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Fall To Pieces


He seen her there, she was right there right in front of him. Laying on the ground, completely naked, and her clothes were cleanly wrapped up in a bundle right beside her. And she was at his mercy. To top it off, she..., Kagome, had her arms, and legs tied up. He moved in closer, and all Kagome could do was, watch. Kagome could only watch as he closed the distance. Only watch as his body lowered over top of her vulnerable body. Only watch as he entered her. The sensations started, and Kagome was being completely dominated. No control, and no change from that in the near future.

It continued. It continued on until, what appeared as the final thrusts happened. The time span between thrusts have gotten slower, though each thrust getting longer in length. Each thrust getting longer and longer.

And the last thrust occurred. And as a direct result. His fangs showed, and immediately bit Kagome in the shoulder. He then proceeded to suck up the blood, and stopped it from bleeding.


Kagome woke up, her memory of the previous day still a little fuzzy. Until she tried to move. She found out she couldn't. Then she started to remember why she was tied up, she remembered who tied her up. It didn't stop there, she remember what happened to her afterwards, and the bite in the neck.

A memory of a conversation between her and Sango about demons biting women human or demon in that location. She said that it was a sign that showed mark was a mate to a demon. Though that was all that Sango mentioned on the subject.

She didn't know what to think about last night, about what he did to her. About the events leading up to that. As well as the event that happened afterwards. Though it was a definite moment in her life and his that changes her life drastically.

"Can you untie me?" Kagome asked him, and he untied her.


He woke to see her staring into his eyes, and he didn't like what he seen. He only seen concern, and even worse to him, fear. And he deserved it, for he..., Inuyasha had lost control, his demon side was let loose, and it confused him. Inuyasha thought that he would of killed herin that state.

Inuyasha had to many questions. He had taken advantage of her in the worst way possible. And to make things worse, Inuyasha seen the mark on her neck. It was all of a sudden a great deal worse than he could of ever thought.

That mark was a sign that she was his mate, and that scared Inuyasha. She didn't ask for it, and from Inuyasha's perspective. Kagome didn't have any feeling for him, why would she. Kagome always seemed to have other people who came for her. Koga, Hojo, she wouldn't even have to search. Just let them come to her. But no, he had to do something that would never allow her to get the person she wanted the most. For when demons mate, it cannot simply be ignored, or ended. He basically just ended her life and all because he threw the Tetseiga into the well.

"Can you untie me?" Kagome asked him, and he untied her.


After Inuyasha untied Kagome, Kagome had gotten dressed, and they headed to the well. Both were uncomfortable, and neither choose to talk. Though both knew it has to happen, and soon. Even if neither wanted to. It had to happen, and they were at the well.

"I'll be back in a moment," Inuyasha said, as he jump down into the well, only to reappear with his Tetseiga.

"We need to talk," Kagome stated.

"Agreed," Inuyasha replied. His senses kicked in right after that comment, his smell identified someone closing in. Actually there was two of them. Sesshoumaru and Naraku. He could smell blood, and they were coming in their direction. Inuyasha instinctively stood in front of Kagome, and held on to the hilt of the Tetseiga growling.

"Inuyasha, what's happening?" Kagome questioned.

"Naraku's coming," Inuyasha replied, "And Sesshoumaru".

"My bike is over by the Goshinboku," Kagome said, "It has my bow".

"Quickly go get it," Inuyasha ordered. Kagome did as told while Inuyasha unsheathed his sword, and followed beside her. Kagome grabbed her bow and placed the quiver of arrows, behind her back. She then prepared to fire an arrow. They just waited for Naraku to come them.

It didn't take long, Naraku and Sesshoumaru came ouy right above the two forced mates, ignoring their presence. That was until Inuyasha used his adamant barrage, which hit like the previous time, penetrating his barrier, and injuring Naraku. Kagome had fired her arrow, which basically hidden within Inuyasha's attack, though wasn't enough to destroy him. If she had put more energy in it, it would of finished Naraku off then and there. It had only freed him from the diamonds that penetrated his body. Allowing him to reform to his previous form.

Naraku replied, his tentacles went straight at Kagome. Though it was easy for Inuyasha to stop it. A wind scar easily stopped it. Inuyasha knew Naraku would deflect it right back. And Inuyasha used his backlash wave. He knew Naraku could not send it back from the previous time he tried it, he also knew it wouldn't work. But it was an out, and Inuyasha took it. Though after the Backlash wave failed to destroy. Naraku somehow ended up at the well. Completely out of the way of the Backlash. Another set of tentacles went straight at Kagome. Even though being so close, Inuyasha wasn't able to do anything. Inuyasha still had his feet dug in to the ground. Using the backlash wave isn't a very mobile attack. Kagome was completely defenceless. That was until the Hiraikotsu intervened and returned to Sango as she and Miroku entered the battle riding Kilala. Kagome fired her arrow directly at Naraku hoping that with whatever he did meant his barrier was temperarily down.

She would of hit, and was right about the barrier being down. Until Naraku in a show of demonic power, willed the arrow to miss. Unfortunately it hit the well.

Kagome's arrow cause a surge of power in the well. The earth started to shake. The battle as a result took an intermission and everyone watched the well. A bright light started at the bottom of the well, though it didn't flash out of the well light normal light. It slowly surged up the well until it rose just above the well. They just stood in awe, until instinct took over. Instinct told them to run. And it happened, the light shot out, and enveloped everyone close to it. No one escaped. On either side of the well.

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