My name is Sakura Haruno

My name is Sakura Haruno. First, before I tell you about everything else, let me tell you a little bit about myself, and my family.

My father, Kazuki Haruno is one of the richest men in the world. He owned many businesses across Asia, which include of hotels, and real estates. He'd made his fortune by opening a small business and with a little luck; his company had hit a huge jackpot. He provided me with everything that I ever wanted and need. I've always been his little princess, his little girl since my mother died, giving birth to me.

It's not that I don't miss my mother, but to be truthful, how can you miss someone when you've never met them? Even if she's my mother, I feel no connection, no feeling what-so-ever toward the woman. My father is the only family I've ever had, and that's just fine with me.

Now, I, myself, am what people would call 'A good girl.' They take one look at me and see what I wanted them to see. An innocent rich girl who's been sheltered since birth. I don't take offense whenever I heard people said that about me. I'm rather proud. I'm proud that they didn't see through my mask of deception. They didn't see the sin that's within my body, within my very soul.

But how can one resist temptation? How can Adam and Eve resist the apple from the god tree? Simple, they didn't resist, the bend to temptation, the power of it is strong and forceful. Just like I can't resist him.

I've claimed that I loved my father more than anything in this world. I would give up my life for his in a second if ask. Yet, yet I've betrayed him in the most painful way of all. The way that I've thought is not possible for me. What did I do that would cost me to hide this shameful act? Simple, it's temptation.

My temptation is Sasuke Uchiha, and my sin is sleeping with my father's worst enemy.

It's not that I planned for it to happen. Never in my lifetime. But he's just too hard to resist. Never in my life time had I ever met anyone mysterious, as alluring as him. My friends warned me to stay away from him, for he's nothing but trouble in pretty package. I didn't listened to them one bit. Maybe it's the challenge that rose within me. Since I was a little girl, I've always been told of my beauty. From my luscious silky pale pink hair that's almost silver to my goddess body. My pert breasts and rear is what draw guys towards me but I know that my beauty comes with a price. I've tried to reason in my head that I didn't know him then, but even the lie couldn't conceal my shame towards myself. I knew who he was the moment I walked into St. Mary Private School.

My father's worst enemy.

I can still remember the first time I saw him. The moment I walked into the bright classroom when the teacher introduced me, my eyes immediately went to him, as if the magnetic pull has drawn my eyes to his. His eyes were the color of midnight coal, a stark contrast against his tan skin and muscular body, his dark spiky hair going into different direction with bangs. I would've have think that anyone else with that kind of hair style should crawl under a rock and hide, yet it look perfect on him. Clad in the school uniform, a black dress pants and a white collar dress shirt with the first two buttons popped open, he looked delectable sitting at the back of the room. I didn't hear a single word that Sensei said, instead my mind was on full alert, and my deepest fantasy came alive of two bodies, stark naked bodies against one another. I can feel the heat between my legs and it was painful to just stand there and not moaned aloud.

Sensei had interrupted my thought when he asked if I was okay. I can feel myself blushing and his smirk. Did he know what I was thinking? I nodded my head meekly and walked toward my seat. I can feel eyes staring at me. The pleated skirts barely cover my bottom while the white dress shirt showed my black satin bra was probably the reason why guys turned their head to follow my movement. I can feel the girls staring at me with venomous glares, but I could careless about them.

The leg carried me to the back of the room where an empty seat stood. I raised my head to stare at the person in the next chair and my groan slipped out. Sasuke Uchiha was sitting next to me. His eyes gleaming dangerously as his lips twisted into a mocking smile.

"Damn." I couldn't stop myself from uttering out the word. How the hell am I suppose to concentrate in class when he's sitting next to me? Just the thought of him had me wetter than a fish.

This is going to be a long year. That I know.

I took the seat in the empty chair and slung my Chanel purse on the back of the chair. Looking straight ahead, I pretended that he's not sitting next to me. I can feel his eyes boring into the side of my face. I didn't know how it happened, but the quickening of my breath, the aching between my legs returned. I dare to glance at the devil himself and instantly, I wish I hadn't.

His dark coal orbs were trailing from my head to the tip of my toes. His tongue flicked out to trace the outline of his lips and I couldn't help but stare at the piece of organ. My paties are wet, just from his look alone. Dear god, what's he doing to me?

I didn't have time to react. He leaned over, his scent, wood and spice overflowing my nostril, filling my head with delicious fantasies. His breath was warm, tickling the sensitive skin of my neck. He uttered one word that made me look at him.

"Welcome to St. Mary, Sakura." the way he said my name was definitely a temptation. No one should have that kind of voice, let alone that kind of look. I gulped in air, trying to prevent myself from hyperventilating. I couldn't summon my will to answer him back. I just nodded. He let out a sultry chuckle before placing a tiny kiss upon my neck and pull back into his own seat. That kiss sent shivers down to my toes.

"Sakura?" Sensei's voice reached my ears.

"Yes?" I answered. What was he saying again? In the midst of my high, I didn't catch anything he said.

