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It was the night of the fifth of November, and Evey lay fast asleep in V's bed, after she had pulled the leaver and sent the train to Parliament... with V's body inside... she had come back to the shadow gallery in hopes of finding something to comfort her, but only found memories that made her even more sad then she had been.

Why why, every time, it seems every time I think I finally have found someone who will be with me for ever to protect me... and to be my friend, my family... dose it always end in them dieing? Was only one of the things that were running through Evey's mind as she lay on the bed, V's bed... "Oh god what did I do to deserve this?" She screamed as tears run down her small cheeks.

Before she had even knew what was happening, she had fallen asleep. She dreamed that V and her were dancing again, she dreamed that he did not die and that they had watched together as Parliament was blown to pieces... It was then that she woke, not even realizing at first that V was indeed dead, she called out to him "V...?" no answer. That's odd, he always comes if I call... maybe he's out on one of his 'missions' she thought to herself as she sat up in... V's bed... "How in gods name did I end up in here?" she asked herself... "NO!" she screamed as the events of the fifth came flashing back to her. She collapsed back onto the bed, crying even harder than before.

Meanwhile in the streets outside Parliament, or what once was Parliament, the people of London were being ordered to go back to their homes until such time that it was "safe" to come back out onto the streets of London.

"Please I'm telling you all to evacuate the area! It's for your own safety. Damn it!" Came Detective Dominic Stones, panicked voice over the roar of the crowds. He turned the chief inspector, Eric Finch, "It's no use is it?"

"No... I think not." Was all that Finch said in return to Dominic's question. He could not stop thinking about how he had let Evey send the train off the blow up Parliament.

One of the finger men that was desperately trying to contain the angry crowd turned to Finch "Sir! I have new information that the terrorist known as Code-name V, has been terminated!" His voice seemed rather harsh to the two detectives, and no one said anything for quite a long time, it seemed like hours that past, to Dominic, who despite the fact that he had been trying to catch this Code-name V for exactly a year now, he always thought that if it was up to him he would stop the search for this "Terrorist" and let him blow up Parliament, but of course it was not up to him.

"...what...?" Dominic said as he turned back to the crowd, and picked up the mega phone to speak to them about the new found news, of their so called hero. "People of London... I... have some... information concerning Code-name V..." Just then he was cut off by the crowds cheering for their hero, their hero who died saving their country...

"Well spit it out lad!" Came, a cry from one of the older men in the crowd.

"Right... well... We have recently been informed that... that..." he suppressed a shudder at the thought of how angry they would be once he told them the news. "Code-name V is... dead..."

Silence, nothing but silence, not even a shudder or a cry came from the crowd... just silence.

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