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The Four Seasons: Prologue

Data floated around the Domain Tower as the lights of the combined attacks of the authors finally ended. It hovered for a few seconds before finally rising into the air and disappearing from view, joining the other shards of data that had been the casualties of the latest war.

"Are you sure about this?" Asked a voice from the shadows as the shards of data began to slowly whirl together like the beginnings of some great hurricane or tornado.

"Of course I'm sure," replied another voice from out of the darkness of cybernetic oblivion. "When will we have a more perfect opportunity? Thanks to the Lord of Fantasy we have all that we need to achieve our goals."

"But the others…" spoke up a third voice, but it was quickly interrupted by the second.

"But nothing! They know nothing about our plans. The Lord of Fantasy was a fool to go in as directly as he did. Still, he did inadvertently provide us with something useful."

The data swirled faster as it began to coalesce and take shape. The scene shifts back to the victorious forces of the Domain Tower as a great cheer erupted from the gathered authors and characters, both Canon and Original alike while the sun rose above the scarred and barren land like a promise of hope for the future.

"Let them celebrate their meaningless victory for now," said the second voice again. The fun is only just beginning…"

The sun continued to rise, oblivious or perhaps uncaring to the plans that were even now being set in motion, perhaps because despite whatever happened it would survive and continue its journey as it always had 'till the end of time. Its glow touched the land softly like a mother's smile, illuminating everything as it always had, as it always would.

"The fun is only just beginning…"

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