Title: Masks Rewrite
Author: Jordan Herbert
Warnings: Hints at non-con situations
Pairing: Implied Sladin
Fandom: Teen Titans
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 1,680
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters mentioned in this fic.
Author's Note: Finished this due to Nostalgia Week which I wanted to finish 7 fics from older fandoms that were sitting on my computer collecting virtual dust. This one is based off of the idea of merging the episodes 'Masks' and 'Apprentice Part 1' together so you might recognize some dialogue taken shamelessly straight from the episodes.

Robin smirked behind his mask, well, masks. "What are they for? I need to know what we're planning…partner." Robin couldn't have believed how well his disguise had fooled Slade; becoming Red X in order to get closer to Slade was the best idea he had ever had. Once he brought the madman in he could reveal himself and his friends would forgive him. They had to forgive him, he didn't want to do this but it was the only way to get closer to Slade and bring him down. They'd understand, he reassured himself that they would.

"Patience, you can't expect me to trust you with such sensitive information right away. And especially not here and now, my robots outside have detected the Titans arriving." Slade turned around and looked over his shoulder. "We will discuss everything at my base; my plans and your bright future."

Robin gulped silently as he began walking after Slade. A voice in his head repeated a rule that his parents had taught him when he was little; don't go home with a stranger. A good rule indeed; actually meeting Slade in person was creepier than he had imagined. The man was huge and covered in black and armor; he just screamed untouchable. Also the way Slade talked, Robin couldn't help but feel uneasy around him. But he wasn't Robin, he was Red X. Red X didn't listen to parents' advice and Red X had a job to do. If he was shown Slade's base then that only made things better; more evidence on the man's plans.

Slade led Red X onto the rooftop just as the four Titans broke into the building. "They'll be kept busy with my robotic minions as we travel to my base." Slade walked to the edge of the building and stopped suddenly. Red X had been walking directly behind Slade and when the man stopped backed away quickly before he ran into him.

"Funny," Slade looked at Red X and Robin held back his urge to squirm under the man's single gaze. "I didn't see the Titans' leader with them. I'm rather disappointed by that; Robin is quite an interesting child and I had hoped that I had caught his interest so he'd be determined to stop me."

Robin couldn't help but feel like Slade knew that it was him behind the mask but he knew it was impossible. If Slade knew that Red X was Robin he wouldn't be leading him to his secret base. No, Slade didn't know, he was just simply trying to make some conversation with his newest partner Red X.

"The kid," Robin couldn't believe he just called himself that, "probably doesn't know that I'm connected with you. I did tell them that I work alone."

Slade nodded his head in acceptance of his answer. "But that's not true, is it Red X? You, in fact, don't work alone." Again Robin couldn't help but feel like he was just being toyed with and that Slade already knew he was Robin.

"No, I don't work alone anymore. As soon as we get to your lair we can complete the partnership; I'll give you the chips," he patted the bag tied around his belt, "and you'll tell me your plans." Why was Slade stalling? Shouldn't they be rushing to his base? The Titans were close by and surely his robots couldn't hold them off for that long. "So, shall we?" Red X motioned for Slade to continue leading and Slade nodded his head again.

"I see you're eager; I like that." Slade jumped from the rooftop to another one and sprinted across it. Robin jumped down and ran after Slade but stopped as the man took a seemingly impossibly leap from that rooftop to another one currently in construction. Slade looked back at him and he took a deep breath as he took a few steps back and then went into a headlong rush across the huge gap in between buildings.

He landed safely and then rolled into a crouch before he stood. "Careful, I wouldn't want you getting hurt." Slade seriously creeped Robin out; the way he said that made shivers run up his spine.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Slade walked ahead of him and headed down a flight of stairs sticking off of the side of the building. Robin watched Slade go down a few steps and realized just how high up they really were as oncoming traffic sped below them.

"Watch you step now." Robin nodded and then followed after Slade as he kept his mind off of what would happen if he missed a step. Of course he knew he'd plummet to his doom if he missed a step, but he tried not to think about it.

