Chapter 23

"We should send a scout tonight, to check their defences. See what, if anything we should do next".

That scouting mission would not come in to play next. The orks had brought in something in, during the morning. It definitely was not there during the night, for it would of went through the fire that had placed the archers shielded up close range. They would not of even tried an attack like that, for they would of seen it. For it was moving closer to Pelargir, and would easily smash through the walls.

"Gimli, what is that," Miroku asked.

"I've seen one of those before," Gimli replied, "Balrog..., a nasty creature that we have no defence against".

"Get me and Miroku to the gate," Sango stated, "We will destroy it".

Gimli convinced the captain who was trying to keep as many soldiers to stay at their stations, so that as many civilians had some chance of running to open the main gate. Sango, Miroku, went through the gate. They had closed the gate shut after Gimli decided to come out, to see if he could be some sort of help. Sango held her boomerang and both her and Miroku broke into a sprint towards the Balrog. Sango was two steps behind Miroku, moved in close. The balrog's sword crashed down at their location. Miroku used his staff to stop it, which surprised everyone except Miroku and Sango. Sango broke a short distance to Miroku's left, and launched her boomerang into the Balrog. The flames died off shortly, and the boomerang was lodged into it. Arrows came at Miroku and Sango, Miroku stopped all arrows that would of hit either Miroku and Sango. Sango soon recovered the Hiraikotsu, which was followed by a quick retreat. The gate was open for them when they retuned, and was shortly shut after the entered.

The soldiers that had fled, returned to their posts. The civilians that had already past the walls returned, and all gates were soon closed. Which was absolutely needed, the orks moved close to gate, and leaving a small contingent of orks to wipe out to anyone who tried to run. They came in full numbers, and the battery ram came in. The archers firing into the ork ranks, and yet again was doing heavy damage. Even managed to take one of the few trolls down.

But soon the battery ram smashed through the gate, it didn't create a complete opening. A big enough opening for two trolls two come in, The first two came in, and the third moved to widen the opening. Sango seen what the third was doing, and the Hiraikotsu was thrown at him. It removed the head off one troll and hit the third troll. The trolls armour held the boomerang from going through. There was no way for Sango to get the powerful boomerang of hers back.

She unsheathed her katanna, and challenged next two trolls that entered the city. She evaded the massive axe of the troll, and her katanna was sent into the shoulder of the troll, and out. It surprised her that trolls was alive, but she could not show it or she would not be around much longer. She blocked the next attack, and counter attack again. This time she did not allow the troll to have a chance to survive. The Katanna went through its head. Sango sliced the leg open, forcing the troll to moan in pain. Sango using her strength and speed, and cut the trolls throat open when it moaned.

Miroku removed the troll out easily, he blocked the club with the staff. And deflected it to the side. The staff came into the trolls head from below. Miroku seen that Sango had taken on the next two trolls, he waited the next two trolls to enter. When they entered, they had a nasty surprise, the sutra. The sutras attached to the trolls and they suffered the same fate as earlier. Though the club hit the gate, allowing more trolls and orks to get through. But the trolls stopped them, the orks did fear for their lives.

It lasted a while, but the trolls died. And more came through, five trolls already dead. And seven came through all ready for a fight. Miroku and Sango held back allowing the archers to do their thing. Removing as many as they could, but had only removed two from the picture. The trolls moved on the charge this time. The orks came in right behind the trolls, ready to add to the carnage. One trolls went for Miroku, and a second went for Sango. While the rest went after the soldiers of Gondor.

Both Miroku and Sango had a harder time, the trolls learned that they were not easy prey and did not hold their abilities back. They protected the few weak spots they had, and only taking their one opponent seriously at that moment. Both human and ork fell victim to their attacks. They had basically ignored everyone but Miroku and Sango. No minor injuries caused a reaction that could of been used against them. They just kept on attacking relentlessly.

The three other trolls and all the orks hit the line of soldiers Gondor had set, And the trolls decimated it. The orks came in and did not allow an reformation of it either. There was no real attempt from the outside to get inside using ladders, so most of the archers headed to form a second line of defence against the orks. But some tried to make careful shots at the heads of the trolls. Which had often lead to missing, but some did hit and slowly picked off. It had taken many arrows, but eventually the three orks that were not obsessed with two particular individuals.

Miroku and Sango had a difficult time with the trolls. In many aspects they were just like demons, but the armour they were wearing stopped them from using a weak spot. But had eventually used their skill to kill the last two trolls. And found themselves to side by side and surrounded by orks.

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