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P.S.: Most of the characters are not mine they are Stephenie Meyer's. Their may be some characters that are mine though.

Chapter One

Edward's POV

Everything's fine expect the fact that Victoria is going to come back. Alice had a vision of her coming but staying low. The bad thing is she's looking for Bella...or even me. And I have a feeling Bella knows something's not right.

"Bella?" I was driving the way she hates: me looking at her and not at the road. Thinking that made me grin, Bella's favorite grin.

"Yes, Edward?" she was looking at me confused-ish-ly. That made me smile wider.

"Are you, um, ungrounded yet?" that she wasn't expecting.

"Why?" she's even more confused and I love it.

"Silly little Bella, I, I mean Alice, wants you to spend the night tonight." GOD DID I MESS UP!!

She got this devilish grin and said, "Alice huh? Oh okay I'll beg and annoy Charlie if 'Alice' wants me to spend the night."

Bella was so engulfed in our conversation she didn't know we were at her house already. She looked out the window and jumped a little. That made me laugh hysterically, but I made her blush. SCORE!! I love Bella's blush almost as much as I love her. (A/N: I know I know its corny but we're talkin a guy that was alive in the 1910s!)

"I'll meet you in your room. I'm going to hide the car until you get Charlie to say yes." I gave her a gentle kiss before she got out. I was smiling all the way to my 'hiding' spot for the car, and all the way to her bedroom.

Bella's POV

My gosh is Edward acting strange. Oh well, what am I going to do! While I was thinking Charlie came in.

"Bella?" who else?

"I'm here." I said as I walked to him. "Dad, can I stay at Alice's house tonight? Don't worry Edward's not going to be there. He's going camping with Jasper and Emmett." What he doesn't know won't hurt him.

"Well if, uh, Edward isn't there then okay. I guess so." he said.

Yes!!! "Thanks Dad." I said giving him a hug. "Oh, can I call Alice to tell her to pick me up?"

"Uh um, okay?" that sounded more like a question.

Yeah right like I have to call!! I went to the phone anyway and I acted like I was talking to Alice. I 'told' her to 'pick' me up. Then I went upstairs and found my stuff packed and Edward sitting in my rocking chair. This is going to be GREAT!! I'm so glad he can't read my mind!!