They finally stood firmly on the ground and Slade removed the lid covering the man hole to the sewer. He jumped down and Robin followed suit as he landed next to Slade in the murky sewage water. "Never expected your lair to be in a sewer," Slade stared at the younger boy as he began the walk to his base. "I'm just saying, you seem like the type of guy who doesn't like to get dirty, seeing as you always send robots or what not to get the job done for you."

"I really just send my robotic minions out on small tasks; the important items that I want to make sure are done correctly I make an appearance for. But when a job is truly important to me, then I don't mind getting my hands dirty." Slade explained. "I might even resort to some dirty tricks." Robin wondered what Slade meant and his guard instantly went up when he heard noises behind him.

Turning on his heel, Robin eyed the oncoming Slade bots and got into a defensive stance. "Finally double crossing me?" Robin hissed.

"No, but you still shouldn't turn your back on me." Slade whispered into Robin's ear right before he felt a hard blow to the head and his vision swam into darkness.

He moaned and placed his hand over his head in an attempt to block the blinding light above him out. He stared in confusion as he looked at the shackle on his wrist. He suddenly sat straight up and looked around only, to his dismay, to see nothing but pure darkness. The moments before he blacked out returned to him in a blink of the eye and he began to panic.

"Aw, Robin, you're awake, excellent." Slade stepped into the patch of light, his hands behind his back holding a hidden item, and Robin removed his Red X mask to show his own mask. He glared and bared his teeth at the madman; he was pissed now. He had thought that he had the upper hand but Slade had been toying with him the entire time, leading him on only to entrap him. And it had worked for now Robin was shackled to the floor by one of his wrists. His belt was gone, he noted, and Slade had the advantage of knowing his surroundings and being able to move freely.

Robin stood and clenched his fists, only bringing his unchained hand in an attacking pose as his bound hand was not able to move any farther. "You knew the entire time?"

"Of course I did, Robin, but I must say that I'm impressed with your little plan, even if it was turned around and used against you." Slade mused as he began to circle Robin, knowing that the boy was restricted to lashing out. "I must say, Robin, I was…surprised by your tactic though; I never knew how underhanded you could be. But I'm aware now." Slade smirked under his mask as he stopped a couple of inches in front of Robin.

The entire time Slade had been staring at Robin and Robin had been glaring right back as he tried to put on an intimidating look and not show his fear. Slade finally showed the hidden item that he had been holding behind his back as he offered it to Robin. Robin looked at the grasped item; a spar mask of Slade's.

"We're so alike, Robin, both of us being cunning, skilled, determined, and excelling in so much. When you had offered a partnership, Robin, 'Red X' or not, you had made a deal with me and I am a man of my word. You will become my partner, Robin, someday, but you're not prepared yet." Slade paused as he quickly grabbed Robin's free wrist and spun the boy around. He brought Robin close to him, the boy's back pressing against his chest, and he held the mask up and inches away from Robin's face as his other hand kept him in place against him.

"For now you must settle for being my apprentice until you're able to work your way up to being my partner." Slade smiled as the hand holding Robin dropped to the boy's hip and began to rub small circles. Robin tensed and used his unbound wrist to grab at Slade's hand.

"I'll never be your partner or your apprentice!" Robin tried to squirm and pull away from Slade but the man was just too overpowering.

"But I believe you can easily become use to the idea, Robin," Slade paused as he slowly placed the spare mask over Robin's face. Robin realized then that another light was shining across from them at a full length mirror. "After all, Robin, we are so very similar and make quite the pair." Robin stared at the reflection in horror.

"No," Robin's voice hitched in his throat as he released Slade's hand and tried to pry the mask away from his face. "I won't wear this, ever!" He found his voice again and shook his head widely but Slade held the mask still on his face.

"It may seem bad now, Robin," Slade continued tracing small patterns on the boy's hip as he attempted to thrash about. "But trust me; you'll learn to like it."