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"Relax, kitten," Spike murmured as she tried to twist out of his grip.

"But what if someone-"

"They wont," he replied against her lips, and Dawn was forced to give in, wrapping her arms around him.

She had to admit that making out with her secret boyfriend around the back of the school, in the rain was a bit clichéd, but when Spike had heard that storm clouds would be covering Sunnydale all day, blocking out the sun, he'd wandered towards the school, and found her hanging around the edges. And who were they to deny this perfect opportunity, clearly sent to them by the Powers that Be.

Dawn snuggled closer to Spike as thunder clapped, and he tightened his grip on her, sliding his hand under her shirt, causing her to giggle. Unfortunately, at that same moment they heard a throat clearing, and a familiar whiney voice demanded, "What the hell is going on here?"

The couple jumped apart, and Dawn stared at the little man in shock, tugging her clothes back into place.

"Uh, Principal Snyder! I, um…"

" So this is what was wore important than your math class, Miss Summers?"

"Um. No? I mean, yes?"

"Wrong answer!" Snyder exclaimed gleefully. "I would like to see you and this troublesome looking young man in my office immediately!"

"Hey!" Spike exclaimed.

"My office! Now!"


Dawn shifted uncomfortably in her seat, and glared at Spike sitting next to her. This was so all his fault! If it weren't for him, she would not be sitting in the Principal's office, soaking wet, and wondering what was going to happen to her.

On the other hand, Spike looked equally angry, and looked as though he might gouge Snyder's eyes out soon. Good. She doubted he'd been called either 'troublesome' or 'young man' in a long time.

Snyder was just sitting across the desk from them, watching them silently. Dawn was worried. Then, the intercom on his desk buzzed, and his secretary announced that Miss Summers was here.

"Oh my God. You called my sister!" Dawn exclaimed. Spike looked like he would rather be anywhere but there.

"She is going to kill me!"

Snyder smiled smugly. "She must know."

Spike groaned. "It's been nice knowing you, Bit."

The door to Snyder's office swung open, and Buffy started yelling. "All right, who's this boy Dawn's been fooling around with? I'm going to kill him, and Dawn, you're grounded till- Spike? What's Spike doing here?"

"This," Snyder informed her happily -well, as happily as Snyder can get, "Is the young troublemaker I found Miss Summers with."

Buffy stared at them in confusion. "But… I thought you said they were making out?"

"They were." Snyder frowned. "Is everyth-"

"I'm gonna kill you!" Buffy shrieked, diving towards Spike, who leaped up from his chair, and hauled Dawn in front of him, using her as a human shield between him and the very angry Slayer.

"Buffy!" Dawn yelled urgently, "you need to stop trying to kill Spike so I can explain!"

Buffy stopped moving, and watched the two for a minute.

"We'll talk about this at home."


"At home!"


Buffy wasn't yelling. She was speaking very softly and menacingly, which, Dawn decided, was much, much scarier. At first she had been outlining exactly how long Dawn was grounded for. Now she had moved on to describing, in gory detail, exactly how she was going to kill Spike. He himself and resumed his position hunched behind Dawn.

"Buff, could we hold the gruesome lecture for a sec? I mean, can we explain?"

"Oh, yes, sure, go ahead. That's just what I want to hear. Tell me Dawn, why were you making out with the vicious killer behind the school?"

Dawn winced. "Well, I mean. It."

"What can I say, Slayer? Girls just can't keep their hands off me- hey!"

Dawn lunged to the side to protect him. "Spike! So not helping! Buffy, ignore him!"

"I could just stake him…"

"Don't! Hear me out."

Buffy put her stake down reluctantly. "Fine. Start talking."

"Well," Dawn started hesitantly, "It all started a while back-"

"A while back! How long has this been going on for?!"

Dawn gave her a look, and Buffy sat back down with a sigh.

"It all started a while back, and it kinda…got bigger as it went along. And, Buffy, I know you don't approve, but he's not gonna hurt me or anything-"

"Never," Spike agreed.

"And I love him, Buff."

Buffy leaped up from her chair, a shocked expression on her face. "You love him? Dawn, you can't love a…a murderer! And undead murderer!"

"He doesn't kill people anymore! And, hello, Angel!"

"Angel had a soul."

"Spike has a chip."

"So not the same thing!"

"Okay, maybe not, but, Buff, he loves me too."

"Excuse me?! He cannot love! He's a soulless evil demon!"

"Hey!" Spike exclaimed. "I mean no to the soulless evil bit, because yeah, but I do love her, Slayer."

Buffy looked from Dawn to Spike, and turned around. "Unbelievable," she muttered as she stalked from the room.

Dawn sighed and gave Spike a quick hug. "I'll talk to her."

(Reluctant) Acceptance:

Spike was almost asleep when he felt the covers of his bed drawn back, and a warm figure press itself to his side. He smiled, and turned over.


"Hey. What'd she say?"

Dawn smiled at him and nuzzled closer. "She yelled for a while, then she threatened, than she cried."


"Yeah. Something about me growing up too fast."

Spike grinned. "So what was the upshot, then?"

Dawn gave him a broad smile and hugged him tightly. "She needs some time, but she'll be okay."


"I thought so."

"So…" Spike assumed a mock thoughtful expression. "What should we do to celebrate?"

Dawn giggled, and everything was alright.