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Japanese terms

Doushite - why?

demo . . . - but

Urusai baka - Shut up stupid

Arigato - Thank you

ja ne - see ya

kawaii - cute

tousan - dad/father

chikusho - damn/dammit

Part 1 - How the Higurashis' Came To Be

"Damn, there's nothing I can do anymore," he said.

Inu Taisho looks up towards the priest with pity. No, this priest never wanted pity, but this really was something to give sympathy for. To him, it just wasn't right. Things were going so well too . . . whatever had happen really did a number on the Higurashis'. Looking to the side towards the soft futon, he watched one of the baby crawled around. Things aren't so right here and Inu Taisho knew his sensei did something wrong. Kigami Koushin Higurashi made plenty of mistakes in the past, but now . . . it's just too much. To do this to a whole generation of Higurashi. He knew it was Kigami's fault, but didn't what he did in the past remedy that?

"Higurashi-san . . . it's time," Inu Taisho mutters.

Her figure tensed as she froze in her spot. Inu Taisho could only observe from his seat. Slowly, she turned to him. A small, forced smile came upon her lips. She was trying so hard to be strong. He hated doing this, but if this continued any longer, who knew what would happen to the other shrines. Fifty years passed since Kigami passed away and it was when that incident happen. It was hard enough already to let the years pass by like this. Standing from his table, he bowed slightly towards Saryue Higurashi. She doesn't deserve this at all and now, she had to bear that pain of losing her child. It must be hard.

Saryue bowed back in a quiet manner, refusing to say anything. Her husband died after she gave birth. He was in some sort of car accident that took his life immediately. Somehow, these years that passed by, unfortunate things had been happening to the mikos' and monks'. Inu Taisho recalled that was the cause of that particular incident that caused Kigami his life and this curse.

Picking up the one-year old child with blue eyes, he gestured for one of his men to pick up the other. He did as they left the Higurashi household.

Saryue Higurashi stared in a hollow state at the door. Her children was just taken away from her. A mother would've done anything to keep her children but no . . . she couldn't, not with the promise she gave to Kagaki. Iie . . .She just couldn't. Falling on her knees to the kitchen floor, Saryue weeped. The tears that she held ever since Kagaki died spilled from her eyes as she sobbed alone. The lost of Kagaki was already too much and now, the loss of her children too . . . How can she ever live with herself after this?

Meanwhile, Inu Taisho stops and stared at the shrine. The once vibrant shrine of the famous Kagami Koushin Higurashi now in ruins. After the huge battle, Inu Taisho never had a chance to fix it. His silver hair swept over his shoulder as the wind blew against his face. Unfortunately, not even Inu Taisho can keep these children. He was connected to Kagami in a way and the curse refused his pleas'. Clenching his teeth tightly, Inu Taisho glares at the shrine. Kagami didn't deserve to die either. That woman . . . it was all her fault. He knew she was trouble to begin with. Kagami, though was a priest, was still a man.

Tearing his gaze away from the shrine, Inu Taisho walks down the stone steps. After this, Inu Taisho vowed never to step in this shrine again. Kigami . . . I hope you appreciate this last farewell gift. The loss of the Higurashi line . . .


Closing his eyes, Inu Taisho set them down in the water. The basket they were in drifted slowly away. Damn the stupid curse. Looking up, he watched as the sky started to clear, unbeknownst to the naked eye. The curse should be lifted now. Looking back towards the ocean . . . the beach, Inu Taisho clenches his fist. Why of all things does this have to be a cure? It's cruel enough that Kigami died and now his bloodline had to die as well. If he could've done something then, everything would've been fine.

"Ja ne . . ." He whispers as the basket continues to float away from a distant.


Oniguma was a simple writer with just a dream of having his book published, yet fortune wasn't on his side. Plucking the cigerett out of his mouth, Oniguma leaned against the tree. His green eyes stayed glue to the sky. Anything Kami . . . A sign please? Something that can inspire him to write . . . anything. The worst thing a novelist can get is . . . a writer's block. He did wrote a few great books, but it wasn't enough to make a living off of.