"I said, there will be a project that will determine half of your grade this year. This project will be done with a partner. The topics are to be related to the Human Anatomy." Sensei stated.

I swallowed. Miracle of life? I really sucked in Science, especially in Biology.

"I will call out the name of the partners in a minute. The project will be due at the end of next month." Sensei said. I can hear the moans and groans fro the students around the classroom.

"Now, the partners that I picked will be together for this project along with any activities that involve partnership. Switching partners are prohibited." with that said, he went to his desk and took out a piece pf papers which I assume is the name of each partner.

"Atashi and Ayumi." the two students winked at each other. I can tell what those two are thinking already. It's hard not to since the air around them might as well scream out 'We're screwing each other.'

"Takashi and Inou." I can see the blonde let out a huff and sat back against her chair. She was very attractive. Her legs were long creamy smooth along with her big chest.

"Sasuke and..." I mentally gulped. Please don't let him be my partner. Please..."Sakura."

I banged my head against the desk and moaned from the impact. The Sensei didn't hear my little tirade because he went on with his list. The bell ring a little bit later. I quickly gather my stuff and prepare to run out of the classroom. The pull of my arm held me back and I bumped into a wall of muscle.

"Your house or mine?" Sasuke whispered seductively.

"Huh?" I said confusedly. My eyes went up to his.

"The project. We have to get started early. So, your house or mine?" said said.

" don't really know much about the human anatomy, I guess starting early would be good." I mumbled.

"I didn't ask whether you know the topic or not, Sakura. You answered the wrong question." he remarked back, His tone held something close to amusement because the corner of his lips lifted up.

"Eh..." I can feel myself burning up. "Well, I just move here so my house is pretty much a mess, so I guess your house." I replied.

"All right." he said. Letting go of my arm, he went ahead of me. I stared after his retreating form and sighed. Gathering myself, I heard him call my name.

"Sakura, don't worry about the project. I'll teach you all you need to know." he promised with a mocking smirk. With that said he gave me one last glance and left. I was still rooted to the same spot, unable to move. Why does his promise sound so...bad?

From that moment on, I can tell that his life and mine will be very intertwining.



The day went by pretty slow. I have only three classes with Sasuke. Thank god because if I see him every minute of the day, I'm afraid that I may go insane with wanting him. I don't know how he's able to do that to me. My instinct is telling me to stay far away from him as possible, yet the other part of me, a large part of me wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. What would it be like to be held by him in his strong arms, to be kissed by the sensual lips?

I let out a sigh for my thought. Walking to my car that was parked in the student parking lot, I waited for Sasuke to show up. He told me to wait for him in the parking lot since he's going to drive to his house. I insisted to drive myself there but he refused. Minutes later, he emerged through the door with a blond and a redhead hanging onto each of his arm. I feel an ugly feeling surfacing and scolded myself. Why should I care whether he's screwing those girls or not? We're just partners, that's all.

I watched him gave the girls a kiss and my thought instantly went back to the kiss he placed upon my neck. The girls giggled helplessly before blowing kisses to him and gave me death glares. I quirked my eyebrow at them, daring them to say something to me, anything to me so I can pop them in their faces. They didn't say a thing, only huffed and walked away, swaying their hips seductively. I rolled my eyes.

Sasuke walked towards me and smirk. Taking my hands into his, he dragged me to his car. A bright red Ferrari glowing against the golden sun rays.

"I can walk, you know." I remarked casually.

He rolled his eyes. "I know."

"Who were those girls?" the words left my mouth before I can stop myself.

He smirked at me. "Just someone." he replied.

He unlocked the door and opened the passenger side for me. I went in as he closed the door, walking to the driver side and got in too. Engine revving, he pulled out of the parking lot and into the street, ignoring the look that the students gave him.

"Where do you live?" I asked, breaking the silent inside the car.

"Waverly Height." he replied. "You said you just move here. Where did you live before?" he questioned.

"New York." I replied. "I was born there."

"Long way from home." he commented. "What made you move here to Japan?"

"My father wanted a change of scenery." I said casually. It was half true after all. My father did want a change for my life. He also wanted to buy out the Uchiha Empire.

"Haruno? You're father is the big business tycoon guy right?" he said.

"Isn't your father?" I countered. The way he said it made me mad.

"No need to be up in a snitch, babe." he chuckled. He knew who my father is. He knew who I am, yet he's still act as if it's nothing. I can feel his gaze on me. "Let's put who our families are asides. I could careless your father and my father are blood enemy."

I didn't say anything as he pulled into the cemented driveway. I stepped out of the car and encountered with the giant white stoned mansion complete with a gigantic well manicured garden and a huge white marbled fountain the middle of the front yard. The mansion was surrounded by wrought iron gate and hundreds of cherry blossom trees in bloom.

"Let's go." he said, pulling my arm towards the front double door. Inside the mansion, white pillars supported the ceiling, the living room was decorated with antique furniture and a giant flat screen dominated the room. Shiny grand piano sat in the left side of the room. I can see that the color white seemed to be the theme. Whoever designed this house must reeks of money and wealth.

