written by: Y2J

"Hello freakers, tonight we have something that's unbelievable. I still don't know what happened back there"

Derek walks around the room holding the tape recorder to his mouth. He has a smirk on his face as he paces the room.

"Let me start from the beginning"

The camera fades from Derek to a overlook of a small city that is surrounded by walls. All the houses are painted white. The lawns of the city are outlined with green hedges with a flower garden that follows the sidewalk to the driveway. Derek and Co. pull up to the security gate of the city. They look at the sign before entering it says "Welcome to Freedom"

Derek: Freedom sounds nice!

Jason laughs at the sarcastic comment made by Derek. Derek drives up to a house which looks exactly like the others. They park the car and walk up to the door. Derek turns on his camera as a kid runs out of the house with his skateboard in hand. He jumps off the stairs and flips his skateboard with his hands and lands on it as he skates down the street. A woman runs to the door and yells to the boy

Woman: Eric don't forget your helmet!

By the time she reaches the door, Eric is half way down the street. She sighs and looks at the two with the camera.

Woman: Can I help you?

Derek: Umm yes are you Mrs. Robertson?

Woman: Yes I am, are you Derek Barnes? Your the one I talked with over the phone!

Derek: Yeah that's me! I wanted to talk to you about your husband!

Mrs. Robertson: Oh yes, come in please!

Jason and Derek walk into the mansion and walk into the living room. They sit down onto the couch next to each other as Mrs. Robertson walks into the room with tea. She sets it on the table in front of them and sits down onto the chair across from the two.

Derek: We seen in the news that your husband died! Are these headlines true?

Mrs. Robertson: No, no of course they're not! Why would you think something that horrible!

Derek hands her a news article pulled from the news paper. She takes it and reads it.

Local Man Dies in Fire! Or not?

On Saturday morning a fire broke out at a local phone company. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Everyone escaped the fire, but one man. Tim Robertson was the owner of Cell Tech. (the phone company) He was on the top floor alone going over business documents when all of a sudden a fire broke out in the same room. He didn't make it out! Hours later after the firemen arrived at Cell Tech's building Tim was found dead. That's all we have for now and we will keep you updated on this story!

Mrs. Robertson grows a shocked look upon her face. She looks at Derek and Jason in a non too happy look. She points to the door

Mrs. Robertson: Get out now! Get the hell out of my house and stay away from my family!

Mrs. Robertson stands up and chases them out of the house. Derek and Co. walk out of the house and get into their car. They drive off down the street as the camera focuses back on Mrs. Robertson. She walks back into the house and walks into the living room. She stops at the fireplace and she opens the screen to it. She throws the article in the fire as the camera fades to black. The camera fades as the face of Mrs. Robertson over comes with a grin.