Lifting himself off the ground, Oniguma punched and kicked the air in fluent martial arts moves. Martial arts had always gave him ideas and calm his nerves, but today . . . well for the past few months anyway, he hadn't been in the best of nerves. Onigumi felt kind of sorry for his son Naraku to come and face such a moody father. Oh right, he never did fed himself. Naraku, only at the tender age of four was playing in the beach while Onigumo sets his mind at ease. There are times when Onigumi just wanted to chuck this whole idea of a best sellers book out the window, but he already made a promise. A stupid oath to his deceased old man to never give up on a dream. Yeah, very corny, but it's true.

His old man made Onigumo promise on his death bed to never be like him and dismiss a very important dream. Who knew Onigumi wanted to write a best seller's book in the future? That was his goal. He hoped to be the best novelist this country ever had. What made him want to was probably that book his mother wrote. He wasn't sure what it's called, but it inspired him to want to create a book like that. After high school, he went out to get a job and started writing articles on magazines and the like. It was fun, but Onigumo wanted to be a novelist not some underpaid writer in a porn magazine.

Walking towards the sea, Onigumo sighed in exhaustion. Truthfully, he wasn't able to get anybody to punblish his work. As he stared across the sea, Onigumo was ready to turn and leave until he spotted something floating. Curiosity got the better of him as he took off his shoes and rolled up his pants. Walking in the sea, he went to grab it. As it was going to sink, he jumped and lift it up only to find the weight a little more heavier than he imagined. It's a basket with a closed lid. Walking back on to the sand, he placed the basket on the sand. Hmm . . . This just gave him an idea of a story.

Crouching to the basket, he inspected if. It was just any normal basket that you can find anywhere. When he was ready to lift the lid open, he paused as he heard a small cry. Frowning, Onigumo slowly lift up the lid, where the small cry was located. As he did, his eyes widen. "The hell . . ." He whispered falling back against the sand. What the hell is this?

Peering back inside the basket, Onigumo looked away suddenly. Two kids . . . no babies are in the basket, small and waking up. What would a person do in his situation, Onigumo wonders. Well, there are the options of running away but that'll only sink his pride. As he continued to think, Onigumo didn't notice the head popping out of the basket, blue eyes shining brightly looking around with curiosity. The baby, in turn, went back inside the basket and patted the other baby in the cheek to wake her up. The other baby swatted the blue-eyed baby's hand away in annoyance.

Shrugging, the odd blue-eyed little one tips over the basket, tipping the other baby over against the soft sand, awakening her in the process. Hazel nut eyes lifted herself up in a sitting position and yawned. The brown eyed little one glared at the blue-eyed little one as if trying to get the blue-eyed little one scared. Instead, the blue-eyed baby grinned and twisted her body up into a crawling position. Lifting herself off the ground, the blue-eyed baby only fell back down on her rear with an 'oomph', instantly gaining the attention of Onigumo.

His eyes widened at the sight. Twins! Who would've known? Leaning closer to them, he watched as the brown-eyed baby looked at him with . . . annoyance? The one that's trying to stand up had her back faced to him. He frowned. They were both fully clothed in small infant attire. He couldn't help but let a passing thought enter his mind. Kawaii . . .

He watched as the one trying to stand up failed once more. She doesn't seem to notice him there quite yet. The one with brown eyes yawned before snuggling into the grainy sand, caring not whether it'll get sand in her hair. Onihumo shrugged. The little baby with brown eyes looked very lazy to him actually. "Hey," he whispered making the one attempting to stand up falling in surprise. The baby cocked her head towards him before grinning in excitement. Instead of the lazy one sleeping in the sand, this one seemed a bit more enthusiastic. For mysterious reasons to him, the baby started to laugh . . . a cute minor giggle actually. She was pointing at him as if he's the funniest thing in the world.

"The hell?" He asked, bewildered.

