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To Heal a Broken Heart

Something Different

Kyou woke up bright and early the next morning to escape the image that seemed to haunt him everytime he closed his eyes. He slowly derssed while he brooded over the scene. It started the same. Tohru's soft blue eyes would come into view; her smiling fave would appear next. Then her silky straight brown hair would frame her face. She would be laughing happily as always. Then Yuki would show up, his arm draped posessively around her. Kyou scowled shaking the disturbing picture from his mind. I hate that stupid rat!

Eating a bowl of cereal, he contemplated the events that took place yesterday. Rayna was the girl's name. He didn't like her. She obviously thought she was better than everybody else. She seemed to set herself on a separate level than everyone else. And she's in two of my four classes, he thought with disgust as he finished off his breakfast. She was nothing like Tohru. Tohru was kind and gentle, caring, calming and she never lost her temper, or caused a scene in public places. She wasn't a know-it-all either. He frowned as he recalled how Rayna had raised her hand to answer almost every question, making him feel inadequate.

Then there was Lona. Quiet, unassuming and somewhat stand-offish. She seemed to almost melt into the background if you didn't pay close attention. Almost nobody ever approached her. The few who did were shot down almost immediately with icy cold stares or emotional monosyllable answers. It was just his lick that the teacher had given him the seat next to her. She made him uncomfortable with the way she appeared to shut the world out. Tohru was never like that. She was always worried about other's feelings and strove to make sure they were comfortable…

But Tohru betrayed me.

Leaving the bowl on the table, he snatched his school bag up and stormed out of the house. "They're all the same," he muttered under his breath.

Giving a girl your heart is like wearing red around an angry bull, he thought darkly, you are bound to get hurt.

Kyou had been walking at such a brisk pace that by the time he looked up from his musings, he was standing just outside of the school grounds. He let out a long string of expletives that would make a sailor wince upon realizing that he was there an hour early. He felt like hitting himself. Only an idiot would show up at school this early. His head whipped around when he heard a faint voice in the distance calling his name. Well, he had that one coming. Apparently Rayna showed up at the school this early, he almost smiled as she hurried toward him. He leaned his back against the stone wall that fenced the school in and waited for her. HE couldn't just walk away. She knew he saw her and he wasn't that rude.

When Rayna reached him, she was a little out of breath but smiled brightly anyway. They had started off on the wrong foot and she was determined to befriend the jerk. He was in two of her classes. They could at leasat be civil, "So whatcha doin' here this early?"

"What?!? Can't I just go somewhere without people asking questions? Are you my probation officer or something?" he said more out of the habit of picking a fight than with the intention of being rude.

"I was just curious. There aren't normally students who want to go to school early."

Yeah… well why are you here then?" he demanded.

"Me? Oh, I'm here for a student council meeting."

Kyou's eyes widened slightly. Student Council. Just like that stupid rat, Yuki, "Yeah well, what are you waiting for? Why don't you go to your meeting?" he asked a bit harshly.

"I believe the answer is me," a boy answered as he walked up and casually draped his arm around Rayna.

Rayna looked up at the boy and smiled, "I thought you were supposed to be waiting for me Damien."

"Well I got a little tied up. See I bumped into this girl…"

"And had a little chat hmm?" she grinned.

"Au contraire, she was gone before I could apologize."

Kyou felt very effectively shut out of the conversation by this over confident boy, Damien. He had turned her slightly into him, not so that they were embracing; just so that her focus was on him and only him.

Scowling, Kyou left feeling irritated and not knowing why. He felt even more irritated because he didn't know why he was irritated in the first place. Who did that guy think he was anyway? Acting like I was some unimportant and unwanted kid. I was talking to that stupid girl first anyway. He was the one interrupting the conversation. Kyou headed for the cover of the woods, he threw a glance backwards to see that they had already gone in. "Not like I care," he muttered as he slipped into the woods to find a place to take a "cat" nap for the remainder of his extra time. He was usually up early and wide awake. But for some reason, he was suddenly tired. Maybe it's because I'll have to listen to that dumb girl talk to me all through our first calss. My mind's already dreading it, is all. He assured himself as he closed his eyes and drifted off.

Unfortunately, very shortly after he fell asleep, he awoke with a start, feeling very disturbed. While it was the same haunting vision that had floated through his mind, something about Tohru had been different this time. It bothered him, this difference that, for some reason, he couldn't put his finger on. With a frown, he gathered his things (bag and jacket) and headed for the school.

"So who was that guy you were talking to at the gate?" Damien asked Rayna with a slight hint of curiosity.

"Why Damien, you wouldn't be jealous now would you?" she laughed.

"Me? Never dear girl," a pause and a confident smile, "should I be?"

Rayna's gaze took him in, in a sweeping glance. Damien had coal black hair that just begged to have fingers run through it and heated aqua marine eyes that spoke of adventure, exotic nights and romance. A girl just wanted to get lost in them forever. His mouth seemed to always be on the verge of a smile that was almost always sure to have a wicked tilt to it, it set many hearts aflutter. He was perfectly fit and seemed to be made for secret embraces. Damien jealous? Not a chan in the world. He had absolutley no need, "Maybe," she taunted him teasingly.

He placed a hand to his heart in an attempt to appear wounded, "I, who will slay dragons for you? You would choose that hot tempered boy over me, a man?" he exclaimed with feigned outrage.

"Slay dragons for me would you?" she rolled her eyes at him and let out a burst of laughter.

"Is it my fault if they don't exist?" he questioned with a pout that slipped into a mischievious grin.

"No need to slay a dragon," she laughed, "just walk me to class."

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