson wasn't going to accept that as an answer. Usually, Team Rocket was after Pikachu, but because of the explanation, Misty felt that they were not entirely to blame. Then, something clicked into Misty's head. Apparently, both cases, the DigiWorld and the Mirage Kingdom, had people who wanted to rule it.

"Why?" she muttered. "Why would anyone want a place to rule, so maliciously? Col. Hanson in my world, Ken in your world..." T.K. began to understand what Misty was saying: ruling a large area for greed is a mystery, that no one should possess. Meanwhile, Yolei was unwinding out of her sleep. She was wondering what happened to her, why she go through that earthquake. She tried to get up, when she found Max, on top of her, still out...and blanketed with bruises, and cuts. Yolei became fearful. She thought that Max was badly injured.

"Max?!" she yelped. "Max, are you okay?" Hearing her, Max was starting to come around. From his expression, he was doing just fine, like he wasn't suffering from any pain. He turned to Yolei, still worried about any possible injuries. In the reverse side, Max was rather worried about Yolei, being hurt.

"Yolei, you all right?" he groaned.

"I'm good, but what about you? You're hurt." Max wanted to prove that he was okay, as he tried to push himself up. Ignoring the wounds, he was almost to his feet. Almost, being the keyword. When he planted his left foot down, a sharp, painful spike shot through his body. Feeling that shot of pain, he collapsed to his knees, and gripped his left ankle. It had to have been broken. Yolei believed he was injured. Yolei was right. "Max?!"

"My...ankle..." Max was hurt, but good. That ankle had to be in horrible shape for him to stand up. As Yolei made it over to Max, she carefully removed his shoe. That ankle, when exposed, had swollen to the size of a baseball, and had a purple color to it. Yolei knew the condition of the ankle.

"It's broken." That was news, Max didn't want to hear. It seems that being trapped in a giant hole, wasn't bad enough, he, now, had to contend with a busted leg. There was some consolation: he was with an equally intelligent girl. Yolei knew she was feeling defeat. "How do we get out, now?" Meanwhile, Ash, Izzy, and Kari were trying to figure out how to get their friends out of the hole. Not they stood around and did nothing. Ash had released Swellow, in which it dove down and plucked the Digimon out. Hawkmon, Patamon and Gatomon were relieved to be out of there. Kari was treating their injuries, as the boys were thinking of a way to get everyone else out. Suddenly...

"Hey!" a voice rang out, in the tone of a grown teen male. Someone was running to the group, as the others turned to the direction of the voice. There, a young tanned man, with spiky black hair, ran up to the hole. It was wearing a long sleeve shirt, sweat pants, and sandles. From Ash's sight, it looked like someone he knew. However, he didn't want to make the same mistake as T.K., Kari and Misty. The young man was wondering what the people were doing by the hole. "What happened, here?" Izzy was the one who wanted to explain.

"A few of our friends fell through the hole, after an earthquake shook us," he clarified. The man gritted his teeth. He knew something, that the rest didn't.

"Seems like those earthworms haven't let up on making those tremors." Earthworms? Sure, make Misty's trip to RainBellian, a living nightmare. But, what did this man mean? From the sound of him, it sounded like they had to be big worms, not small fish meal. "Ever since RainBellian was corrupted in this colorless curse, the worms have been running amok, causing numerous tremors, throughout Yelkow." The window of clarity started to get cleaner. It would seem that the Vendetta caused these worms to create destruction, by confusion. No way was this getting on Ash's good side. Rage must have done all of this. More importantly to Ash, he wanted to know who this young man was. He didn't recognized Ash.

"Before you continue, can you tell us, who you are?" he questioned. The young man acted a little befuddled. That's when he figured that he needed to introduce himself.

"It's Rick, of Goldston." Rick, huh?

"Son of the govenor?" Kari guessed.

"No...the actual govenor." Now, that was a gust of wind of a new direction. Rick had presented himself as a real govenor. "I was visiting Jeremy in Beigeburg, who wasn't feeling too well. When the earthquake occurred, my pet prairie dog, Lucia, saw the three of you escaping the hole, probably caused by the earthworms." So, these worms have been a common threat against anyone in Yelkow. Kari was, now, starting to get fearful. If these worms were as dangerous as they sounded, she would need to pray that everyone was all right. Wait...Lucia, the prairie dog.

"You think Lucia can get our friends, out of there?" Ash wondered. Izzy tapped Ash in the shoulder. Obviously, he had something to say.

"Ash, prairie dogs are no bigger than Togepi," he sternly muttered. "How can a prarie dog save our friends?" He had a point, though. Prairie dogs were very small, no bigger than guiena pigs. Then, thundering hooves rumbled the land. What was it? Pikachu clutched the ground, in a fighting stance. Suddenly, there was a gray prairie dog, approaching the area. Rick turned to the prairie dog, happy to see its arrival.

