Hi! Finally my brain is working again. A long Christmas vacation kinda drained it somehow, sorry. :P lol. Well, anyway, here's the first chapterof a new story. I know its short, but I gotta know if anybody cares first, lol. :P Please let me know if ya like it and what ya think. Thanks!

Arrows of Fire


Daniel Jackson felt the scream tear painfully from his parched throat when he spun and saw her go down behind him. He was exhausted; he could barely breathe. He couldn't run anymore but he made himself go back the several steps to his friend's fallen form, even as staff blasts echoed through the trees and thick foliage of the forest around them.

"Carter!" Jack's voice came from over Daniel's shoulder as he dropped to his knees next to Sam and checked for a pulse. That staff weapon wound in the back looked pretty nasty, but she had to be…No.

"Daniel, she okay? Hurry up; in case you haven't noticed--we have half a dozen jaffa on our heels!"

Right; half a dozen jaffa who were part of a whole contingent of jaffa of an unidentifiable Goa'uld that had ambushed them here, who had already captured Teal'c, and now…

Daniel closed his eyes, not even trying to control his heaving chest and breathless gasps caused by running from said jaffa for too long. "She's gone, Jack," he choked out.

"What?" O'Neill crouched next to him and checked himself, but Jackson could tell by the sudden droop in the colonel's shoulders that he hadn't found any more than Daniel had.

"Crap…" Jack swore quietly, though Daniel knew only too well that there was a whole lot more he wanted to say.

Daniel swallowed hard, the image in front of his eyes starting to swim. No…Sam. Oh no. NO! Abruptly his vision snapped back into focus when he found himself pulled to his feet.

"Come on, we have to get out of here!"

"But Jack, we can't just leave her-"

"We'll come back! We have to come back with reinforcements to get Teal'c out of here anyway, now MOVE!" O'Neill was yelling, but Daniel could see the tears that hid behind the anger. The archeologist gulped back his own.


A staff blast flew over their heads, blowing the top off a tree just a few feet away. Daniel flinched. "That was way too close."

"Ya think? Let's GO!"

Daniel had no choice but to follow and start running again when Jack did. And they were leaving Sam behind. Daniel couldn't even hear the staff blasts firing behind them anymore. All he could hear Sam's shout when she was shot, the thump when she hit the ground...and his own echoing scream that had probably been what gave their position away and wiped out any chance they might have had at getting her body back to earth.

"The 'gate isn't much farther!" Jack called over his shoulder.

The stargate wasn't much farther. Sam had almost made it. Sam, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry…A sob escaped from Daniel's aching throat before he could stop it. O'Neill heard it too; his shoulders tensed and he put on a sudden burst of speed. Daniel couldn't blame him. They both just wanted out of this nightmare. Teal'c captured, Sam…dead. What else could go wrong?


The shout came almost before Daniel even realized that the pain was there, and by then he was already crashing to the ground from the force of the impact to his side. He landed hard, his hands and face scrapped by the gravel and sticks in the dirt. It wasn't until he rolled onto his back, face contorted with pain and clutching his left side, that he saw the blood and scorched flesh there. He'd been hit.

"Daniel!" In the next moment Jack was beside him, and arm already under his shoulders and trying to pull him up.

"Ah! OW!" he cried.

O'Neill grimaced. "yeah, I know it hurts, buddy, but we've gotta split."

Daniel only nodded in response and hooked an arm around Jack's shoulders, trying to help the colonel get him to his feet. But he soon realized that his legs weren't cooperating.

"Jack, can't--" It was all but choked out around the searing pain.

"Oh yes you can. I am NOT leaving you here too." The last word was whispered fiercely, barely audible but with not small amount of self-recrimination. Daniel felt horrible enough already; that didn't help any. Still he released his weak grip on O'Neill's shoulders and flopped the short way back to the ground.


"I can't…" he gasped. "Go…get help…Teal'c."

Jack bent down and tried to pull him up again, but got no assistance in the effort. "Daniel, come on!"

