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Doctor Who

Reunion - Chapter 1

It was a battlefield. Laser beams were blasting at the fleeing couple from all directions. Martha tried to not look at the broken bodies at her feet as she ran, still clinging to the man beside her, almost dragging him along. The choruses of "DELETE, DELETE!" were getting louder. She stole a look over her shoulder and her eyes widened in horror when she saw the silver giants marching in unison, gaining on them with every breath. She let out a small yelp as a blast struck her shoulder and she clenched her teeth, forcing herself to ignore the pain.

Martha pulled harder on the arm of the man at her side, he was leaning against her now, his breath laboured. She could see how much agony he was in.

"Doctor," she said, her voice quivering. "Come on please. We have to move faster!"

"I can't," he whispered, eyes tightly shut. "The rift Martha, I can feel it." He opened his eyes and stared into hers. "It hurts to much." He pushed her away from him. "Leave me."

Martha grimaced. "Why even bother?" She snapped back. "You know that isn't going to happen." She heard him groan and gave him a small shake. "Don't you give up on me now, not after everything."Another quick glance behind her proved that the cybermen were moving ever closer. Forcing herself to go on, she pleaded with her friend, "please Doctor, we're almost there!"

She grabbed at him again and with considerable effort, hurled him forward.

That was when she saw it. That beautiful blue box, right where they left it, almost directly in front of them. She felt tears threatening to spill as she hissed in the Doctor's ear, "It's the TARDIS! I can see it! We're almost there Doctor, just a bit further!"

A small smile actually appeared on the Doctor's lips. "You see Martha, I told you everything would be ok. Trust you to panic.." and with an exhausted sigh, the Time Lord fell to the ground, hard. Despair flooded Martha, she reached for the Doctor and was horrified to find that he was trembling all over. She couldn't imagine the pain the alien was in but she knew she'd never seen him like this before, so weak. And it terrified her. What the Hell was she supposed to do? She knew she couldn't carry him. She looked up, the TARDIS was almost in touching distance. The frustration was almost to much for her to bear. One thing she did know though, leaving him there was not an option.

She put her arm around him, knowing that the Cybermen were almost upon them but also aware that they were only a few paces away from the TARDIS and safety.

"You can't do this to me," she told him, trying to stifle a sob. "You don't give up Doctor, you never give up!"

He smiled again, this time though it was a smile of resignation.

"The rift is open Martha," he said calmly. "I can't stop it.. Time is out of control and it is killing me. Literally." He looked over at the cybermen. "Please. I'm begging you to leave me, now. Don't think about it. Get in the TARDIS and stay in there. They can't get in, you'll be safe."

He took her hand and and covered it with his own. He then moved back and she now grasped a small silver key. She stared at him in disbelief. He nodded at her. "You're a smart girl Martha, always telling it to me straight. Now I'm telling you, this is how it must be. You can't help me, all you can do for me is live. And I'm asking you to live Martha Jones, please."

Tears were streaming down her face as she viewed the battlefield one more time. They were the last humanoids left alive. And the cybermen were now coming at them from all directions and they had lowered their guns, instead reaching out their huge hands for them.

"They want you alive," she gasped.

"Yes." The Doctor said simply.

"What will they do to you?"

The broken Time Lord didn't reply. Instead he mouthed. "Go."

Martha had had enough. We a cry of determination, she grabbed the Doctor round the waist and hurled him to his feet. Ignoring his shout of agony and her own body screaming it's outrage at her, she flung the two of them towards the Doctor's ship. With a crash, they both slammed against the door and slid to the floor in front of it.

They heard a cyber voice behind them. "Stop." The leader was saying. "The Gallifreyan will surrender."

With a look of contempt, the Doctor turned his head and shouted back as loud as he could, "I'm trying to do just that, you metallic moron!" It was almost like, for a second, he was back to his old self. A small thrill went through Martha but it didn't last long. It seemed that this effort had cost the Doctor the last strength he had. With one last gasp of "Martha, the key.." he fell forward against the TARDIS' door, unmoving and eyes tightly closed.

Just as a Cyberman reached out for the Doctor, Martha, with one last sob of determination, scrambled the key in the lock and turned it. The TARDIS doors flung open and the girl took hold of the Doctor's arm and pulled the two of them through. As soon as they were inside, the TARDIS doors slammed shut behind them and before Martha had a chance to take the situation in, the console began it's familiar humming and the central cylinder started to move. Martha could only stare open mouthed as the TARDIS began to dematerialize off it's own accord, leaving the cybermen and the horror of that battle far behind.

Martha slowly got to her feet, her eyes not leaving the TARDIS console. At a loss of what to do, she took hold of the unconscious Time Lord's hand.

Tentatively, she whsipered, "Doctor?" Then, more urgently, "Doctor, please. We're in flight! Please wake up!"

He gave no response. Knowing she could do nothing for him, Martha left him and walked towards the humming controls. She shook her head in frustration. It wasn't like the had a clue how to fly the ship anyway! All she could do was wait and pray the TARDIS wasn't about to make matters worse for them.

Desperation coursing through her, she called out: "Please wherever you're going, just get him some help!" Then, glancing back over her shoulder at the Doctor, she added more softly, "Just don't let him die..."