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My Bad

It had been over a week since Sam had been released from the hospital and they had yet to go back to the Grey's Estate. This was suppose to have been over by now, Dean was suppose to have burned the nasty son of a bitch and his head case of a girlfriend, but noooo Sam had to go all lost puppy dog on him with his awkwardly doughy eyes. On the plus side they had lied their way through as government official and found out what happened to Samantha and the psychic wonder, Robert.

"So, how are we going to do this?" Sam asked as he packed the weapons bags.

"We know Samantha was cremated. So the only thing keeping her here is Robert." Dean said as he looked over the county records they had stolen.

"Yeah, thanks for stating the obvious Sherlock." Sam said sarcastically.

Dean rolled his eyes, "Robert was buried in n unmarked grave."

"I know Dean. Just please get to the point."

"Fine," Dean whispered under his breath, "You couldn't just let me have my moment."

"DEAN, get to the point!" Sam repeated vehemently.

"There are only two cemeteries in town. Robert's family is in one, Robert has to be buried in the other. They wouldn't put a murderer with his victims."

"You finally used that brain. Congratulations." Sam joked, "So what do we do?"

"What we do best, grave desecration." Dean said with a smile.

"And what about psycho bitch, we need insurance in case getting rid of Robert doesn't work."

"Why don't we just burn the estate down Sam…Your so paranoid." Dean said rolling his eyes.

"That's not a bad idea. Let's do it." Sam said as he headed for the door. "You coming?"

Dean grabbed the keys off of the side table, "Great we can add arson to the list. FBI will love this." Dean murmured as he walked out the door to his Impala.

Sam sat on the edge of the only unmarked grave in the cemetery, the grave they believed to be Robert Grey's. Dean refused to let him dig, saying he tore his stitches once and he wasn't risking a relapse. Sam hated digging, but he hated being useless more. "Dean you sure you don't want me-"

"Sam, you're not digging this grave up, and that's that." Dean interrupted Sam's offer for help.

"Besides Sammy, I just found the buried treasure." Dean quipped with a smile as he hit something hard with his spade.

"Open it up. Let's burn it already. I'm getting sick of this town." And the sooner the better, we need to stop my visions. I haven't saved enough people, killed enough demons. Dean opened the coffin carefully, plugging his nose as the putrid smell of death permeated the air.

"Help me out of here. So we can burn the nasty son of a bitch."

Sam immediately got up and lent his hand to his brother. "You shake, I'll bake." Dean joked handing Sam the box of salt.

Sam took the box, regretting ever letting Dean watch Talladega Nights at Bobby's house, and soaked Robert's body in salt.

"Now for the fun part," Dean laughed as he drenched the body in lighter fluid and threw a match, listening and watching to the body sizzle, crack, and burn. Sam and Dean waited until every part of Robert Grey's corpse was ashes to ashes before they smolder the fire and reburied the body.

"Time for phase two Sammy, you ready?"

"As ready as I'll ever be." Sam said half-heartedly. "When did my life get so bad? From smart college student to a Dean clone, a felon."

"Aww…Sam, it's only bad if you get caught. Besides I saved your sorry ass from a life of boring office jobs in an uptight law firm and suburban life. You can thank me later." Dean retorted as he stopped outside the Grey's Estate.

"Whatever jerk, let's just finish our felonies, and skip town already." Sam said as he got out of the passenger's seat and went to the truck to fetch to gasoline and salt boxes.

"You ready captain whiny pants?"

"You know it Munchkin" Sam said as they opened the door to the house and entered the foyer. "Start pouring salt Sammy."

Sam and Dean walked through the house in synchronicity. Wherever Sam poured salt Dean would douse in gasoline. They had gotten every room except the room where it all began. And they weren't taking any chances. They literally drenched the room, neither one of them noticing the ghostly form of Robert lingering in the shadows until it was too late.

"You must die!" he howled pointing an accusing finger at Sam.

Sam lost all control of himself when Robert pointed a finger at him. He felt himself hovering, just like in his vision. He needed to get Dean's attention before it was too late. "Dd…d…d" Dean didn't even flinch at the sound of Sam's feeble whisper. "De…de…Dean?" It was getting easier to say with each attempt, but harder to breathe, it was still a wee whisper though. God, it was so hard to breathe and Sam was getting light-headed, "Dean!"

Dean was drenching the hallway with gasoline when he heard it. It was soft albeit, but audible. Dean grabbed at his gun, clicking off the safety as he entered the room. The first thing he saw was Sam dangling in the air unconscious, the second thing he saw was Robert Grey (How the hell is he was still around, Dean dared not care) the third thing Dean saw was a round of rock salt enter Robert's ghostly body. Dean leaped across the room with speed he didn't know he possessed and caught Sam as his body came crashing down.

"Sam?" Dean yelled shaking his brother none to gently. "Sam, come on little brother."

Dean put his ear over Sam's mouth, tuning out any other noises. "Thank You!" Dean whispered as he felt the small breaths on his face.

"Come on sleeping beauty." Dean joked as he pulled Sam into a fireman's carry, never letting down his guard as he exited the house and found his way to the Impala. Dean laid Sam down in the passenger's seat before running back to the house and throwing a lit match on the gasoline trail he made.

Sam had woken up after arriving back at the motel.

"What the hell happened?" Sam asked, "I thought we burned Robert."

"Guess we had the wrong unmarked grave, who knew? But on the bright side at least Samantha didn't show up" Dean joked

"Yeah, I guess. Did you finish up at the estate?"

"Yeah, I even watched before I burned rubber in my escape." Dean said.

"Mmmh, I'm going to take a shower." Sam said as he sniffed his shirt, "I smell like death and gasoline."

"Go ahead; don't use all the hot water."

"Whatever jerk" Dean teased

"Yeah, same back at cha bitch" Dean said punching Sam in the arm.


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