This is my first try posting here. It's slash material, L x Raito. I know I've got the pair ooc, forgive me on that. Any comments will be most welcome.

(Nov 1, 2009) I want to dedicate this fic to former members of the DN7 forum. Okay, maybe to those who liked the story. This fic was born there, even though the forum is no more.

(Jan 2012) Some formatting updated since they took away the breaks in between the story and A/N and I had to insert these long lines. Also corrected some errors through the chapters I happened to spot and replaced some words to make it sound better overall. Of course context is still the same.

Chapter 1

"How did you decide which hand to cuff?" Raito asks, out of boredom one evening, after bidding goodnight to the rest of the investigation team.

L gives Raito a pointed blank stare before he continues on their way to the bedroom, as if not believing Raito is trying to strike up such an unconstructive conversation. They walk on in silence, as they did many other countless evenings. The chain clinks gently on the carpet. It is a sound that is both demeaning and reassuring to Raito. It speaks of freedom taken away while it provides the perfect alibi that he is innocent.

Raito observes L's wild black hair. It does not care whether it is day or night. It goes in any direction but down. His hunched back is not exactly charismatic either. When L gets to the age of 60, Raito can safely bet that he'll probably bowl over when he tries to stand. With the weird habit of raising his knees to his chest, Raito can just imagine a human ball. A ball that eats sweets and desserts.

Nevertheless, outside of these odd external characteristics, L is more than equal in status with Raito. He has to admit that he enjoys working with L. Little needs to be said, yet their thoughts almost always coincide. They think so much alike and this moves the investigation ahead very efficiently.

Their bedroom door is closed. L keeps a notebook inside, along with his other necessities. Naturally, these would include a tray of sweet edibles, cup and saucer of expensive bone china, and his sugar cubes. Raito turns the knob. At a tea table next to the bed, they can see that tonight's selections are donuts and chocolates. Raito narrows his eyes slightly and expels one heavy breath.

This almost sick fixation of L is not helping him to get a good night's sleep. Since Raito has the cuff on his left wrist and L's on his right, it is logical that Raito keeps to the right of the bed while L on his left. In spite of this, L has to hold the fork with his right hand, thus always pulling on the chain, making tiny metallic clinking sounds while he eats.

Raito is a light sleeper and he has not had a decent night's sleep in weeks because of L. The last time he finally had peace was when he had the fight with L in Misa's room. They were both too tired afterwards, even L preferred sleep over the sweet tray that evening. Raito is cranky tonight and would not hesitate to start a fight should L provoke him too much, unless he has another outlet for his tension.

"Good night, L."

"Sweet dreams, Raito-kun."

Raito wants to snort but refrains from doing so. He needs a relaxed moment to fall fast asleep before those clinking sounds wake him up again. He keeps on expecting to be woken up but actually he drifts off to sleep without trouble. L is unusually quiet tonight.

Raito awakes in the middle of the night, feeling confused. Something has brought him back to consciousness. No metallic sounds. Something foreign. It's this muffled erratic panting. Obviously not from him. He cracks open one eyelid to a slit.

L is sitting up and has his back supported by a pillow. His head has turned the other way, probably to stare at something on the tea table. His right hand lays on the mattress, unused. The bedroom lights are off and there are moving rays of brightness from the direction L is watching. He has headphones on. It must be the notebook and he is playing something on it. He is definitely not eating his sweet treats.

Initially, Raito thought the moving rays were from the screen showing people in action, since he is lying flat in bed and couldn't see everything directly. He raises his head up a few inches and confirms his suspicion, unpleasant as it is and a little unexpected. The panting spoke out loud one of the few things that L could be doing, using his left hand. Getting a visual of both L's act and the computer screen is quite a shock and Raito has to calm his accelerated pulse.

The screen shows Raito in the shower. He can recognize his house. When was this footage taken? If it was just him taking the shower, he could care less. But it was one of those tension release days for him. He likes to masturbate during showers. It is clean and leaves no mess. L is watching it all while he does his own tension releasing. It is sick, yet arousing. Raito is getting an erection.

Is L doing this on purpose? He should've known Raito wakes up easily. How could he be this careless? Is it one of those tests to filter out the possibility of him being Kira? It does not connect. Arousal clears up Raito's foggy mind and he realizes he has been too engrossed over the case to take care of his own physical needs.

To hell with it. Raito reaches inside his pants and begins to stroke, while pretending to be asleep. He lets out a soft moan. Taking a peek from his half closed eyelids, L doesn't seem to be aware of him being anything but asleep.

Raito is actually extremely turned on by this situation, in a perverted way. Him getting excited over L going gaga at his shower act. It has been...what, weeks since he was released from his 50-day confinement. That is well over four months from the last time he had pleasured himself. He bites his lower lip as the bliss builds up.

The blanket gets in his way and he nudges it aside. Besides, he is too uncomfortably warm anyways. The cooler night air contrasts with his body heat, adding an additional variety to his manual stimulation. It is Raito's turn to pant. He is coming soon. It will be a big load and it will get messy. He doesn't care and wants the big bang now.

He has to purse his lips together forcefully to stifle his groan of satisfaction. It seems like 20 seconds have passed but he keeps on coming. He is shaking from the force of his orgasm. A darker spot appears at the crotch of his pajama bottoms. Blame it on L.

The moment passes, regrettably, but enough to produce the effect that Raito is looking forward to. The tension is gone. He feels so relaxed and sleepy he swears not even an earthquake could wake him now. Nevertheless, he removes his soiled pajama bottoms and remembers to tug on the blanket to cover himself before falling asleep.

Despite the quiet way Raito carries out his business, L notices. Watching live is always better than going over recordings. Meanwhile, all he needs is just one more stroke to get over the edge. He does just that to bring on the pleasure he has been waiting for. Raito. Why does Raito have to be so irresistibly attractive? As his excitement subsides, he contemplates his next move.