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I looked up at Edwards's beautiful face as my dad's booming voice traveled across the lawn. "It'll be okay." His beautiful voice whispered answering my silent question. " I'll be waiting in your room." He reached down to kiss me lightly on the cheek, and then he was gone. I quietly walked to my front door, assured by my angel's words.

"BELLA!!! Are you even paying attention to a thing I'm saying! I swear I've had it up to here with this!"

I rubbed my temples I an attempt to calm my thoughts as Charlie ranted about my "irresponsible, and dangerous decisions."

I looked up anxious for the words to come from my mouth that I new would calm him down, but they wouldn't come.

"No Bella," he stopped me before I could begin, sensing my attempt to quiet his anger. "I don't want to here it. I… I don't know what to even say to you right now. Just go to your room."

I silently, but happily headed to my room, pleased that I would soon be in my angels arms. I wasn't five feet from my bedroom door when I tripped on the hallway rug that was only slightly turned up. But of course, that was all it took.

I was hurtling to the floor one second, and in the perfect stone cold marble arms of my angel the next.

"There truly is no hope for you if I'm not around is there?" he joked.

"I guess you'll have to stick around then huh?" I grinned. But my voice had a certain pleading tone to it.

An expression of pain flickered across Edward's face. "Bella…" we were in my room now, perched on the edge of my bed, sitting side by side. "I don't know how else to convince you Bella. I'm not going anywhere. Not without you. I… I need you more than you know. You don't have to worry about that. I swear. I-"

"Shhhh." I quieted him, putting my finger to his lips. " I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to come out that way." I smiled at him. Not sure if he was comforted or not.

He smiled back at me. But it didn't reach his eyes. We were silent a while. We just sat there, embracing, watching each other intently.

"Yes." I smiled, breaking the silence.

"Hmm?" he asked looking up, his eyes confused.

"I said yes. As in: Yes, I'll marry you. If you still want me." I immediately regretted the last part.

As comprehension flickered across his face, his eyes, much to my likeness, brightened with delight. And then hurt. "I will always want you Bella. You have to know that." He answered me seriously. But then, his voice was full of excitement again, and he lifted me off the bed, twirling me around my room in his arms. "Bella! Bella this is wonderful! We have to begin planning immediately!" And before I could speak again, his icy lips met mine, and my heart stopped completely.

He set me back down on the bed, our mouths never parting, and he held my fragile face between his iron strong hands. I couldn't help my self; my hands move quickly towards his face, my fingers traced his every feature, tangling his hair. And to my great surprise, he did the same, instead of pushing me way. And in the few moments that our lips would part, he would tell me he loved me. After about ten minutes of this, he finally pulled away, only to stare at my face.

"Wow." I panted.

"Sorry," he apologized, also breathing quite heavily, though not as much as me. "guess I got a little carried away." He grinned.

"Don't be I." I corrected him.

As it turned out, it was far past my usual lights out curfew, and I was exhausted from the days activity. So I rushed to bathroom and took a quick shower, and flew back to my room, only to find Edward, waiting for me on my bed. I layed down beside him wordlessly, and drifted off to sleep while he sang my lullaby. The last thing I heard was him whisper just how much he loved me.

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