"You want something to drink?" he asked, walking into the grand kitchen. I followed behind him.

"Soda." I replied. Taking out Coke, he poured the content into a glass and handed to me. I drank the soda and looked at him. His eyes are on me again. We stared at each other, neither of us wanted to break the connection. He leaned in closer and closer. I wanted to move away but my body wouldn't, instead I leaned into him. Our lips closed over and instantly I felt the heat and passion burning in his eyes. He pulled me closer to his body; his hands went to my blouse, unbuttoning the shirt. His hands brushed against my breasts and I shuttered. My arms snaked around his neck as he let go of my shirt and reflectively scooped my up in bridal style.

"My room." he muttered between kisses. I nodded as he sprint out of the kitchen towards the stairs. We were in his room five seconds flat. I felt my back connected with the soft mattress, his lips, soft yet hard on me once again. I pulled his head closer to me, to get better access to his gifted mouth. His fingers skillfully relieved the buttons from my shirt and flung the material across the room. I was in my satin bra, feeling his heated skin. His lips left mine, trailing down my neck to my shoulder. He bit me lightly as I let out a moan. He unhooks the bra and flung it on top of my shirt. My creamy breasts spilled out and he sucked on it greedily while his other hand massaging its twin. I couldn't hold in the moan that erupted inside of me. My fingers somehow found its way to the front of his shirt and ripped off the material. I didn't feel the loose buttons hitting my skin, too caught up in the world of ecstasy. I heard him chuckled darkly.

"Getting impatient?"

I glared at him before pulling him down for another heat searing kiss. I noticed his hands trailing down to my thighs and to the zipper of my skirts. I lifted my hips to help him ease out of the skirts. At the same time, my fingers vigorously worked the belt from his pants. Our attire hit the floor at the same time. I squeezed his hard length and was instantly rewarded by his moans. I never felt so work up before. God, he's so addicting. I wanted to hear more of his moans. Pushing him off of me, he landed on the mattress with a confused look. I pushed him down onto the bed and crawled on top of his body. He gave me a smirk before lying with his arms underneath his head. I took of his black silk boxers and pulled it from his legs. His cock stood straight up, moisture glistening at the tip. I bend down and took a swift lick and he moaned loudly. I smiled and swiveled my tongue around the member. I admit that I've never done anything like this before. I've always thought that this was revolting, yet with him, I've never felt more comfortable doing it.

I gently sucked on his shaft, pulling my mouth away for a second before descending it down his hard penis. The bobbing action was erotic as I caught a sight of myself in the mirror. My breasts were aching from the sight alone. The moisture began forming between my legs and I felt it as my G-string was wet as well. I began to pick up the pace as his moans increases. His member hit the back of my throat before shooting his load into my mouth. I greedily swallowed every last drop. I heard him gave a sigh as I wiped my lips. He gave a chuckled before pounding on me. We both fell onto the soft carpeted floor. He looked down at me with dangerous eyes. His fingers work its way down to my panties as he pulled the tiny string loose.

"Perfect." he growled. I gasped as he held my arms at my side, immobilized the limbs. His lips parted my vagina as he gave one quick stroke with his tongue. I shuttered and let out a moan. One of his hands free my arm and I quickly pushed his head down against my dripping pussy, urging him to release me. He gave a growled that shook my body to the core. His fingers parted my labia as he pushed two fingers into me, stretching me. I felt a wonderful sensation as his fingers skillfully pushing in and out, setting the perfect rhythm. I rocked myself against his fingers, wanting to find the bliss that wait.

He replaced his fingers with his mouth as his tongue flicked out sucked on my clitoris. It didn't take long for me to come. I screamed out as I came, long and hard. I felt my throat gone dry, my voice horse from screaming. Sasuke gave one last lick before leaving me on the floor. I opened my eyes to see him rolling something onto his thickening member.

"Get up." he commanded roughly. I gave one nod before sitting up on my hands and knees. I felt him take a tight grip of my hips as he went behind me, licking my skin with his textured tongue from the base of my spine to the sensitive skin of me neck. He didn't give any warning as he planted his cock inside me. I screamed out from the intrusion. I've been with guys before, yet he was big, his penis stretching me. Sasuke didn't move. He was waiting for me to get used to him.

"Fuck, you're so tight." he muttered between groans. I gently rocked my hips against his to test the friction. It was perfect. Sasuke took a hold of my hips as he pulled himself out and buried himself inside me the next second. The sensation was beyond words as he continues to thrust into me with faster speed. The burning frictions between us build up. I heard myself gave out a loud cry as my orgasm hit fast and hard. I would have collapse onto the carpet if Sasuke hadn't been holding me. He gave few last thrust with his hips before roaring out my name. He collapsed on top of me as he let out a sated sigh. He rolled off of me and pulled me on top of his body, grinning wickedly.

"So, how was your first lesson?" he asked.