The Fire Nation Prince (part4)

The sun rose over the peaceful forest where one airbender slept using a polar bear-dog as a pillow, and a firebender slept snoring softly. Appa was lounging on his back with Momo curled up on his stomach. The trees that surrounded them were all tall, strong oaks with unusually red leaves.

Skye stirred and slowly sat up. She yawned, and Jag stretched. She looked over at Ursan, and smirked.

"Spoiled brat" she muttered, "Wake up princey"

She slammed her staff on to the ground and sent him several feet into the air. Ursan came back to earth with a dull thud and a loud yelp. Jag snorted in laughter.

Ursan sat up and glared at the airbender. She looked smug.

"Good you're up" his eyebrow twitched slightly.

"Hey, its not my fault. You didn't have to come"

He sighed and ran his fingers through his now short hair (A.N: like Zuko's in and around the chase and the tales or ba sieng se). It was a new habit he had required and was completely Skye's fault.

"What's for breakfast?" He asked sleepily. She shrugged.

"I don't eat meat and I can't cook, so if you want meat you'll have to make it your self" Skye replied grabbing an apple out of a bag, "Going for a walk, come Jag"

"Your not even going to try and help?" Ursan called after her.

"Nope" she said, biting into her apple.

Ursan sighed again. Better start a fire I guess.


Ursan stared into the fire as he took a bit of possumchicken. His eyes flicked briefly to the broadsword sheath that lay near his backpack. They had been his father's, also known as the blue spirit.

"URSAN HELP!!" the strangled scream startled him.

"Skye" he whispered at first, "SKYE!"

He grabbed the broadswords and raced into the direction he heard her yell. He pulse pounded in his temples and all coherent thought had ceased. Ursan slowed a little, knowing that there would probably be a lot of them, whoever they were, and knowing he'd need the element of surprise.

Ursan hid in the shadows of some trees that had grown closer together than the others. An uncontrollable feeling rose in him, and overpowered his mind. It blocked all logical thought and left him feeling empty of every emotion except anger and the need to tear, the three fifteen year olds apart.

Two of them had Skye's arms held behind her back, and the third stood in front of her, he was obviously the leader. The leader had a piece of straw hanging out of the side of his mouth and had intense eyebrows over even more intense dark eyes.

"Tell us why you're traveling with a firebender!" the leader demanded.

"I told you he's just a friend and we're going to the South Pole" Skye's voice was level and steady, but Ursan could tell she was scared. The leader glared at her, then pulled out a knife and smirked at the look of fear that crossed Skye's face. A pair of fire daggers grew from Ursan's hands. But he needed a distraction, he looked around for Jag. The polar bear-dog was hog tied and muzzled next to a tree stump. Ursan looked pleadingly at the animal, praying Jag could see him. Jag let out a muffled whine, and everyone turned to look at him. Perfect.

In one swift movement Ursan had pulled his broadswords and charged the leader. The boy switched his attention to Ursan, and earthbended several boulders into the air. Ursan's eyes widened, he hadn't expected that. He managed to block them but skidded back a few feet.

You don't want to hurt him.

Who cares? Kill him.

The voices in his head argued. Ursan gritted his teeth, and sent a blast of fire at the leader sending him back into a tree. The leaders less then faithful followers had turned run off in fear of the same treatment, or worse. Skye had darted immediately over to Jag and untied him. Skye turned and stared at him then the ground.

The overwhelming feelings of anger had subsided, and his mind was returning to normal. Ursan let his shoulders droop and the broadswords drop, as he walked toward her. His mind was blank and let him pull her into a hug without hesitation.

"That was so scary" she told him. Her voice was different, small, afraid, quiet.

"Tell me about it"

They were both shaken. Ursan was worried Skye might never return too normal. Skye seemed so tough, and now she was…vulnerable.

"Your not hurt are you? cus I don't know the herbs to heal you" she said her voice a little more normal.

Ursan looked down at her confused, "But you named thirty healing plants at the palace"

"Yeah, but those plants had labels, Ursan. What are you blind?" Skye stated matter of factly. Ursan laughed. He laughed with relief. He laughed at how she had tricked him. He laughed at himself. She shoved him away and gave small smile.



I made the leader like Jet's son (if he were to live) and I guess he married an earthbender or something shrug. I wanted the voices in Ursan's head to be, like Ozai and Ursa. It's pretty obvious which voice is which.

I will be doing more oneshots but for now I'm focusing on this because this series has been eating my brain.