Author's Note: "A Drabble is an extremely short work of fiction with exactly one hundred words, although the term is often misused to indicate a short story of less than 1000 words. The purpose of the drabble is brevity and to test author's ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in an extremely confined space."


The short interludes I'm planning on posting here aren't exactly one hundred words long. My goal here isn't to compress ideas into a short space, either. Instead, I want to finally just go ahead and get these short scenes, these ideas out of my head without breaking them on the way. So far, relative brevity seems to be the most effective way of doing this. Thus, although it is a misuse of the word, I will call these drabbles.

These drabbles are centered on the Twilight Princess zone of the Zelda franchise. I have more drabbles ready to post as of yet, but I'm going to post them one at a time to see how they are recieved.



Link was a silent hero--no one knew his name, or even his face. No one knew of the darkness he was slowly fighting to save them from. No one cared about any wounds he may have received, no one knew of the horrors he had faced on their behalf.

He didn't mind. He preferred it this way. He had never seen a Castle Town fanfare, but the fuss the Ordon villagers had made when he had rescued Talo from the goblins in Faron Forest had been bad enough. Imagine an entire city such as Castle Town, all fussing at once... Link shuddered, shaking his head. Don't think about it.

"Something wrong, Link?" His shadow asked. Link realized just then that he was still staring at the castle's eastern gates. Lost in thought. Epona gave a quiet sigh, rolling an inquisitive eye at him.

They knew who he was--both his talking shadow (Link's lip curled at the outlandishness of this statement) and his horse. And they weren't the only ones--Kakariko's Shaman, the village children, the Gorons at Death Mountain, the villagers left in Ordon... They might not have known about every single thing he's done, but then, did Link really want them to?

His eyes automatically looked down, drawn by a small, uneasy movement. Link blinked--his shadow was fidgeting. Still waiting for an answer.

"... No, Midna. Just thinking."

"Oh. Are you done?"

Link nodded, and started a jog across the bridge.

The gate was already half-open when he slipped past it. His eyes flickered from side to side, taking in familiar sights--those two gossiping ladies, the people that hurried here and there on important business, that overweight guard that ambled slowly past, the cobblestone road that looked so far away, now that his nose wasn't just a couple of feet away from it... As he passed, the gossiping ladies eyed him curiously, seeing him for the first time.

Link pretended not to notice. And once he was past, he grinned.