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Chapter Nine

Bella ran as fast as her legs would carry her. For she, Bella, had just met the most known man in London... not to mention their hero, come to rescue them once again.

As she was running she clumsily managed to trip and fall. "Lousy feet I have" she murmured. Bella grimaced, she had scraped her knee on the curb of the street. She pushed herself into a kneeling position and let out a whine. "Damn IT!! I twisted my ankle... Just what I need!" She slowly crawled to a lamp posed, face contorting more and more, in a mixture of anger and pain, each time she moved her leg.

Bella pulled herself up with the help of the lamp posed as she felt tears of pain in her dark blue eyes. When she noticed how dark it was, how helpless she was, and the fact there were no street lights on anywhere, she began to fear what could be lurking in the dark deserted street. She slowly limped over to a bench, tears now flowing helplessly down her face from; fear, anger and pain. Once sitting she examined he ankle and knee, her ankle looked like it was in pretty bad shape and her knee had a deep gash in it. she let out a small whimper as she touched the raw wound.

"Its not safe here... I must get home..." She thought looking around. Her house was not that far, maybe two blocks away. But she was not sure if she could make it that far, for her ankle seeded to swell more and more with every second that passed.

Bella took out the card that had Dominic's number on it and slowly limped over to the phone booth not too far from were she sat. She reached into her pocket and took out a coin. Set it in the phone booth and dialed the number. "Come on Come on Dominic... pick up... pick up." But there was no answer. "SHITTE" she yelled at the phone. She sighed in frustration and limped farther down the side walk, hoping that home was closer then she had thought.

As Bella was walking she noticed that there was the sound of feet scraping against pavement... that was not hers.

V returned to the shadow gallery, expecting a very annoyed Evey, but was relieved to see her sleeping on the couch. He lifter her up and mover her to her bed, were he tucked her in and bent down letting the lips of his mask touch her forehead. "Good night Evey. Don't be too mad at me in the morning." His hidden face under the mask smiled, as he walked out of the room and into his own room.

V took his cloak and hat off, and then walked into the living area. He sat on the couch and turned the news on only to see that they had been quick to find one of the new members of norsfire dead in his house. "Well they sure find things out fast now, don't they." He thought.

After about on hour or so V got up and went to his room.

Dominic was walking the streets of London late at night when he stumbled upon Finch.

"Well look what we have here." Finch said as he looked up at Dominic.

Dominic Smiled slightly. "Did you hear the news tonight?" He asked.

Finch laughed a rough laugh and said; " Yes who would miss it. But I did not hear it from my TV no! I was there after the sick ass hole was killed."

Dominic's eyes flashed up to his boss worry written all over his face. "Well?"

Finch looked to the ground, a small smile across his face. "He's back... it obviously was him... no one else kills like him... no one..."

Dominic looked at the older mad with his head slightly tilted in a confused manner. "That's good. Is it not?"

Finch looked up smile fading. "I hope so... I don't feel like be brain washed again. Not in this life time anyways."

Dominic Smiled, and clasped a hand on Finches shoulder. "Don't worry old timer. I would never let that happen."

Finch smiled as well and let out a real laugh this time. "Just like you Dom. Always lightening the mood."

Dominic looked down as his cell rang. "agh, people have been calling me all day about that assassination earlier. Think I'll just turn it off." he said as he turned his phone off and stuck it back on his belt.

"Good idea. Get away from it all for once."

"Yes... for once."

They both walked off down the street, talking about the happenings in the last few days.

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