Two eyes peered through the darkness staring down across the plains. The blackness covered the area like a blanket and the silence was deafening. Galerad started tightening his bowstring for the fifth time that night. Both Midgard and Hibernia had invaded into Albion territory, sneaking under their noses. Just the thought of it made him clench his teeth. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard something snap under him. Drawing an arrow from his quiver, he knocked it to his bowstring. Time seemed to stand still while he tried to pinpoint where the perpetrator was located. He knew Brynne was nearby, and she never missed a thing. It was silent once again, so he whistled a signal in the guise of a bird call. A few seconds later, he heard a distinct call being returned. Galerad jumped down from the tree and landed with a tiny thud. Whoever was out there wasn't moving, at least not anymore. His bow creaked while he pulled the string back and fired an arrow into the direction he thought he heard the intrusion from. The only noise was his arrow whistling into the night. Knocking another arrow he could only listen to the silence that remained. Then his ears picked up heavy footsteps trying to sneak up behind him.

She heard the signal and pulled back her bowstring, then waited silently as Galerad made his move. Brynne stared at the outline that was her friend and watched as he tried to bait the enemy. It was roughly two seconds before she heard him grunt out in pain. She let her arrow fly and notched another in its place.

He figured it would turn out to be a stealther. The shadowblade was a Norseman, the bulkiest of the human race. Galerad only had enough time to turn around and barely dodged the hammer. He grunted as it made contact with his chest, knocking him to the ground. He saw Brynne's arrow take effect as it plunged itself deep into the Norseman's abdomen. He couldn't help but smirk at her accuracy, even in darkness it was perfect. Dropping his bow he unsheathed his rapier and buckler and thrust it into the enemy's chest, while at the same time another arrow lodged itself into the left shoulder causing the man to drop the hammer. However, he still had an axe in his right hand and swung towards his head. Galerad tried his best to block the blow, but the man's strength hacked right through his shield and made contact with his arm. Even the studded armor was no match as cold steel cut open his flesh. The Norse, finally drained of his strength, collapsed. When Brynne was sure the stealther was down she rushed to Galerad's side and examined his wound.

"Nothing to fret over," She assured him. She walked towards the fallen invader and knelt beside him, "It's a lookout from Midgard, it looks like they really have penetrated our borders."