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To Heal a Broken Heart

"Rayna! Breakfast is ready!"

"No time today mom, I have to get to school early. I get to show the new kid around," Rayna called down the stairs to her mother as she put on her freshly pressed uniform.

Dashing to the mirror, she brushed her gleaming black hair into a ponytail. She studied her image then pulled down a few strands of hair on each side of her head to frame hew face so that the shiny locks traced a pash down hew temples to the curve of her cheek. Studying her reflection once more she smiled; no need for make-up, she already had the blemish free peach hued skin that was the envy of every girl.

Rayna raced down the stairs, stopped to kiss her mom on the cheek, ruffle her little brother's hair, slide her shoes on and was out the door in a flash.

She hurried down the sidewalk as she read the profile paper that was given to her. The student was a male that transferred to this school due to problems with his cousin that usually ended up turning violent. He had a short temper, rarely got along with other students, and more often than not, left school grounds without permission in a rage. Rayna's eyes scanned the paper in search of the area that held his name. Rather than at the top, (where she personally thought it should be) it was located near the bottom. The new student's name was Kyou Sohma.

Rayna was so engrossed in the paper that she didn't see the lone figure of a girl walking slowly in front of her until it was too late. She collided with the girl and sent both of their things flying, "Oh Lona, I'm so sorry! I didn't even notice you in front of me," she apologized as she scrambled to to pick up her scattered books.

Lona, who calmly gathered her things at a more sedate pace, said quietly, "Don't worry, people rarely do."

Torn between the desire to explain and the need to get to school in time, Rayna stood where she was. By the time she decided it was more important to explain and turned around, Lona had already disappeared down a path that took a more scenic and lengthy route to school.

Feeling absolutely miserable for the sloppy apology she had issued, Rayna trudged the rest of the way to school. "That was the stupidest thing I could have said. I might as well have said she was invisible to me just like she is to everyone else. I bet even that new kid could come up with something better. Why didn't I just say I wasn't paying attention to where I was going?" she continued to chastise herself as she climbed up the steps of the school.

She was on the verge of another collision when she was halted in her tracks by and angry voice shouting, "Hey watch where you're going stupid!"

Rayna looked up to apologize but the words died in her throat and never passed her lips. Standing there, before her, was one of the best looking guys she had ever seen. She could do nothing but stare in silence.