Note: "Unexpected Results" was my gleeful response to a friend's drabble challenge of:

"What would you do if you were walking down the sidewalk, got knocked upside on the head, and then woke up in a strange type of pod a millennia in the future - with Dr. William Walter Wordsworth peering down at you?"

The little story below was my response. It was so well-received on the TrinityBlood LiveJournal community that, well... you can see for yourself!

Enjoy! (BTW, there's a poll up for this in my LiveJournal and on the TrinityBlood LiveJournal community.)

Unexpected Results

Me: "My God, I've died and gone to heaven..."

William Walter Wordsworth: "Actually, you're in Rome. I'm William Walter Wordsworth, or simply Professor, if you like."

Me: "Holy..."

WWW: "Well, I am ordained, but I highly doubt that ordination makes me holy."

Me: "No, no, no... that's not what I meant. Nice pod, by the way."

WWW: "Thank you, it's my own design. I was actually working on a containment unit, but there was this strange power surge, and suddenly you were in there."

Me: "Would you mind letting me out?"

WWW: "Oh, of course, here, let me help you up."

Gunslinger: "Father Wordsworth, she is unauthorized personnel. Requesting explanation of your experiment."

WWW: "Ah, Father Tres! Um, well, my containment unit seems to have had a slightly unexpected glitch..."

Sister Kate: "Glitch? GLITCH?! You call an EM pulse they could detect in ALBION a GLITCH?!?"

WWW: "Um..."

Father Havel: "I'm impressed, William, I didn't realize you could spontaneously create human beings."

Me: "Excuse me, he didn't create me..."

WWW: "Absolutely right, I just happened to check the power readings on the pod and there she was."

Abel: "She who? Oh... Um, Professor..."

Me: "Wow, are all the priests here hot?"

Gunslinger: "Negative. None of the AX members currently present are experiencing higher than average body temperature."

Father Havel: "I don't think that's what she meant, Father Tres."

WWW: "But thank you very much for the compliment, young lady."

Abel: "Professor..."

Gunslinger: "Father Wordsworth, Cardinal Caterina is requesting that you join her in her office immediately. She demands an explanation for the results of your experiment."

WWW: "I'm sure with a little calibration, I can figure out what went wrong... maybe if I just adjust..."

Father Havel: "Don't touch that!!!"

Me: "Why, what could possibly-"


To be continued...