This is, quite obviously, a slash fic featuring Booth/Zack. Not any graphic sex... I wanted to keep a little dignity in the story. (Don't misunderstand; I like reading graphic slash fiction.) Anywho, the ever necessary disclaimer: I do not own Bones and/or any of its characters. Enjoy.

Chapter One

"The bones are going to be delivered here at noon," said Dr. Temperance Brennan as she walked into her office. She was immediately followed by FBI agent Seeley Booth.

"What else do we know about the case, Bones?" Booth asked, using the nickname he had so affectionately given to his partner. "Where was the skeleton found?"

Brennan eyed Booth suspiciously. She could tell that he was dying to ask her something else but was reluctant to do so. Finally, she answered. "A nearly complete skeleton was found in the ground behind a large manor. Some family named Browder."

When Booth laughed out loud, Brennan was momentarily disarmed. "What's funny now?" she asked.

"I can't believe that the Browder family is now involved with a murder case. It's kinda ironic," Booth started to say. "The family owns several chains of banks. They're loaded… and really irritating. I've had to deal with one or two of them during investigations."


"Say, Bones… is anyone else in the lab today? I mean, is there anything for anyone to do before the new case gets here?"

Now that's what Booth's been wanting to ask, thought Brennan. "Just Zack," she said, carefully regarding Booth's expression. She could tell that that was the answer he had wanted to hear. "Hodgens and Angela aren't supposed to come in until eleven thirty to prep for the new case."

"Thanks. I'll… be around. See you, Bones!" Booth said as he left her office. In a hurry, too.

Trying to remove the thoughts of Booth from her mind, Brennan picked up reading a science article about a new archaeological dig in Kenya, Africa. But this time, not even fascinating descriptions of a dead culture could keep her curiosity from taking over.


"Morning, Zack," said Booth amiably as he strolled into the near empty lab. He could see the new and improved Zack Addy standing over a workstation. From his distance, Booth couldn't tell what it was that the former grad-student was working on, but it was most likely another one of his "toys."

"Good morning, Detective Booth," Zack replied with absolutely no enthusiasm. In fact, he was rather cold, even for his normally standoffish demeanor.

Booth walked towards the young man, admiring his body. Ever since Angela had given Zack a makeover, Booth couldn't stop imaging him naked. Of course, Booth had seen Zack naked… several times. Now, because of a three o'clock court appearance, the official new employee was dressed in a smart looking suit.

"Can I help you with something?"

"Yeah," said Booth coming up behind the young man, "You can. How about letting me help you relieve some of the obvious tension that's built up…"

The man reached underneath Zack and put his hand firmly on the scientist's crotch. Booth began rubbing roughly, making the other man almost instantly erect.

"Come on," whispered Booth into Zack's ear. "Nobody's here. Let's go into Angela's office and fuck our brains out."

Zack turned around to face his lover. "No," he said firmly.

"What?" exclaimed Booth, shocked at being rejected. "Why the hell not?"

The younger man glared at him angrily. "You know why, and if you pretend otherwise then my opinion of you will be further degraded."

"Don't be such a fucking woman, Zack. Denying sex that we both want will get you… I mean, us… nowhere," reasoned Booth.

"What do you mean, 'stop acting like a woman?' I thought that wanted a girlfriend. Because you obviously don't want a boyfriend… you just want a guy that you can fuck anytime you want to."

He had struck a nerve. "That's what this about? No, Zack, I'm not ready for a gay relationship. I've only had one before, and it went really badly."

"So it has nothing to do with the fact that you're in the closet?" demanded Zack.

"It's not like you're out either!" yelled Booth. "Don't be such a hypocrite!"

Now it was Zack's turn to be furious. "You don't think I'm brave enough to tell people I'm gay? If it would make you happy, I'll tell Brennan, Hodgens, and Angela today. Even Camille, though I doubt she cares. Is that what you want?"

Unfortunately, Booth was thinking with his dick instead of with his head. "I don't know. I just know that I need you."

Apparently pleased, Zack turned around and kissed Booth. "Then let's go," he said with a grin, leading the older man by the tie over to Angela's office. "We'll talk about this later. But you have to promise me that we will."

"I promise," Booth said before he kissed Zack again and shoved him roughly through the door.

The couple hadn't noticed that they were being monitored.

Unable to stop herself from appeasing her curiosity, Dr. Brennan had followed Booth, staying back to avoid being seen. But she had seen everything.