The baby's laughter died down, until she was grinning from ear to ear, dimples apparent on each side of her cheek. Plopping himself on the ground, he reached out for her. Lifting her off the ground, Onigumo flips her upside down and tilted his head as she laughed, enjoying herself. Looking out to the ocean, Onigumo frowned before turning his attention back to the blue-eyed baby, then towards the brown-eyed little one. "Where'd you guys came from anyways?" He asked, more to himself than to them.

As he stared at the baby a little longer, he noticed something dangling around her neck. Flipping her back to an upright position, Onigumo sets her on his crossed leg and made a grab for the small sphear shape trinket. Onigumo raised an eyebrow when he heard a small tinkling noise inside the object. Ah, I get it. It's a bell with a stupid shape . . . Once he twist around to get a closer look, he noticed an inscription on the bell. It read Kagome in cursive. Looking at the blue-eyed baby who looked curiously at him, Onigumo smiled. "So your name's Kagome eh?" He asked the innocent girl.

As if answering his question, the blue-eyed baby placed a chibi hand upon his, reaching out for the bell to play with.

If her name was Kagome, then what of the other?

Placing Kagome down on the sand, Onigumo went over to the brown-eyed baby who was currently content in the sand. Reaching out towards her body, Onigumo almost jumped when she swiped his hand away. She made small gurgle noises as if shooing him away.

When he tried to reach for it again, Onigumo jumped when she suddenly latched her mouth onto his hand, her eyes still closed. The inside of her mouth was soft which meant they didn't get their teeth yet. Of course, they're too young. Onigumo took his hand away from his mouth only to wipe the saliva on his jeans. The brown eyed baby glared at him before falling back asleep. As he tried to reach again, another hand stopped him. Looking to the side, he was surprised to see the blue eyed back shaking her head. It looks like she doesn't want him to bother her sister's nap.

Sighing, he looked at the two baby. Maybe turning them into the authorities is a good idea afterall . . .


Looking into the sunset where his son was running towards him, Onigumo waits until Naraku faced him panting. A two year old kid stops in front of his father. Red eyes stared back at him with annoyance. "Tousan, can we go home? I'm really hun-"

Naraku stopped suddenly as he looked down. Onigumo looked in the direction Naraku looked at as well. There, the blue-Kagome sits next to him throwing sand in his shoes. Naraku, as a naturally cruel kid did the obvious cruel thing; he kicked sand in the baby's face where Kagome threw sand on his shoes. Kagome, feeling pain against her eyes, wails instantly. Onigumo and his son Naraku had their hands against their ears immediately. "Make her stop! Make her stop!" Naraku cried.

Onigumo glared at his son who gave him an impatient look. "It's your fault for kicking sand at her! And have a little common sense baka! She's a baby for Kami's sake!" He yells over the ruckus Kagome was making.

"Well, how was I suppose to know?" Naraku asked over Kagome's cries.

Suddenly, the baby stopped. They looked towards Kagome, only to see another baby next to her; her twin to be exact. Naraku's eyes widened at what occured. The brown-eyed baby was slapping Kagome's face in annoyance. Once the brown-eyed one stopped, the blue-eyed baby sniffed and hicupped. The baby with brown eyes then patted the blue-eyed baby on the head with a determined look. Onigumo dropped his hands to his side. How they interacted was strange, yet it felt . . . overwhelming somehow. They had a bond, that's for sure.

Naraku, by now interested, crouched down to their level. "Twins?" He asked.

Once the brown-eyed girl looked at him, she glared. Suddenly, she grabbed a fistful of sand and threw it at his face. "Hey!" Naraku exclaims. As he felt the sting on his, Naraku's two year old instincts took in. He cried. The one with brown eyes grinned with triumpant. The one with blue-eyed went towards Naraku and patted his cheek with a curious look in her expression. Onigumo somehow . . . felt like crying. Of course, he didn't. Just because they all look like siblings doesn't mean he have to cry from it. If they were siblings, he'd have a reason to cry. Naraku would be bullying Kagome while the brown-eyed one bully Naraku while the blue-eyed baby defends justice. Oh, he can picture it now. Fortunately, their not . . . which is a huge reliever.

Onigumo truly doesn't think he can take care of all three of them in the same roof.