"Lucia, over here!" he called out. Maybe Izzy sould've kept his mouth shut. Why? The closer Lucia got...the bigger it became. Let the story stress it: Bigger. When Lucia arrived, it was as big as Kabuterimon, not Togepi. No one expected a prairie dog to be that huge. It took a minute, but Ash straightened himself out, and turned to Izzy, with a wicked smirk on his face. Guess Ash proved himself a little smarter than the redhead Digidestined.

"Now, what was that about prairie dogs, being no bigger than Togepi?" he snickered. Of course, there had to be an explanation.

"RainBellian prairie dogs are wild, and an average height of an adult is a few inches shorter than Lucia," Rick clarified. It would seem, that prairie dogs on RainBellian are a thousand times the size of an Earth prairie dog. Rick, then, turned to Lucia. "Lucia, four in hole! Rescue! Run, if worm!" The way, Rick was communicating with Lucia, was like a newbie parent, talking to an infant. What me meant was there were four victims in the hole; go and rescue them; run if you spot an earthworm. Lucia understood, and dove, head first, into the hole. Seeing the giant prairie dog's dive, Togepi waddled over to the hole, wanting to join Lucia. Kari saw it, and just as Togepi was ready to make its own dive. When it jumped, Kari snagged it. Somehow, Misty's motherhood seemed to be rubbing on everyone, as Kari pulled it to her chest, Gatomon watching on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, Togepi," she spoke softly. "We'll get Misty out of there." Togepi got upset. It wanted to join Lucia, to look for Misty. Speaking of, Misty and T.K. were done tying up Meowth. However, how was holding the loud mouth, gonna help get them out?

"A lot of help, tying this cat up," he moaned. Meowth felt defeated. He wouldn't help Misty, even if his life depended on it.

"So, now what," he yelled out. "You gonna feed me to the Growlithe?" He didn't want to go out like a lunch to whatever he named. Suddenly, there was a shaking. Another earthquake? Then, Lucia made its arrival. If Meowth were wearing pants, he would need a new pair, because he was petrified in fear of the giant prairie dog. "That's...even worse..." The humans were scared, too. That's when Lucia walked to them, and motioned that it wanted to help return them to the surface.

"So, this giant prairie dog is willing to help us out of here." Thinking that this was a chance, Misty grabbed Meowth, and boarded the furry critter. Once T.K. hopped on, Lucia crawled up, out of the hole, and to the surface. Everyone was happy to see that Misty and T.K. were okay, as they jumped off Lucia. Suddenly, Ash saw Meowth. How did he wind up with the other two? Despite that, Patamon greeted T.K. in a hug, happy that he was okay. Kari walked over to Misty, willing to hand Togepi back over to her.

"It's been really worried about you," she said, as Misty snatched Togepi. She was happy to see her egg.

"I believe that," she smiled. Ash was wondering why Meowth was down in the hole. He should be with Team Rocket.

"So, what happened to you?" Ash questioned. "Did Team Rocket dismiss you, and assign Wobbufett, their mascot?" Meowth jerked his head away. No way was he going to listen to the trainer of Team Rocket's target. Meantime, Lucia dove back into the hole. The prairie dog's rescue mission wasn't over, yet. Yolei was comforting the injured Max, who had passed out in exhaustion. She tried to act like a big sister, since she is a big sister, back home.

"I hope, that we'll be out of here, soon...little Maxy," she prayed. Calmed, Max felt the warmth of Yolei's heart. All he could do, was rest on her chest. That didn't last long, when the ground started to shake, again. Yolei embraced Max, hoping that whatever was coming down, was there to help evacuate the two. Then, Lucia appeared, frightening her. "Don't hurt me." Turning around, Lucia motioned it's back, wanting the two to hop on. Realizing the reason,Yolei lifted, and cradled the child in her arms, like a baby. Getting on, Yolei held Max, tightly. Lucia made its move, ready to exit the hole. Once emerged, everyone else was happy to see the remaining humans, alive. Yolei was still very concerned about Max, and his busted ankle. "Can I get some medical assistance?" Izzy heard her, but wondered if it was her, that asked for it.

"Are you all right, Yolei?" he wondered, a little cautious.

"I am, but Max is hurt." The trainers and Rick heard her cry, and ran over to them. Yolei, still clinging onto Max, dismounted from Lucia.

"What happened, Yolei?" Misty questioned.

"He broke his ankle, trying to protect me." Ash was surprised. This little guy was willing to sacrifice his health for a girl, she barely knew. Now, they needed to think on how to get aid for Max. They never get a chance to come up with a solution. More tremors were stirring. Was it the worms? Or was it the next Vendetta?