I'm Still the Guy For You

Summary: 'One of these nights you're gonna realize it. I'm the guy for you Brooke Davis. You'll see'...

This story takes place in the future. Brooke lives in L.A. and is a very popular fashion designer. After High-school graduation, Brooke separated herself from the rest of the gang in order to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer. Lucas is a famous writer and still lives in Tree Hill. He just happens to be in L.A. for a book signing. What happens when the two meet again?

Pairing: L/B

Chapter 1 -

"Ms. Davis, we have a runway show scheduled for tomorrow at twelve so make sure you have the pieces ready for the show." Brooke's secretary Taylor said as Brooke entered her office, quickly grabbing a notepad to jot the information down.

"Okay, great," Brooke said putting her bag down on her desk, "By the way, what is that crowd outside for?"

"An author is coming for a book signing. What's his name... oh, I forgot the guy's name but he's the author of this new book. Everybody's going crazy over it, it's sold out everywhere."

"Wow, well I guess that explains the riots going on outside."

"Is it that bad?"

"Look out the window and see for yourself," Brooke said pointing to the large window that over looked the crowd that was standing outside, "Oh, and that must be the author coming now," Brooke said eyeing a limo. Once Brooke noticed the 'author' step out of the limo, she felt really weird. She felt like she knew who he was. He looked oddly familiar.

"Wow, he's hot." Taylor said as she spotted the blonde haired guy.

"Yeah, I guess he is." Brooke said uneasy.

"Are you okay?," Taylor asked noticing her awkwardness. Saving Brooke from answering, the phone rang, "Oh, I gotta get that." Taylor said as she left Brooke's office.

Could the author be Lucas? Brooke couldn't help but to think that. She hadn't spoken to Lucas in years, but she always knew that since his dream of becoming a basketball player didn't pull through, due to HCM, his second choice was to become a writer. She even knew he made a few books. She just didn't know he was popular. Then again, Brooke never followed the news of books, well because she's Brooke who doesn't read books, so it's to be expected that she doesn't know Lucas's books are popular. Brooke quickly shook away all her thoughts about Lucas and got down to work. Lucas is in her past. No need to think about him, right?


It was the end of Brooke's work day. She had gotten through all of her work and hadn't even thought of Lucas once! Okay, well that's a lie. She couldn't help it though. What if that really was Lucas? What if they saw each other? What if they were forced to talk? How they last left things off weren't so great.

"Lucas," Brooke said tears evident in her eyes, "I just came here to tell you that I'm leaving."

"Brooke, I have to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"Well." Lucas started but the blaring of the horn from a car outside interrupted him.

"Luke, I gotta go." Brooke said turning her back.

"No, wait," Lucas said stepping in front of her, "I love you." He whispered. Before both of them knew it, his lips were on hers.

Brooke then pulled away, "No, Lucas, No. You're not doing this to me again. Last year, when I left for the summer, you did the same thing. And when I got back I was afraid to let you in, but I finally did. And then you messed up. You love Peyton, remember?"

"Brooke, me and Peyton..." Lucas started but was cut off.

"No, I don't want an excuse. Look," Brooke said looking back at the door, "I gotta go. See you Luke." And then she walked out, walked out of his room, walked out of his life.

Brooke quickly snapped out of her daze. Quickly, wiping any tears away from her eyes, grabbed her purse and exited her office.

"Taylor, I'm gonna go. See you tomorrow."

"Bye Ms. Davis."

Brooke made her way to the first floor of the building when she noticed the book signing was still going on. The line was still outrageously long.

"Miss, are you here to get your book signed, if so you're going to have to go to the back of the line."

"Um, no. I'm not here to get a book signed...um..." Brooke said trying to get a look at who the author was.

"Well then you're going to have to leave this area, sorry."

"Okay, um, would you just mind telling me who the author is?"

"Lucas Scott."



"No, I mean, Lucas Scott?"


"Oh my god."

Lucas then looked up from a book and saw her. Brooke noticed him looking at her and their eyes met for the first time in years.

"Oh crap." Brooke said turning around to walk away.

"Brooke!," Lucas exclaimed, "Wait!," He then turned his attention on the fans, "Um, everybody I'm sorry, I need to go. Sorry." He then handed a book back to somebody, got up and ran over to Brooke.

"Brooke," He said as he reached her but she kept walking, faster each step, "Brooke, please wait."

"What do you want Lucas?" She said finally turning around.

"To talk to you."

"Why? Don't you need to go home to Peyton or somebody?"

"Brooke, that's just it. There's a lot of things you don't know."

"Like what?"

"Can I take you out to dinner or something? I'll explain then."

"I don't know Lucas..."




"So, Brooke, what have you been up to?"

"Well, I'm a fashion designer and I work in that building where your book signing was."

"Oh, that sounds good."

"And you? Besides writing books?"

"Well, writing books is basically all I do, it takes a lot of time. Have you read any of my books?" Lucas asked, knowing the answer already.

"Um yeah, all of them." Brooke lied.

"Really, wow. So, um, what's your favorite."

"Um... cough... cough."

"Oh I see, the fake cough. Well, that's okay, I happen to think my books are boring."

"Well, apparently they're not, otherwise all of those people wouldn't of been there today."


"So, Lucas, how's, um, how's everybody?"

"Nathan and Haley are good. They just had baby number two. My mom's good. Everything is pretty much still the same."

"Well that's good. How's Peyton?" Brooke asked uncomfortably.

"I wouldn't know."

"What?! I thought you two were fine together."

"Well, we decided after we graduated that it would be best if we spit. We both got accepted into different colleges and it seemed like the right thing to do."

"I'm sorry Luke."

"It's okay. Really. And I actually like being single," Lucas laughed, "Are you with anybody?" He then asked.

"Actually," Brooke cleared her throat, "I'm not. And I'm loving the single life too."

"Brooke Davis, single? Wow, what has the world come to?" Lucas joked.

"Hey," She said pretending to be insulted. She then looked at her watch, "Oh, I gotta go."

"So soon?"

"Yeah, sorry. But it was great catching up. Hey, how long are you gonna be here for?"

"Few more days. Why?"

"Well, maybe we could meet up again."

"That sounds great, here's my number." Lucas said writing his phone number down on a piece of scrap paper.

"So, I'll call you."

"Alright, bye Brooke."

"Bye Luke." She said waving.


Brooke finally made it home and was greeted by a man as she entered her home.

"Hey sweetie. You're home late." The guy said kissing her on her lips.

"Hi, Ben.Yeah sorry. I got stuck at work." She lied.

"That's alright. So how was work?"

"Um... Interesting."

"Care to share?"

"Well..." Brooke said hesitant thinking of something to say. She wasn't going to tell him she hung out with her ex, "I meant interesting for me, for you it's probably boring."

"Oh I see," Ben said laughing, "Well, I waited for you to eat dinner."

"Baby, I'm not that hungry right now, sorry." She lied again.

"Oh that's okay."

"Yeah, so I'm just going to go upstairs and go to sleep because I'm really tired."

"Sweetie, it's only eight thirty. Are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm great, well I'm going to sleep now, bye." She said kissing him on the lips and quickly going upstairs.

Why couldn't she just tell Ben the truth. She saw her old friend and they went out for a bit to eat. Simple, right? Maybe not.


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