Now . . . to the authorities.


Onigumo sighed as the police took the basket with the twins. "Arigato . . ."

He nodded as he held onto Naraku's hand. The boy was red-eyed from the sand and crying. Well, it was unusual that twins were drifted out to sea. It was the first unusual thing he actually encountered actually. As Onigumo exited with his son, he became aware that Naraku wasn't moving. Looking down at the red-eyed child, Onigumo frowned. "What's the matter kid?"

Naraku looked down before turning to Onigumo. "Do we . . . um . . . need to leave them here?" He asked, frowning.

Onigumo stares at his kid for a moment. Is this really Naraku? The little genius boy who just bullied a small baby for wanting to play with him? The same boy who, in return, got bullied by its twin? Crouching down to Naraku's level, Onigumo couldn't help but pinch his cheeks. Naraku glared at his father in return before rubbing his reddening cheek. "What was that for?" He asks, a litte annoyed.

"Just confirming this isn't a dream," Onigumo replied.

Naraku scowled at his father, irritated with the man's immature behavior. Onigumo shook his head. "It's going to be difficult to raise two more children Naraku, so leaving them in an orphange is probably the best possible solution right now," Onigumo replied. Raising from the ground, Onigumo ruffled his son's unusually long hair. "Come on, we'll order take out once we get home," he replies.

"Matte," Naraku halted his father again.

Onigumo raised an eyebrow. "Look kid we're no-"

"I need to use the restroom," Naraku cut off Onigumo before walking ahead to the flapping door.

Onigumo sighed. Running a hand through his hair, Onigumo seated himself on a bench.

"Damn, I feel sorry for these two."

"What are you talking about Tasuno-san?"

Onigumo looked idly over the ajared door where he sat next to. Two policewomen stood with the infants in their arms. He really didn't care about the conversation, just overheard it.

"You know, the orphanage run by that old witch Sahuin. She mentally tortures the kids there, I swear!" The brunette exclaims. "And these two looks so peaceful. I kind of regret having to do this to them."

"You mean, we're taking them to THAT orphange . . . Where those creepy kids stay at. They look . .. so sad there," the blonde replies. She sighed. "It can't be helped really. I don't really want to see these two with eyes like those kids. Their always afraid and cautious as if the witch lady Sahuin is going to hurt them. But look at these two . . . I mean, look at them, their so kawaii!"

The brunette sighed again before placing the brown-eyed baby down on a desk. She grabs her cup of coffee and took a sip. Onigumo somehow, in the middle of conversation, froze in his seat. Chikusho . . . I know I'll regret doing this someday.

Standing from his seat, Onigumo sighed. Walking towards the ajarred door, he knocked. The two women stopped their conversation and turned to the intruder. Onigumo opened the door a little more and smiles slightly towards the women. "Excuse me, the two child I brought earlier, they're mine."

The brunette and blonde's eyes widen. "Nani? Then why did you bring them here."

" I wanted to file up an adoption for them."

"Demo . . . doushite? Didn't you jus-"

"Their mother abandoned them and burned all their birth certificate and any clues of their existence to ashes," Onigumo said. Ah . . . so this is when his stories will come in handy. "She didn't want anything to do with me, so she abandoned them. I wanted to give them up for adoption, but it felt wrong to give up your children like that. So . . . I thought better and I want my children with me, but I need to adopt them again since there are no paper work to be proven that their my children." Wow . . . that was the longest lie he's ever come up with.

The blonde glared at him. "What'd you do to get your wife so pissed off at you anyway?" She asked.

Great, use another snippet of his other story. Then again . . . "That, I assure you, is none of your business," he said. Ah, the crude approach has always been his favorite.

The brunette and blonde gave him a brief glare, before looking at the two baby. "Alright, come back in another week and we'll papers for you to sign," the brunette women said before handing the twins to him. Lifting them up at their arms, he nodded his head towards them. "Arigato."

Turning around, he left the two policewomen and went out of the door. Naraku raised an eyebrow as a knowing smirk came from his lips. "Urusai baka," he mutters in annoyance.