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Beating Hyuuga Neji, youthful style

Summery: Naruto fights in the final using the power of youth!

Pre-read by Amei-chan

Chapter 2


All in the people were in huge shock. The person that had come in a grand entrance was the carrier of the evil Nine-Tail fox.

People were just dumb struck. Normally they would boo Naruto, but he was different from the usual loud brat.

So they just stared stupidly. Well that wasn't too hard since they couldn't tell the difference of a container and a real demon…

Sakura and Ino were up in the stands gasping at the new fashion that Naruto was now sporting.

"Ah my gawd! That's like so unfashionable!" gaped Ino.

She expected her friend to reply but Sakura did not. So Ino had to poke Sakura's huge forehead for a reply.

"Ow! Huh what just happened?" asked pinkie.

Ino rolled her eyes. "Forehead girl, have you not seen the freaky green color instead of the usual bright orange color?"

Sakura just blinked. "Yes, I have seen, but you know that orange is such a horrible color, it screams to others as a neon flag to be killed by your enemies."

"Right… Ever consider your hair which is unusually pink being a huge sign too?" inquired Ino.

"Hey it's not my fault. How did you think I got the name Sakura?" asked the smart girl.

"Okay, fine. So what's up with that ugly green color? I mean orange is so much better on Naruto," spoke Ino.

Sakura was shocked. "But Ino-pig, you know that orange is horrible! It's a good thing that Naruto's finally changed his wardrobe."

"What?! You told him to change into a horrible copy of that freak with huge eyebrows and freaky hairdo?! What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to ruin the eyes of everyday people by making them look at ugly things? At least Naruto had an original fashion sense! Die!" screamed Ino as she strangled her supposed best friend.


As Ino was chocking her friend, across the stand were the two failures of team 8.

"T-tha- that's N-naruto-kun?" spluttered Hinata as she couldn't believe that was the Naruto she liked.

Unfortunately she was still in recovery, therefore she coughed up blood and she fell onto the ground being shocked by the hideous outfit her crush wore.

"OH MY GOD, SHE'S DEAD!" screamed Kiba.

"Wait, wait, medic is here," said some guy with a mask who used some healing technique on the dead Hyuuga.

"Wait, aren't you an Anbu?" asked dog boy.

"Uh, yes I am…" respond the masked man.

"But there is no such thing as a medic Anbu" pointed Kiba.

The masked guy took a couple second to make stuff up. "Um you see there is one now…"

Kiba accepted the Anbu's flimsy lies until… he sneezed.

"Bless you," spoke the Anbu.

"Thanks," muttered Kiba as he sneezed again.

"You must be allergic to something, aren't you?" asked the Anbu.

"Yeah I'm allergic to snakes," replied the dog trainer.

The Anbu just sweat dropped at the response.


"You were right, Gai-sensei! Naruto has come!" spoke Lee.

"I told you, Lee, to never estimate Naruto-kun's burning passion of youth!"

"Gai-sensei, I'm sorry to question you!"






The manly and creepy hug, done by the two people, scared lots of the audience around them.

Now back to the area.


"Yosh! Are we going to start or not?" asked the newly made Naruto.

"Hey that's my line! OW!" screamed Lee as he was interrupted.

"Idiot, I was the one who taught him that line. You didn't make that line!" berated Gai as he hit Lee in the head.

"Oh I'm sorry! It's just so hard to let go that I'm the only student of yours!" bawled Lee.

"You should not worry! Now you have a friend that you can relate to!" answered Gai.

"I know Gai-sensei! I am sorry!"

So they did once again their manly move causing people to force themselves to focus onto the upcoming match.

The proctor for this part of the Exam was Shiranui Genma. After using a cleaning justu on himself, the participants of the battle, and the field (which no longer had a crater), the proctor spoke up.

"The match between Hyuuga and Uzumaki will begin!" he declared as the crowd cheered.


It the pit, Uzumaki was grinning happily while the Hyuuga had his patent 'fate' look.

After a while, neither side was willing to budge so the Hyuuga decided to give some scathing remarks.

"Dumb blonde… even if you have dyed your hair, it still won't save you. Your attempt to look like the loser teammate of mine is even more pathetic. His fate was determined and he never has beaten me. Lee's crippling will also be your fate, being crush by my might. Both of you should have given up long ago."

Naruto had almost wanted to frown and retorted back but he knew better than follow his emotions. Gai-sensei had firmly installed to never let the enemies overwhelm you with fear and hate.

It was best to start fires from enemy threats.

Naruto relaxed his grin as he sighed, one of his meditation exercises.

"Is that all you have Hyuuga? Please, give something original that none of us heard already…"

Hyuuga Neji glared. How dare this lowlife disrespect the great Hyuuga!

Before he could say anything else, he heard a rumble of noise.

"Oh sorry I didn't have breakfast, hope you don't mind if I eat here," spoke spandex boy as he whipped out a cloth out of his pocket with lots of dishes.

Neji didn't know what to say. This was not how it supposed to happen. Uzumaki was supposed to yell foolishly and charge head first.

But since this event was all too weird for Neji, he just dumbly nodded.

"I see that you have not attacked me. Perhaps there is still hope for you," spoke Naruto as he ate some pot stickers, "Never fear Neji, the path to youth is very dangerous and uneasy. I'll free you from your cage of doom."

"You know nothing about suffering!" shouted the Hyuuga.

But Naruto just ignore the brooding pupil-less boy and he ate his pot stickers.

"Listen to me, you reject!" screeched the long hair boy.

"Yeah, yeah, I know nothing about having a stick up my ass," munched the blonde.

That comment got the Hyuuga angry at the dead last. So, Neji threw a kunai towards Naruto's head. Fortunately, Naruto was able to counter by popping the rest of his food into his mouth and deflecting the kunai with his empty plate.

"You dare to disrespect my food. Well if you are so desperate to be beaten, I'll gladly fulfill that fate of yours. Ninja Technique Pot sticker bomb!" yelled Naruto as he threw a plate of pot stickers at Neji. The pot sticker just fell onto the ground nearby.

"Ha! Is that suppose to scare me?" sneered the Hyuuga.

By then it was too late for Neji as the pot sticker detonated with a loud bang.


Author's notes:

Yeah I know it's late but school is really getting hard for me. I'll write when I can but that's all for now. Thanks again to Amei-chan for helping to preread the story.