"-t's not happening, Jack," he gulped. Already he could feel his hold on consciousness wavering. Now he only had to convince Jack to get through the 'gate before he passed out…

"I'm not accepting that," O'Neil swallowed.

"You have to; move it." He was losing blood. He couldn't stay awake much longer. Come on, Jack, beat it; I'm a goner. Daniel blinked back tears again; seeing them wouldn't help convince Jack to leave any.

"No. I won't. You--" But the colonel stopped there, looking away. You can't leave me alone.

"You said…you have to come back…" Daniel gasped. He forced a small smile. "I'm not going anywhere."

Jack just stared at him for a moment, expression one of torn indecision.

"Get out of here," Daniel grated through teeth clenched in pain.

Finally another way-too-close staff blast snapped O'Neill out of it and he nodded, putting a hand on his friend's shoulder and leaving it there for several seconds.

"I'll be back," he promised. "Just hang on, you hear me?"

Daniel nodded weakly; he could only half see Jack anymore. The image was black and blurry, his vision failing as he slipped further away from consciousness. And then Jack was gone, and he was left alone on the forest floor, staff blasts still sounding around him. A few seconds later everything went black.

He wasn't sure how long it was before he opened his eyes again, but when he did he realized that he was surrounded by three or four jaffa, and that all of them were glaring down at him. One of them stepped closer, seeing he was awake. The jaffa's staff weapon opened, priming for use.

Daniel closed his eyes. Jack, please be back on earth by now. Please be all right…Daniel knew what was going to happen. He'd almost expected it to happen, if he didn't just die were he lay from blood loss first. It could almost have been funny, really; survive being taken hostage and tortured by Honduran rebel/terrorists and get out of South America alive only to end up here.

Jack, Teal'c…Sam…

The stargate opened with its usual woosh, but just before Jack stepped into the blue puddle of the wormhole a terrifying sound make him spin around, heart pounding.

It was a pained shout--Daniel's voice--and more than a shout it had almost been a scream, and it had been cut short. That would have been bad enough, but what made it even more horrifying was that it had followed the sound of a staff blast.

O'Neill could feel the color draining from his face. No. No, oh no, Daniel…Not Daniel too! Before Jack knew what he was doing he had started back down the stone steps blindly, vision blurred by the tears that crowded in his eyes. He refused to let them escape, but no longer could he blink them completely away. Anger and sorrow overshadowed by a stubborn refusal to believe his eyes and ears clouded his being, and it was only the jaffa storming out of the trees at the edge of the small clearing that sheltered the stargate that made him think enough to turn again and run through the event horizon.

I will be back.

"Do you have them?"

The first prime of Sekhmet hesitated before his goddess. "We…have captured the jaffa, my queen, but one of the humans has escaped through the Chappa'ai, and the other two were killed in the chase."

The Goa'uld rose from suddenly from her throne, eyes flashing. "Fool! They were all to be captured alive."

Her first prime suppressed a cringe. "I am sorry, my queen."

"Be grateful that we have a sarcophagus. If we could not revive them I would have your life in exchange." Then she raised an eyebrow. "You were at least competent enough to see that their bodies were collected, were you not?"

"Yes, my queen…"

"Then see to it that they are revived immediately," Sekhmet ordered. Then, before dismissing her first prime, the goddess turned to gaze at herself in the mirror that was displayed in a stand near her throne for her satisfaction. Not for the first time in many years, she noticed that her figure was not as satisfactory as it had once been. Too many years in hiding from the system lords without sufficient resources to track down a suitable new host and too many sessions in the sarcophagus had taken its toll.

"One of the humans is female." Her first prime nodded respectfully. "Revive her first, then, and have her brought to me. We will see if she can be of use."

"Yes, my queen."

Sekhmet dismissed him, and smiled and watched him scurry away. The man was old; he had served her long and well, but was becoming weak, a liability…not to mention that he was too old to receive a new symbiote once again. When the one he currently carried matured in two or three years' time it would be the end for him. But no matter; she had in mind to replace him long before that. Now, though, was not the time to worry over such things. For today, Sekhmet had other plans; plans that involved one female Tau'ri and her captured friends.